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" Vim compiler file
" Compiler: Unit testing for Python using nose
" Maintainer: Olivier Le Thanh Duong <>
" Last Change: 2010 Sep 1
" Based on pyunit.vim distributed with vim
" Compiler: Unit testing tool for Python
" Maintainer: Max Ischenko <>
" Last Change: 2004 Mar 27
if exists("current_compiler")
let current_compiler = "nose"
if exists(":CompilerSet") != 2 " older Vim always used :setlocal
command -nargs=* CompilerSet setlocal <args>
" Modified from pyunit, remove other lines from quickfix window
CompilerSet efm=%-C\ %.%#,%A\ \ File\ \"%f\"\\,\ line\ %l%.%#,%Z%[%^\ ]%\\@=%m,%-G%.%#
"" Set nose as default compiler
" CompilerSet makeprg=nosetests
" Quite ugly but this make it ignore vim-makegreen passing argument for now
CompilerSet makeprg=echo\ $*\ >/dev/null;\ /usr/local/share/python/nosetests