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A node.js based, Jekyll-like static website builder.
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A Node.js based alternative to Jeckle.


Install using npm:

npm install ""

You can then run the heckle command using npx:

npx heckle


Heckle is currently very much beta software; It does work and will build a website, but there are known bugs and problems, particularly with page dependency tracking.


To build a site

Generate a site's HTML and copy assets and other resources by running the following command:

    npx heckle build <source> <target> [options module]


  • source is the location containing the site source files.
  • target is the location where the result will be written to.
  • options module is an optional module name or path containing extensions.

To serve a site

The following command allows a built site to be served locally by running a web server process listening on port 3000 of localhost:

    npx heckle serve <source> <target>

Where source and target are the same as for the build command.


A module containing site extensions can be specified at build time. A site extension is the Heckle equivalent of a Jekyll plugin, and allows custom tags, filters and site initialization methods to be specified. The extension module can declare the following exports:

  • init: A site initialization function. The function is passed the following arguments:
    • content: The build context.
    • engine: The Liquid templating engine used to build the site.
  • tags: A map of custom Liquid tags.
  • filters: A map of custom Liquid filters.
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