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Smart Buffer Tool Branch #50

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Ok, lets try this again.

I'm still trying to learn git so not sure if I have this correct, I have made a new branch that is the home of smart buffer tool until it is ready for merging into master branch.

The tool is working however I't is my first attempt at a tool and I need a little sanity check and code review.


Hey guys,

Just thought I would update you. I am still working on this.

At Jody's request I have tried to make the smart buffer work with the other tools and not just as a standalone tool. I was trying to update the existing create commands to apply a buffer to the current EditGom if a buffer value was provided but got very lost in the code.

After much trial and error I decided this was a bad idea and went back to my original idea of having two create commands one for smart buffer and one for normal EditGeoms. This will allow me to add some smarts and switch between create commands depending on the presents of a buffer value.

Will keep you updated on my progress.


Closing this, since it seems to have stalled.

@moovida moovida closed this
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