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Getting Started

  • Change port number in tripleThreatServer.js, mainPage.js and photobooth.js to your port number.
  • Our submissions will be using Loc Mai's port: 10300.
  • Andrew Faust: 9401
  • Batool Hossainzadeh: 6829
  • Loc Mai: 10300

Start the server

  • ssh user@
  • node tripleThreatServer.js

public directory

*public directory should have the following files:

  • photo directory.

photo directory

photo directory should have the following files:

  • mainPage.css
  • mainPage.js
  • mainPage.html
  • photobooth.css
  • photobooth.js
  • photobooth.html
  • Assets directory which contains all the assets from TA Dani.

user directory

username directory should have the following files:

  • makeDB.js
  • queries.js
  • tripleThreatServer.js
  • photos.db (empty database)

Photobooth page:

Go to for the splash page. Click Enter to redirect to the main page, or just go to

Upload tool:

Can only select and upload image files. Can upload multiple files and each of them file will have their own upload progress bar.

Label box:

Can only add up to 10 labels. Can delete labels.


Filtering can only be done one tag at a time. If you wish to filter by a different tag, you must first clear the filter. Filtering by a tag, and then filtering by favorites works, and vice versa. Any of the "clear filter" buttons will make all pictures display again.

If photos are filtered by favorites, and you remove a photo from favorites, it will not disappear until the next filter. Same with tags. The removal of a favorite or a tag is recorded in the database at the time of removal, however.

Mobile version:

Works very well with Google Chrome's dev tools: can run our html on all mobile devices on Google Chrome without problem.


We use display: flex; and flex-direction: row-reverse; for the photos container. So that new Image will be uploaded and displayed on the left side of each row. Each image's size is set to the following attributes: Image width = 500 px; Image height = auto;

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