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This wiki documents the Seek Thermal for developers. Seek Thermal has promised to produce a SDK though no timetable or progress has been reported. When an SDK is published it is hoped that this site will be replaced by or become a supplement to the SDK.

This documentation is primarily aimed at people trying to implement third party clients. It also hopes to be useful to people interested in customizing the hardware.

Most of the information on this wiki was compiled from a thread on the EEVblog Electronics Community Forum. Some, but not all, of the contributions have been recognised with links. Credit for the information should be given to the community of people there. It is hoped that this wiki will provide the information in a more accessible format than the 1800+ post thread.

This is not an official Seek Thermal website or supported documentation. Almost all the information here has been gathered without Seek Thermal's support. As such it is probably wrong in parts, following any instructions here may result in permanent damage to your Seek Thermal device. The contributors to this documentation take all care but no responsibility.