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"Vundle plugin
set nocompatible "turn off vi compatibility, required for vundle"
filetype off
set rtp+=~/.vim/vundle/
call vundle#rc()"
" Look good ---------------------------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'nanotech/jellybeans.vim.git'
Bundle 'sjl/badwolf'
Bundle 'godlygeek/csapprox'
Bundle 'altercation/vim-colors-solarized'
"Alt key
if has("gui_mac")
set macmeta
"Set up the window colors and size
if has('gui_running')
" GUI colors
"colorscheme jellybeans
" colorscheme jellybeans_locojay
colorscheme badwolf
"set guifont=Monaco:h12
if has("gui_gtk2")
set guifont=PragmataPro\ 15
set guifont=PragmataPro:h15
set guioptions=egmrt
set guioptions-=T
winpos 0 0
winsize 270 70
set go-=L
set go-=r
elseif $TERM == "xterm-256color" || $TERM == "screen-256color"
" Non-GUI (terminal) colors
set t_Co=256
"colorscheme jellybeans
" colorscheme jellybeans_locojay
colorscheme badwolf
"set guifont=Monaco:h12
set guifont=PragmataPro:h15
set lazyredraw
" }}}
"Vim Settings---------------------------------------------------------------- {{{
let mapleader=","
let maplocalleader = "\\"
"save a keypress
map ; :
set encoding=utf-8
set fillchars+=vert:│
" Set backspace config
set backspace=eol,start,indent
set showbreak=↪
"shut up
set visualbell " don't beep
set noerrorbells " don't beep
"Motion Settings
"Life saver
ino jj <esc>
cno jj <esc>
vnoremap < <gv
vnoremap > >gv
"got to middle of the line (
nnoremap gm :call cursor(0, len(getline('.'))/2)<cr>
"show invisible shars
set list
set listchars=tab:\ ,eol:¬
set cpoptions+=$
"add line numbers
set number
function! ToggleRelativeNumber()
if &nu == 1
set rnu
set nu
command! Rn call ToggleRelativeNumber()
syntax on
set noswapfile
" Mouse Support
"add mouse support
set mouse=a
"let this work in tmux 2
set ttymouse=xterm2
set ttyfast
"undo statck
set undofile
"enable backups
set backup
set undodir=$HOME/.vim/tmp/undo/
set backupdir=$HOME/.vim/tmp/backup/
set directory=$HOME/.vim/tmp/swap/
" Make those folders automatically if they don't already exist.
if !isdirectory(expand(&undodir))
call mkdir(expand(&undodir), "p")
if !isdirectory(expand(&backupdir))
call mkdir(expand(&backupdir), "p")
if !isdirectory(expand(&directory))
call mkdir(expand(&directory), "p")
" Clipboad and Pasting
"add to clipbord
set clipboard+=unnamed
"paste mode
"nnoremap <F5> :set invpaste paste?<CR>
"set pastetoggle=<F5>
set showmode
"auto paste in paste mode
imap <Leader>v <C-O>:set paste<CR><C-r>*<C-O>:set nopaste<CR>
" tell VIM to always put a status line in, even if there is only one window
set laststatus=2
"keep a longer history
set history=1000
" Time out on key codes but not mappings.
" Basically this makes terminal Vim work sanely.
" sjl
set notimeout
set ttimeout
set ttimeoutlen=10
" }}}
"Completion/Wildmenu ----------------------------------------------------------- {{{
set wildmode=longest:full
set wildmenu
set completeopt=menu,preview
"autoclose preview window
if has("autocmd")
autocmd CursorMovedI * if pumvisible() == 0|pclose|endif
autocmd InsertLeave * if pumvisible() == 0|pclose|endif
"omnifocus as constrol space
inoremap <expr> <C-Space> pumvisible() \|\| &omnifunc == '' ?
\ "\<lt>C-n>" :
\ "\<lt>C-x>\<lt>C-o><c-r>=pumvisible() ?" .
\ "\"\\<lt>c-n>\\<lt>c-p>\\<lt>c-n>\" :" .
