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WinUsbDotNet by Stephen Stair

GUI client written in C#
Supports Windows
MIT License
Source code:

WinUsbDotNet by Miguel Parra

GUI client
Supports Windows
Based on WinUsbDotNet by Stephen Stair from 2014-10-22
Source code: 2014-10-27 2014-10-28 2014-10-28 2014-11-17
Binary available at
Last update: 2015-04-30

  • Adds bilinear interpolation of dead pixels
  • Introduces noise reduction based on Frenky's algorithm
  • Builds in Iron palette colouring
  • Calibration to a constant temperature capture
  • Frame id extraction
  • Use of calibration frames
  • Averaging of multiple frames
  • Upgraded to Visual Studio Community 2013

SeekThermal by Joe-C

GUI client
Supports Windows
Based on WinUsbDotNet by Miguel Parra but with extensive restructuring
Source code: 2015-05-09

Seek App by Frenky

Designed to build image using multiple frames from a stepper system
I believe it is based on Miguel Parra's WinUsbDotNet but changes are so extensive it is difficult to tell
No license specified
Source code:

Code Snippets by Frenky


Code snippet which cleans up extracted png images
Algorithm to remove dead pixels by detecting outliers and substituting with a neighbour linearly interpolated value


Improvements to prior algorithm to avoid losing details as part of noise reduction

Seek by Cynfab

Python script with TK GUI client
Supports Linux and Windows
No License specified
Source code: 2014-11-05 2014-11-12 2014-11-18 2014-11-26 2014-12-19 v2.0
Raspberry Pi modifications:

pyseek by Fry-kun

Based on Seek by Cynfab 2014-11-08
Adds TK based GUI and cleaning pass on code
MIT License
Source code:

libseekthermal by Ralf Kaestner

DLL library with several basic GUI clients
Supports Linux
C++ code
Packages are provided for Ubuntu
Not referenced by eevblog forum, possibly developed independently
Source code:
Ubuntu PPA: ppa:ethz-asl/drivers

ThermalView by JadeW

GUI client
Supports Windows and Linux
MIT License
C++ with wxWidgets and libusb
Source code:

libseek by Jérôme Carretero

MIT License
C++ with libusb
Source code:

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