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A text adventure like no other
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If in doubt about how to submit, see SUBMISSION_GUIDELINES file.

For this exercise, we'll be kicking it old school and writing text based
adventure games.  The theme and a lot of the details are up to you, as long as
you follow the guidelines below.


* The game should start off by displaying some text about where the player is, 
  the items nearby, and the paths that lead away from the starting point.

* Players interact with the game world by typing commands in plain text, such
  as 'go west', or 'pick up bucket'.  The following actions should be supported:
    go [place]
    look at [thing]
    pick up [thing]
    drop [thing]
    use [thing] (NOTE: Needs to be picked up first)

  You can add aliases for these words to make language more natural in the game,
  and add your own verbs if you'd like.

* The goal of the game is to explore the world, and use the things within the
  world to accomplish tasks. Here is a possible scenario:  "The player finds a thirsty
  kitten sitting in one of the rooms, but there is no water nearby.  There is a
  bucket hidden somewhere in the world, and a nearby river where you can get
  water.  The player must locate and pickup the bucket, bring it to the river
  and use it there so that it becomes a bucket full of water.   Using the bucket
  full of water with the kitten saves the kittens life, causing the player to
  win the game".   You of course, are welcome to come up with something far
  less lame.

* You should include at least five items, and at least 15 places in your game.
  It should be necessary to use at least some of the items to win the game.

* For extra credit, add support for items that can be combined together to
  form a different item.  For example, apples and pie crust, when used in a room
  with an oven in it, can become an apple pie.

* If this project seems like a lot of work, try to focus on building a useful
  subset of its functionality which is well written in clear objected oriented
  Ruby code.  Automated tests are strongly encouraged.

* You are welcome to discuss this problem with your fellow students, and are
  encouraged to discuss the language you'll support within your game.  Agreeing
  on a common vocabulary will help make it easier to play each other's games.


Hit up the mailing list or IRC.
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