\ "\" \\<lt>bs>\\<lt>C-n>\"\<CR>"
imap <C-@> <C-Space>
set wildignore=*.swp,*.bak
set wildignore+=*/.svn/*,/*.hg/*,/*.git/* " Version control (not git as otherwise conflict with fugitive)
set wildignore+=*/.virtualenvs/*
set wildignore+=*.aux,*.out,*.toc " LaTeX stuff
set wildignore+=*.jpg,*.bmp,*.gif,*.png,*.jpeg "Pics
set wildignore+=*.o,*.obj,*.pyc,*.class "compiled files, bytecode
set wildignore+=*.DS_Store
set wildignore+=*.pdf,*.xls,*.xlsx,*.doc
set wildignore+=*.jar
" Lein
set wildignore+=classes
set wildignore+=lib
" }}}
" Buffer/Tab/Window nativgation ----------------------------------------------------------- {{{
set hidden "Allows to change buffer w/o saving current buffer
Bundle 'orftz/sbd.vim'
"Bundle 'vim-scripts/bufkill.vim'
"noremap <silent><Leader>bd :bd<CR>
nnoremap <silent><leader>bd :Sbd<CR>
"nnoremap <silent><leader>bdm :Sbdm<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>bn :bn<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>bp :bp<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>ba :1,300 bd!<CR> "close all buffer
"Tab commands
noremap <silent> <Leader>tp :tabprevious<CR>
noremap <silent> <Leader>tn :tabnext<CR>
"Windows Settings
" Move the cursor to the window left of the current one
noremap <silent><Leader>wh :wincmd h<cr>
" Move the cursor to the window below the current one
noremap <silent><Leader>wj :wincmd j<cr>
" Move the cursor to the window above the current one
noremap <silent><Leader>wk :wincmd k<cr>
" Move the cursor to the window right of the current one
noremap <silent><Leader>wl :wincmd l<cr>
noremap <silent><Leader>cj :wincmd j<CR>:close<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>ck :wincmd k<CR>:close<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>ch :wincmd h<CR>:close<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>cl :wincmd l<CR>:close<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>cc :wincmd c<CR>:close<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>wr :wincmd r<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>wo :wincmd o<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>wx :wincmd x<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>ww :wincmd w<CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>vs :vsplit <CR>
noremap <silent><Leader>hs :split <CR>
"Quickfix window Settings
"use vim -unimpaired
"noremap <silent> ,cn :cn<CR>
"noremap <silent> ,cp :cp<CR>
"location list
noremap <silent> <leader>lo :lopen<CR>
" }}}
"Some more-------------------------------------------------- {{{
nmap <silent> <Leader>ev :vsplit $HOME/.vimrc<CR>
nmap <silent> <Leader>sv :so $HOME/.vimrc<CR>
" When pressing <leader>cd switch to the directory of the open buffer
map <silent><Leader>cd :cd %:p:h<CR>
"Move lines up and down
nnoremap <M-j> :m+<CR>==
nnoremap <M-k> :m-2<CR>==
inoremap <M-j><Esc> :m+<CR>==gi
inoremap <M-k><Esc> :m-2<CR>==gi
vnoremap <M-j> :m'>+<CR>gv=gv
vnoremap <M-k> :m-2<CR>gv=gv
inoremap <C-B> <C-O>yiW<End>=<C-R>=<C-R>0<CR>
noremap <silent><leader>u :! urlview %<CR>
" }}}
"Search Settings -------------------------------------------------- {{{
nnoremap / /\v
vnoremap / /\v
set smartcase
set incsearch "search as you type
set gdefault "always /g
set ignorecase
set showmatch "show matching braces
set hlsearch
"replace word under cursor
nnoremap <Leader>s :%s/\<<C-r><C-w>\>/
map <silent><Leader><space> :noh<CR>
"Spell Checking
map <leader>ss :setlocal spell! spelllang=en_us<cr>
" }}}
"Folding ------------------------------------------------ {{{
" Javadoc comments (/** and */ pairs) and code sections (marked by {} pairs) mark the start and end of folds. All other
" lines simply take the fold level that is going so far.
function! MyFoldLevel( lineNumber )
let thisLine = getline( a:lineNumber )
" If the entire Javadoc comment or the {} pair is on one line, then don't create a fold for it.
