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from fabric.api import local,lcd
import fabric
def updatesubmodules():
local("git submodule foreach git checkout master")
local("git submodule foreach git pull")
def _installdependencies():
local("sudo gem install teamocil")
local("sudo pip install ipython")
local("mkdir -p $HOME/.ipython/")
def _intalldependencieslinux():
local("sudo apt-get install gem")
local("sudo apt-get install ruby")
local("sudo apt-get install ruby-dev")
local("sudo apt-get install ruby-gems")
local("sudo apt-get install rake")
def link_file(filetolink):
currentdir = local('echo $PWD',capture =True)
local("ln -s " + currentdir + "/" + filetolink
+" $HOME/." + filetolink )
def install():
local("git submodule init")
local("git submodule update")
ostype = local("uname -s", capture=True)
if ostype == "Linux":
if fabric.contrib.console.confirm("install vim"):
with lcd("./vim/"):
local("fab install")
if fabric.contrib.console.confirm("install oh-my-zsh"):
with lcd("./oh-my-zsh/"):
local("fab install")
local("rake install")
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