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LocomotiveCMS Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for LocomotiveCMS, an open source content management system. You can find this documentation online at

If you find errors, would like to add content, or have other contributions, please open a GitHub issue or submit a pull request. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

If you need help using LocomotiveCMS, please don't open an issue here. Instead post in our Google Group. Thanks!


This repository is itself a LocomotiveCMS Wagon project. To contribute, first fork the repository. You can then clone it to your machine and make changes as you would to any LocomotiveCMS project and preview your changes with bundle exec wagon serve.

Once you've committed your changes, push them to your fork and send us a pull request.

All contributions are greatly appreciated. Further, we expect that pull requests addressing open issues will be greatly rewarded in the after life. 🙇