if ( thisLine =~ '\%(\%(/\*\*\).*\%(\*/\)\)\|\%({.*}\)' )
return '='
elseif ( thisLine =~ '\%(^\s*/\*\*\s*$\)\|{' )
return "a1"
elseif ( thisLine =~ '\%(^\s*\*/\s*$\)\|}' )
return "s1"
return '='
" Default Tabs, spaces, wrapping ------------------------------------ {{{
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set softtabstop=4
set expandtab
set wrap
set textwidth=85
set formatoptions=qrn1
" }}}
"Filetype Settings -------------------------------------------------{{{
if has("autocmd")
"All filetypes
"remove trailing whitespaces
autocmd BufWritePre * :%s/\s\+$//e
au FileType vim setlocal foldmethod=marker
"Large files
autocmd BufReadPost * if getfsize(bufname("%")) > 512*1024 | set syntax=| set filetype=| endif
"help in vertical split
autocmd FileType help wincmd L
" R
autocmd FileType r setlocal ts=8 sts=4 sw=4 expandtab
autocmd FileType html setlocal ts=2 sts=2 sw=2 expandtab
autocmd FileType htmldjango setlocal ts=2 sts=2 sw=2 expandtab
autocmd FileType python setlocal ts=8 sts=4 sw=4 expandtab
autocmd FileType python setlocal autoindent
"nose for unittest
autocmd FileType python compiler nose
autocmd FileType python set omnifunc=pythoncomplete#Complete
autocmd FileType python set formatprg=PythonTidy
if exists('+colorcolumn')
" autocmd FileType python set colorcolumn=80
" autocmd FileType clojure set ts=2 sts=2 sw=2 expandtab
autocmd FileType clojure compiler clojure
autocmd FileType clojure silent! call TurnOnClojureFolding()
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.clj set filetype=clojure
autocmd Filetype clojure setlocal lispwords+=defpage,defpartial,deftest,defroute
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.cljs set filetype=clojure
autocmd Filetype css set omnifunc=csscomplete#CompleteCSS
autocmd Filetype javascript setlocal ts=4 sts=4 sw=4 expandtab
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile jquery.*.js set ft=javascript syntax=jquery
autocmd FileType tex setlocal ts=8 sts=4 sw=4 expandtab
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.json setfiletype json
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.pde setfiletype processing
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.Pnw set filetype=python
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.j setfiletype objc
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.j setlocal ts=8 sts=4 sw=4 expandtab
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.j setlocal foldexpr=MyFoldLevel(v:lnum)
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.j setlocal foldmethod=expr
au Filetype java setlocal foldexpr=MyFoldLevel(v:lnum)
au Filetype java setlocal foldmethod=expr
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.Rnw map <Leader>swe :execute '!/usr/local/bin/R CMD Sweave '.expand('%:p')<CR>
au BufRead ~/.mutt/temp/mutt* set spell
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.scala set filetype=scala
" }}}
"Python Settings/Plugins --------------------------------------------- {{{
function! PythonTidySaver()
let oldpos=getpos('.')
