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Leela is a simple, but scalable, property-graph database where properties can be either time-series or key-value.

It was created to store information about about our datacenter and its many clients like applications and users of those applications. The properties provides an additional layer of information that allows to store historical data about entities like servers, supporting our monitoring system.

For an example, these entities can be easily represented in leela:

      o cpu-usage [time-series]
      |  o hwinfo [json-data]
      |  |
   +---------+                        +--------+
   | machine |----------------------->| switch |
   +---------+                        +--------+
           +------------+    +-----+       |
           | datacenter |<---| rak |<------+
           +------------+    +-----+


Any help is welcome and there is no formal process. Just remember:

  • use good commit messages and provide a good description about what you are trying to achieve;
  • make sure your patch applies cleanly;
  • include/update tests;
  • update the documentation;