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CloudNiner and pomadchin Update README and Documentation for GeoTrellis 3.0 (#3111)
* Streamline README for GT 3.0 release

- Move comprehensive feature list out of README.
  It already exists in ReadTheDocs, doesn't need
  to be duplicated.
- Shorten intro section and attempt a more succinct
  GT description
- Remove GeoPySpark section -- the project is on ice
- Remove mailing list ref, its basically dead.
  Everyone uses Gitter
- Update package list and descriptions
- Simplify documentation section, removing duplicate
- Add Module Hierarchy reminder to PR template

Move old history notes to bottom of README.
This happened awhile ago. While important to
preserve, it's a relatively large section
and we'd now prefer to highlight information
about what GT is along with examples, docs
and support.

* Update Module Hierarchy doc page for GT 3.0

The gdal, layer, macros, raster, spark-pipeline
and store sections were written by @pomadchin.

* Update setup doc

* Add pipeline guide to doc sidebar
Latest commit 7871e01 Oct 18, 2019
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