call setpos('.',oldpos)
"autocmd! bufwritepost *.py call PythonTidySaver()
if has('python')
Bundle 'jmcantrell/vim-virtualenv.git'
if !empty($VIRTUAL_ENV)
let g:virtualenv_auto_activate=1
"make sure to change /etc/paths"
function! MakePyProjet(projectname)
" execute '!source /usr/local/share/python/'
execute '!mkproject& -t locodev ' . a:projectname
"ack to make vi work
function! VirtualEnvStatusline()
Bundle 'ivanov/vim-ipython'
"tmux does no like C-s
let g:ipy_perform_mappings = 0
autocmd FileType python map<silent>K :py get_doc_buffer()<CR>
autocmd FileType python map<silent><C-i> :python run_this_line()<CR>
autocmd FileType python vmap <silent> <C-i> :python run_these_lines()<CR>
"make green plugin
Bundle 'reinh/vim-makegreen'
map <Leader>nose :call MakeGreen()<CR>
if has('python')
Bundle 'nvie/vim-pyunit'
let g:PyUnitCmd = '/usr/local/share/python/nosetests -q --with-machineout'
if !empty($VIRTUAL_ENV)
let g:PyUnitCmd = $VIRTUAL_ENV . '/bin/nosetests -q --with-machineout'
let g:PyUnitTestsStructure="nose"
autocmd Filetype python noremap <Leader>nose :call PyUnitRunTests()<CR>
autocmd Filetype python noremap! <Leader>nose <Esc>:call PyUnitRunTests()<CR>
autocmd Filetype python noremap <Leader>ut :call PyUnitSwitchToCounterpart()<CR>
autocmd Filetype python noremap! <Leader>ut <ESC>:call PyUnitSwitchToCounterpart()<CR>
let ropevim_vim_completion=1
"Pep8 plugin # using flake8
if has('python')
"Bundle 'orestis/pysmell.git'
if executable("pep8")
"Bundle 'nvie/vim-pep8.git'
"autocmd FileType python map <buffer> <Leader>p :call Pep8()<CR>
"Pydoc, Pyref plugin
Bundle 'xolox/vim-pyref'
Bundle 'fs111/pydoc.vim'
let g:pydoc_cmd='/usr/local/bin/pydoc'
" }}}
"Latex Plugin ---------------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'mineiro/vim-latex.git'
let g:Tex_DefaultTargetFormat='pdf'
let g:Tex_CompileRule_pdf = 'mkdir -p latex-build; /usr/texbin/pdflatex -output-directory latex-build -interaction nonstopmode $*; cp latex-build/*.pdf .'
let g:Tex_ViewRule_pdf = 'Preview'
let g:Tex_IgnoredWarnings="Font""\n"
let g:Tex_IgnoredWarnings =
\'specifier changed to'."\n".
\'You have requested'."\n".
\'Missing number, treated as zero.'."\n".
\'There were undefined references'."\n".
\'Latex Warning:'."\n".
\'LaTeX Warning:' " float stuck
let g:Tex_IgnoreLevel = 8
" }}}
"NerdTree Plugin---------------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'scrooloose/nerdtree'
nmap <silent><Leader>d :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
nmap <silent><leader>nf :NERDTreeFind<CR>
let g:NERDTreeWinPos = "left"
"down't display the following files
let NERDTreeIgnore=['\.DS_Store$','\.pyc$', '\.xls$','\.zip$','\.pdf$','\.nav$','\.snm$','.\toc$','\.vrb$','\.aux$' , '\.git$', '\.db$', '\.ropeproject', '\.so$', '\.un\~$', '\.lein-plugins$']
let NERDTreeHighlightCursorline=1
" Show the bookmarks table on startup
let NERDTreeShowBookmarks=1
"quit after opening a file
let NERDTreeQuitOnOpen=1
let NERDTreeShowHidden=1
"some styling
let NERDTreeDirArrows = 1
"hi Title guifg=red guibg=#202020
if has("autocmd")
autocmd Filetype nerdtree setlocal nolist
" }}}
"Ultinips Settings------------------------------------------------------- {{{
if has('python')
Bundle 'SirVer/ultisnips'
let g:UltiSnipsEditSplit='vertical'
let g:UltiSnipsUsePythonVersion = 2
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.snippets set filetype=snippets
" let g:UltiSnipsListSnippets="<c-tab>"
"does not seem to work so call it"
nnoremap <Leader>us :call UltiSnips_ListSnippets()<CR>
inoremap <Leader>us <ESC>:call UltiSnips_ListSnippets()<CR>
let g:UltiSnipsExpandTrigger="<tab>"
let g:UltiSnipsJumpForwardTrigger="<tab>"
let g:UltiSnipsJumpBackwardTrigger="<s-tab>"
autocmd Filetype python :UltiSnipsAddFiletypes python
autocmd Filetype html :UltiSnipsAddFiletypes html
autocmd Filetype c :UltiSnipsAddFiletypes c
" }}}
"Objective-J Settings--------------------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'nanki/vim-objj'
"vim objj
set runtimepath+=~/.vim/bundle/vim-objj
" }}}
"Ack plugin -----------------------------------------------------------------{{{
if executable("ack")
Bundle 'mileszs/ack.vim.git'
nnoremap <Leader>a :Ack --follow <C-r><C-w>
" }}}
"ZoomWin plugin ------------------------------------------------------------{{{
Bundle 'vim-scripts/ZoomWin.git'
nnoremap <Leader>z :ZoomWin<CR>
inoremap <Leader>z <ESC>:ZoomWin<CR>
" Without setting this, ZoomWin restores windows in a way that causes
" equalalways behavior to be triggered the next time CommandT is used.
