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Manage custom fields to a mongoid document or a collection
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Manage custom fields to a Mongoid document or a collection. This module is one of the core features we implemented in our custom CMS, named LocomotiveCMS. Basically, its aim is to provide to editors a way to manage extra fields to a Mongoid document through, for instance, a web UI.

The main goals:

  • Offering a very secure way to add, edit and delete extra fields to a Mongoid document.
  • Scoping the modifications added to a Mongoid document, so that other documents of the same class won't be updated.


  • MongoDB 3.x
  • Mongoid 5.x
  • ActiveSupport 4.2.x


On a has_many relationship

class Company
  include CustomFields::Source

  has_many :employees

  custom_fields_for :employees

class Employee
  include CustomFields::Target

  field :name, String

  belongs_to :company, inverse_of: :employees

company = label: 'His/her position', name: 'position', type: 'string', required: true name: 'Michael Scott', position: 'Regional manager'

another_company =
employee =
employee.position # Returns a `not defined method` error

On the class itself


class Company

company = label: 'Shipping Address', name: 'address', type: 'text'

company.self_metadata.address = '700 S Laflin, 60607 Chicago'

another_company =
other_company.self_metadata.address # Returns a `not defined method` error


Run specs

Run rspec or rake.

Test Coverage

Run COVERAGE=true rspec or COVERAGE=true rake.


Feel free to contact me at did at locomotivecms dot com.


Copyright (c) 2013-2016 NoCoffee, released under the MIT License (MIT), see LICENSE.

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