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Board Layout and Schematic
CC13 Badge.pdf


CarolinaCon13 Badge Jank


  • CC13 Badge.pdf - Detailed badge assembly guide
  • ino files

If you need to setup an Arduino build environment:

Download the latest Arduino archive from

Uncompress archive: xz --decompress arduino-1.8.2-linux64.tar.xz

As root untar in /usr/local and create symlink:

    # cd /usr/local
    # tar xvf ~/Downloads/arduino-1.8.2-linux64.tar
    # ln -s arduino-1.8.2/ arduino

As regular user, download badge code into home directory (--recursive will pull down dependency projects):

    git clone --recursive

LED Patterns

To add an LED pattern:

In badge/led.cpp:

## Add a `const byte` array to with its own name and each sequential animation state of your desired LED pattern in binary format matching the number of LEDs in each entry.
## Add a branch to the `changePattern` function.
## Add a function for it at the bottom.

In badge/led.h:

## Add a function for it at the bottom.

In badge/setup.cpp:

## Add a submenu command for it.