" This is likely a bludgeon to solve some other issue, but it works
set noequalalways
" }}}
"OpenTerminal plugin -------------------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'vim-scripts/open-terminal-filemanager.git'
nnoremap <silent><Leader>of :OpenFilemanager<CR><CR>
" }}}
"Easymotion plugin ---------------------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'Lokaltog/vim-easymotion.git'
let g:EasyMotion_leader_key = 'e'
" }}}
"Yankring plugin ------------------------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'vim-scripts/YankRing.vim'
nnoremap <silent><Leader>y :YRShow<cr>
inoremap <silent><Leader>y <ESC>:YRShow<cr>
let g:yankring_history_dir = "$HOME/.vim/"
let g:yankring_history_file = 'yankring_history'
" }}}
"Neocomplete plugin ---------------------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'Shougo/neocomplcache.git'
" Disable AutoComplPop.
"let g:acp_enableAtStartup = 0
" Use neocomplcache.
let g:neocomplcache_enable_at_startup = 1
" Use smartcase.
let g:neocomplcache_enable_smart_case = 1
" Use camel case completion.
let g:neocomplcache_enable_camel_case_completion = 1
" AutoComplPop like behavior.
let g:neocomplcache_enable_auto_select = 1
" }}}
"Git plugins ------------------------------------------------------------------ {{{
Bundle 'tpope/vim-fugitive'
nnoremap <Leader>gd :Gdiff<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>gs :Gstatus<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>gco :Gcheckout<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>gci :Gcommit<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>gl :Glog<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>gp :Git push<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>gcaa :Git commit -a --amend -C HEAD
Bundle 'gregsexton/gitv'
"Gundo plugin
if has('python')
Bundle 'sjl/gundo.vim.git'
nnoremap <Leader>gu :GundoToggle<CR>
"let g:gundo_debug = 1
let g:gundo_preview_bottom = 1
" }}}
"SQL plugin's --------------------------------------------------{{{
Bundle 'locojay/dbext.vim.git'
"dbext <Leaeder>se
let dbext_default_DB2_bin='db2batch'
"let g:dbext_default_DB2_cmd_options="-q on -s off -l ';'"
"let g:dbext_default_DB2_cmd_options="-q del -s off"
"let dbext_default_DB2_cmd_terminator=""
"let dbext_default_DB2_cmd_terminator="':';"
"output command
"let dbext_default_display_cmd_line=1
"Swap parameters plugin-------------------------------------------------{{{
if has('python')
Bundle 'vim-scripts/swap-parameters.git'
noremap gb :call SwapParams("forwards")<cr>
noremap gB :call SwapParams("backwards")<cr>
"Ctrl-p plugin-----------------------------------------------------------------{{{
Bundle 'kien/ctrlp.vim.git'
let g:ctrlp_map = '<leader>,'
let g:ctrlp_working_path_mode = 0
let g:ctrlp_match_window_reversed = 1
let g:ctrlp_split_window = 0
let g:ctrlp_max_height = 20
let g:ctrlp_open_new_file = 'v'
let g:ctrlp_prompt_mappings = {
\ 'PrtSelectMove("j")': ['<c-j>', '<down>', '<s-tab>'],
\ 'PrtSelectMove("k")': ['<c-k>', '<up>', '<tab>'],
\ 'PrtHistory(-1)': ['<c-n>'],
\ 'PrtHistory(1)': ['<c-p>'],
\ 'ToggleFocus()': ['<c-tab>'],
\ }
let g:ctrlp_extensions = ['tag']
" let g:ctrlp_custom_ignore = {
" \ 'dir' : '\.git/',
" \
" \ }
"let g:ctrlp_dont_split = 'NERD_tree_2'
nnoremap <leader>. :CtrlPTag<cr>
nnoremap <leader>mr :CtrlPMRUFiles<cr>
