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title: "CRAN incoming dashboard"
date: "`r format(Sys.time(), '%F %R UTC%z')`"
output: rmarkdown::html_vignette
vignette: >
%\VignetteIndexEntry{Vignette Title}
```{r setup, include = FALSE}
collapse = TRUE,
comment = "#>",
warning = FALSE,
message = FALSE,
echo = FALSE
The data in this table stems from our querying
We update it every hour. [See below](#explanation) for a description of each
folder meaning.
# Dashboard
```{r get-data}
cran_incoming <- cransays::take_snapshot()
cran_incoming$submitted <- glue::glue("{cran_incoming$howlongago} day(s) ago")
cran_incoming <- dplyr::arrange(cran_incoming,
cran_incoming <- dplyr::filter(cran_incoming,
subfolder != "archive")
cran_incoming <- dplyr::mutate(cran_incoming,
folder = ifelse(
subfolder %in% c("pretest", "inspect",
"pending", "publish",
"newbies", "waiting"),
subfolder, "human"
cran_incoming <- dplyr::select(cran_incoming,
package, version, submitted, folder, subfolder) %>%
dplyr::mutate(folder = as.factor(folder),
subfolder = as.factor(subfolder))
options = list(pageLength = 500,
columnDefs = list(list(type = 'natural',
targets = 3))),
filter = "top",
plugins = "natural") %>% DT::formatStyle(
target = "row",
backgroundColor = DT::styleEqual(c("pretest", "inspect",
"recheck", "human",
"pending", "publish",
"waiting", "newbies"),
c("#2165b6", "#e8830c",
"#3cb4b8", "#cf4729",
"#34ba17", "#c04aa9",
"#4d4d4d", "fff")))
# <a name="explanation"></a>CRAN review workflow
Your package will be stored in a different folder depending on its current state
in the review process. The exact meaning of each folder is detailed in one
article from the
[R Journal](
- **inspect**: this is your first submission or the automated tests found an
error that requires human review.
- **pending**: the CRAN maintainers are waiting for an action on your side. You
should check your emails!
- **pretest**: the CRAN maintainers restarted automated tests on your package to
see whether an issue has been fixed by your action or is still here.
- **recheck**: your package seems ready for publication. This step checks
whether reverse dependencies will still work after the update.
- **publish**: you're all set! Your package has passed the review process and
will soon be available on CRAN.
This information is summarised in the following diagram by Hadley Wickham,
available in the [cran-stages Github](
```{r, out.width="50%", fig.align='center'}
# Need help with your R package?
Get in touch with us about how we at Locke Data can help you get your package CRAN ready. Fill out [our contact page](//
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