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C# AV bypass jank
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Bypass local proxy
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msfpayload for dot net jank.txt


  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • "THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 34) – No Dennis Kuntz Open Source License:
  • didn't write this file. As long as you email funny stories to us, you
  • can do whatever you want with this stuff. Unless you are Dennis Kuntz.
  • Under no circumstances shall Dennis Kuntz be granted use of this software,
  • source code, documentation or other related material.
  • Persons dealing in the Software agree not to knowingly distribute these materials
  • or any derivative works to Dennis Kuntz. *
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- */


This application was written in an attempt to be able to use penetration testing tools in an environment where Antivirus Systems may pick up your tools/payloads. The Proof of Concept included, runs a Metasploit Meterpreter payload on the remote host, in a hidden window (can be called from the command line).

This solution was made with Visual Studio 2010, but should compile on anything as low as 2005 at least. There are no special "unsafe" flags or anything required.

Original Blog Post

Mad Props to

Bill Sempf (@Sempf), for all his love and care and .NET glamour. And for writing all of this so we could steal it from him.

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