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Welcome to uDig

The User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig) is an open source (LGPL) desktop application framework, built with the Eclipse Rich Client (RCP) technology.

  • uDig can be used as a stand-alone application
  • uDig can be extended with RCP “plug-ins”
  • uDig can be used as a plug-in in an existing RCP application

Project Outline

The goal of uDig is to provide a complete Java solution for desktop GIS data access, editing, and viewing. uDig aims to be:

  • *U*ser friendly, providing a familiar graphical environment for GIS users;
  • *D*esktop located, running as a thick client, natively on Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux;
  • *I*nternet oriented, consuming standard (WMS, WFS, WCS) and de facto (GeoRSS, KML, tiles) geospatial web services; and,
  • *G*IS ready, providing the framework on which complex analytical capabilities can be built, and gradually subsuming those capabilities into the main application.



uDig is an open project, with developers from multiple companies participating in the decision making process and project direction. All decisions are made transparently, on the public mailing list, or in open IRC discussions.

For uDig developers

Steering Committee

  • Andrea Antonello
  • Frank Gasdorf
  • Jesse Eichar
  • Jody Garnett
  • Mauricio Pazos


Join us in working on uDig

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