"TAGS Settings ---------------------------------------------------------{{{
if executable('ctags')
map \pyt :exe '!ctags -R --languages=python -f ./pytags ' . system('python -c "from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib; print get_python_lib()"')<CR>
map <Leader>/ :exe '!ctags -R . ./tags'
" Easy tags plugin
Bundle 'xolox/vim-easytags.git'
let g:easytags_cmd = '/usr/local/bin/ctags'
set tags=./tags;
let g:easytags_dynamic_files = 1
Bundle 'majutsushi/tagbar.git'
let g:tagbar_ctags_bin='/usr/local/bin/ctags'
"Tagbar Plugin Settings
nmap <silent><Leader>k :TagbarToggle<CR>
" }}}
"Visualization ---------------------------------------------------------{{{
Bundle 'Lokaltog/vim-powerline'
let g:Powerline_symbols = "fancy"
if has("autocmd")
"autocmd bufwritepost .vimrc source $MYVIMRC
"autocmd bufwritepost .vimrc call Pl#Load()
"IndentationGuide <Leader>ig
Bundle 'nathanaelkane/vim-indent-guides.git'
"Bundle "garbas/vim-showmarks"
" }}}
" TimeStamp plugin--------------------------------------------------{{{
"autocmd BufWritePre *.py :1,6s/T_IMESTAMP/TIMESTAMP/e
" }}}
" Syntastic plugin ---------------------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'scrooloose/syntastic.git'
"checks syntax for multiple file type install
" - cpp , c g++, gcc
" - flake8 or pyflakes or pylint for python
" - jsonlint for json
" - java ?? / use eclim
" - jslint for javascript
let g:syntastic_enable_signs = 1
let g:syntastic_auto_loc_list=2
let g:syntastic_python_checker = 'flake8'
" let g:syntastic_python_checker = 'flake8 --ignore=E221,E225,E231,E251,E302,E303,W391,E501,E702'
let g:syntastic_stl_format = '[%E{%e Errors}%B{, }%W{%w Warnings}]'
" }}}
"Gitst plugin ------------------------------------------------------ {{{
Bundle 'mattn/webapi-vim'
Bundle 'mattn/gist-vim.git'
let g:gist_clip_command = 'pbcopy'
let g:gist_detect_filetype = 1
"Bundle 'scrooloose/nerdcommenter'
Bundle 'tpope/vim-commentary'
xmap <Leader>c <Plug>Commentary
nmap <Leader>c <Plug>Commentary
nmap <Leader>cc <Plug>CommentaryLine
au FileType htmldjango setlocal commentstring={#\ %s\ #}
au FileType jinja setlocal commentstring={#\ %s\ #}
au FileType clojurescript setlocal commentstring=;\ %s
" Bundle "tomtom/tcomment_vim"
" nnoremap <silent><leader>c :TComment<CR>
" vnoremap <silent><leader>c :TComment<CR>
" let g:tcomment_jinja="{#\ %s \#}""
" Tmux -----------------------------------------------------------------{{{
if executable("tmux")
"Bundle 'vim-scripts/Screen-vim---gnu-screentmux'
Bundle 'xaviershay/tslime.vim.git'
Bundle 'acustodioo/vim-tmux'
Bundle 'benmills/vimux'
"change pane number at runtime by setting
function! TmuxPaneNumber()
let b:tmux_panenumber = input("pane number: ", "", "custom,Tmux_Pane_Numbers")
command! TmuxPaneNumber call TmuxPaneNumber()
" Bundle 'sjl/vitality.vim'
" Save when losing focus
" " Save when losing focus
" au FocusLost * :silent! wall
" }}}
"Tpope plugins -------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'tpope/vim-unimpaired.git'
Bundle 'tpope/vim-repeat.git'
Bundle 'tpope/vim-surround.git'
Bundle 'tpope/vim-speeddating.git'
" }}}
"Clojure ---------------------------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'locojay/VimClojure'
"Highlight Clojure's builtins
let g:vimclojure#HighlightBuiltins=1
let g:vimclojure#DynamicHighlighting=1
"Rainbow parentheses'!
