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Create smaller Lodash builds by replacing feature sets of modules with noop, identity, or simpler alternatives.

This plugin complements babel-plugin-lodash by shrinking its cherry-picked builds even further!

DISCLAIMER: Using this plugin without enabling the proper feature sets may cause lodash functions to behave in unexpected ways. Methods may appear to work, however they might return incorrect results.


$ npm i --save lodash
$ npm i --save-dev lodash-webpack-plugin babel-core babel-loader babel-plugin-lodash babel-preset-env webpack




var LodashModuleReplacementPlugin = require('lodash-webpack-plugin');
var webpack = require('webpack');

module.exports = {
  'module': {
    'rules': [{
      'use': 'babel-loader',
      'test': /\.js$/,
      'exclude': /node_modules/,
      'options': {
        'plugins': ['lodash'],
        'presets': [['env', { 'modules': false, 'targets': { 'node': 4 } }]]
  'plugins': [
    new LodashModuleReplacementPlugin,
    new webpack.optimize.UglifyJsPlugin

Opt-in to features with an options object:

new LodashModuleReplacementPlugin({
  'collections': true,
  'paths': true

Feature Sets

The following features are removed by default (biggest savings first):

Feature Description
shorthands Iteratee shorthands for, _.matches, & _.matchesProperty.
cloning Support “clone” methods & cloning source objects.
currying Support “curry” methods.
caching Caches for methods like _.cloneDeep, _.isEqual, & _.uniq.
collections Support objects in “Collection” methods.
exotics Support objects like buffers, maps, sets, symbols, typed arrays, etc.
guards Guards for host objects, sparse arrays, & other edge cases.
metadata Metadata to reduce wrapping of bound, curried, & partially applied functions.
(requires currying)
deburring Support deburring letters.
unicode Support Unicode symbols.
chaining Components to support chain sequences.
memoizing Support _.memoize & memoization.
coercions Support for coercing values to integers, numbers, & strings.
flattening Support “flatten” methods & flattening rest arguments.
paths Deep property path support for methods like _.get, _.has, & _.set.
placeholders Argument placeholder support for “bind”, “curry”, & “partial” methods.
(requires currying)