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title: Get started
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Welcome to LocomotiveCMS.
If you're completely new to LocomotiveCMS, we recommend you start by reading about [what LocomotiveCMS is and why use it?](/get-started/what-is-locomotivecms). You'll also want to read this brief explanation of LocomotiveCMS's two core parts: [Engine and Wagon](/get-started/engine-and-wagon). One final resource for beginners is the [LocomotiveCMS 101]( guide, a crash course that will quickly bring you up to speed.
When you're ready to start building sites, [Install Wagon](/get-started/install-wagon) and head over to the [Making a Blog](/making-blog) tutorial, a complete guide to developing with LocomotiveCMS. The [Making a Blog](/making-blog) tutorial assumes you've have either [setup an Engine locally](/get-started/install-engine-locally) or have [created a free LocomotiveHosting account](/get-started/locomotivehosting).
Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can find step by step guides for specific development tasks in the [Guides section](/guides/create-a-contact-form). You will also likely want to make heavy use of the [Reference section](/references).
For support resources and more from the worldwide LocomotiveCMS community, check out the [Community section](/community). When you’re stuck, the [Google Group](, is the best place to get support for your questions. You can also help out by filing bug reports or making pull requests to our [GitHub account](
Thanks for visiting and enjoy developing with LocomotiveCMS!
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