let g:vimclojure#ParenRainbow=1
"using slimv
" let vimclojure#WantNailgun = 1
let vimclojure#FuzzyIndent = 1
" syn keyword clojureNoirDef defpage
" hi def link clojureNoirDef Define
" setlocal lispwords+=defpage, defpartial, deftest, defroute
" Bundle 'vim-scripts/slimv.vim'
" Bundle 'gberenfield/sjl-slimv'
let g:slimv_leader = '\'
let g:slimv_keybindings = 2
let g:slimv_swank_clojure = "! tmux new-window -d -n swank 'lein swank'"
let g:lisp_rainbow = 1
let g:slimv_repl_syntax = 1
" }}}
"Web dev -------------------------------------------------------- {{{
Bundle 'mattn/zencoding-vim'
let g:user_zen_leader_key = '<leader>h'
" Bundle 'Glench/Vim-Jinja2-Syntax'
Bundle 'nono/jquery.vim'
"Other ----------------------------------------------------- {{{
"Task Management
"Bundle 'jceb/vim-orgmode'
Bundle 'aaronbieber/quicktask'
Bundle 'vim-scripts/SearchComplete.git'
Bundle 'tsaleh/vim-align.git'
Bundle 'vim-scripts/timestamp.vim.git'
Bundle 'IndexedSearch'
"Bundle 'gmunkhbaatarmn/vim-largefile.git'
Bundle 'vim-scripts/LargeFile'
Bundle 'leshill/vim-json'
Bundle 'msanders/cocoa.vim'
Bundle 'vim-scripts/Vim-R-plugin.git'
Bundle 'gmarik/sudo-gui.vim.git'
"vim scripting
Bundle 'vim-scripts/reload.vim.git'
Bundle "vim-scripts/rest.vim.git"
Bundle "vim-scripts/VST.git"
Bundle "nvie/vim-rst-tables.git"
Bundle 'vim-scripts/DotOutlineTree.git'
"Bundle 'chrisbra/csv.vim'
command! CsvCleanup :%s/\%x0d/\r/
if has('ruby')
Bundle "matthias-guenther/hammer.vim"
let g:mdown_preview_cmd="/Users/locojay/.cabal/bin/pandoc -s --highlight-style pygments"
Bundle "locojay/vim-markdown-preview"
" autocmd BufWritePost *.rst :Hammer<CR>
"Bundle 'vim-scripts/delimitMate.vim'
Bundle 'kana/vim-smartinput'
Bundle 'sjl/strftimedammit.vim'
if has('ruby')
"add lusty jugler and lusty finder"
"Todo: only use jugle ( ctrlp replaces Sat Feb 11 18:29:47 2012
Bundle 'sjbach/lusty.git'
"Rainbow Parenthesis
Bundle 'kien/rainbow_parentheses.vim'
let g:rbpt_colorpairs = [
\ ['brown', 'RoyalBlue3'],
\ ['Darkblue', 'SeaGreen3'],
\ ['darkgray', 'DarkOrchid3'],
\ ['darkgreen', 'firebrick3'],
\ ['darkcyan', 'RoyalBlue3'],
\ ['darkred', 'SeaGreen3'],
\ ['darkmagenta', 'DarkOrchid3'],
\ ['brown', 'firebrick3'],
\ ['gray', 'RoyalBlue3'],
\ ['black', 'SeaGreen3'],
\ ['darkmagenta', 'DarkOrchid3'],
\ ['Darkblue', 'firebrick3'],
\ ['darkgreen', 'RoyalBlue3'],
\ ['darkcyan', 'SeaGreen3'],
\ ['darkred', 'DarkOrchid3'],
\ ['red', 'firebrick3'],
\ ]
let g:rbpt_max = 16
Bundle 'sjl/clam.vim'
Bundle "derekwyatt/vim-scala"
Bundle "AndrewRadev/linediff.vim"
" }}}
filetype plugin indent on
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