Modular Lodash builds without the hassle.
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babel-plugin-lodash v3.2.11

A simple transform to cherry-pick Lodash modules so you don’t have to.

Combine with lodash-webpack-plugin for even smaller cherry-picked builds!


$ npm i --save lodash
$ npm i --save-dev babel-plugin-lodash babel-cli babel-preset-es2015



import _ from 'lodash';
import { add } from 'lodash/fp';

const addOne = add(1);[1, 2, 3], addOne);

roughly to

import _add from 'lodash/fp/add';
import _map from 'lodash/map';

const addOne = _add(1);
_map([1, 2, 3], addOne);


  "plugins": ["lodash"],
  "presets": ["es2015"]

Set plugin options using an array of [pluginName, optionsObject].

  "plugins": [["lodash", { "id": "lodash-compat", "cwd": "some/path" }]],
  "presets": ["es2015"]

The can be an array of ids.

  "plugins": [["lodash", { "id": ["async", "lodash-bound"] }]],
  "presets": ["es2015"]
Babel CLI
$ babel --plugins lodash --presets es2015 script.js
Babel API
require('babel-core').transform('code', {
  'plugins': ['lodash'],
  'presets': ['es2015']
'module': {
  'loaders': [{
    'loader': 'babel-loader',
    'test': /\.js$/,
    'exclude': /node_modules/,
    'query': {
      'plugins': ['lodash'],
      'presets': ['es2015']


Can this plugin produce ES2015 imports rather than CommonJS imports?

This plugin produces ES2015 imports by default. The transform-es2015-modules-commonjs plugin, which is included in the Babel es2015 preset, transforms ES2015 import statements to CommonJS. Omit it from your preset to preserve ES2015 style imports.


  • You must use ES2015 imports to load Lodash
  • Babel < 6 & Node.js < 4 aren’t supported
  • Chain sequences aren’t supported. See this blog post for alternatives.
  • Modularized method packages aren’t supported