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Entries with a tag_set custom field get a many-to-many relationship with Tags

Tags can be set via comma-delmited strings, or via an array of strings

An individual Tag has an inverse relationship to the entities that include it

Entities can be grouped by tag (similar to select fields)

Papipo commented Jun 6, 2013

We have another implementation for this (as a fields tag per model), so I guess this can be closed. @did?


I haven't looked at the new implementation that closely, but I believe it only allows single words as tags, and that it's case sensitive? I'm wondering if that's really what you want.
I'm not attached to this implementation, as long as the implementation used provides a way to get a list of contents based on a certain tag - otherwise, it's kind of pointless.

For example, for tag "kittens" get all the posts that are tagged with "kittens".

Papipo commented Jun 10, 2013

Tags are comma-separated, so they can be more than one word. They are also downcased, so they are case-insensitive. You can query a given model by tags without problem.

@Papipo Papipo closed this Jun 24, 2013
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