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Commits on Apr 23, 2012
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Update README and submodules. [jddalton] 5e4a69a
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Update isNaN to pass IE unit test. [jddalton] 0ad7ab8
@kitcambridge kitcambridge Replace the `Makefile` with a JavaScript-based build system (requires…
… Node).
@kitcambridge kitcambridge Extract the `preprocess` and `postprocess` functions into `build/pre-…
…compile.js` and `build/post-compile.js`, respectively. Clean up `build.js`.
@kitcambridge kitcambridge `build.js`: s/Lodash/Lo-Dash. 7293355
@jdalton jdalton Merge pull request #1 from kitcambridge/master
lodash: Replace the Makefile with a JavaScript-based build system. [kitcambridge]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Cleanup build scripts and add @kitcambridge as a contributor.…
… [jddalton]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Cleanup compiled code and check for a `toArray` method on obj…
…ects before others in `_.toArray`. [jddalton]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add sections to [jddalton] 87ac01e
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Update .npmignore. [jddalton] d6757a0
@kitcambridge kitcambridge `build.js`: Automatically save the smallest minified distribution as …
@kitcambridge kitcambridge `build.js`: Print compression status messages to the console. 61a1b24
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add a link to the screencast. [jddalton] 1e222ec
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Small tweak. [jddalton] dcb207c
@kitcambridge kitcambridge Clean up `build.js`. The build process now delays writing the compres…
…sed and `gzip`-ped versions to disk until all build stages have finished successfully.
@kitcambridge kitcambridge Comment style consistency. 7a27560
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Fix clearTimeout typo. [closes #3] [jddalton, pdokas] cf76d96
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Merge pull request #2 from bestiejs/autominification
lodash: Make build.js automatically choose the best minification, Uglify or Closure Compiler, and use it for lodash.min.js. [jddalton, kitcambridge]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Sync with Underscore.js. [jddalton] a02d1ae
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add comments to iterationFactory. [jddalton] 76cbd35
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Cleanup comments. [jddalton] b8fce19
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Cleanup build.js. [jddalton] 8644ecc
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Move the screencast note higher in the [jddalton] 6b7310c
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Move Underscore's unit tests to a submodule. [fat, jddalton] 0d4cb7a
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Fix typo in build.js. [jddalton] 9a8345c
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add support for more AMD build optimizers and allow aliasing …
…as the "underscore" module. [jddalton]
Commits on Apr 25, 2012
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Optimize `groupBy`, `union`, and `pick`. [jddalton] 264afb6
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add `thisArg` to `groupBy` and optimize `invoke`. [jddalton] c7c2fd4
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Update doc line numbers. [jddalton] edcf85b
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Tweak bug fix link in [jddalton] 25c9cb3
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add spaces to compiled / template strings. [jddalton] 6958336
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Remove unneeded `slice` call in `pick`. [jddalton, sindresorhus] 56fff62
Commits on Apr 26, 2012
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Remove unused `afterLoop` iterationFactory option, optimize `…
…sortedIndex`, and optimize exiting early from compiled functions. [jddalton]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Update doc line numbers. [jddalton] 0ab5cdd
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Change `invoke`'s category to "Arrays". [jddalton] 256db70
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Avoid an extra `callback` call in the `sortedIndex` while loo…
…p. [jddalton, spadgos]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Update doc line numbers. [jddalton] f826ceb
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Fix syntax error in IE < 9 related to `return throw …`. [jdda…
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Simplify `_.keys` fallback. [jddalton] 9ec4df5
Commits on Apr 27, 2012
@kitcambridge kitcambridge Use the Node `zlib` module instead of shelling out to `gzip`. 08ec0e5
@kitcambridge kitcambridge `build.js`: Merge `invoke()` into `closureCompile()`. c32f9f0
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Optimize `uniq` and `union`, and inflate methods in the "Arra…
…ys" category. [jddalton]
@jdalton jdalton Merge branch 'master' of 8a5f95e
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Minor build.js cleanup. [jddalton] e0c4932
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Inline `isFunction` calls. [jddalton] a5b7475
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Tweak `map`'s `result` assignment. [jddalton] 1dafb88
Commits on May 01, 2012
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Update Underscore submodule. [jddalton] 57e2b6f
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Fix post-compile.js VERSION detection to allow newlines. [jdd…
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Optimize `intersection`. [jddalton] be713e0
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Move `shuffle` to the "Arrays" category and optimize. [jddalton] e307f9f
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Cleanup `flatten` avoiding the use of an extraneous empty arr…
…ay. [jddalton]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Move `sortedIndex` to the "Arrays" category. [jddalton] f16f0cd
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Avoid extraneous empty array in `pick`. [jddalton] 8c51399
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Reduce functions created in `debounce` and `throttle` and mak…
…e each work when called recursively. [int3, jddalton]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add support for "lazy" bind. [jddalton] fbec2ec
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Update documentation and lodash.min.js. [jddalton] d9e9c96
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add @mathiasbynens as a contributor. [jddalton] a4b8528
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Simplify first argument checks in "Collections" methods. [jdd…
Commits on May 02, 2012
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Optimize and simplify `throttle`. [cowboy, jddalton] 93c9240
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Make `deb ounce` match `throttle`'s return value behavior. [j…
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Update minified build, documentation, and Underscore submodul…
…e. [jddalton]
Commits on May 03, 2012
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Optimize `template`. [jddalton] b936dfb
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Cleanup code. [jddalton, mathiasbynens] 5649a38
@jdalton jdalton lodash: No longer have `escape` translate the ">" character. [jddalto…
…n, mathiasbynens]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Update the minified build,, and Benchmark.js submod…
…ule. [jddalton]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Cleanup `template`. [jddalton] 10b5a58
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Tweak comment. [jddalton] 6ef733b
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add whitespace to strings. [jddalton] 0be159d
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Update documentation and submodules. [jddalton] 49999e0
Commits on May 06, 2012
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add comments explaining the `iterationFactory` options object…
…. [jddalton]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add native method overwrite detection and optimize `bind` for…
… native `bind`. [jddalton]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add `partial`. [closes #5] [gf3, jddalton] 602d9f8
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Ensure `max` and `min` do not error when computing the result…
… of massive arrays. [cederberg, jddalton, jeeyoungk]
Commits on May 07, 2012
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add the JScript [[DontEnum]] and Firefox, Opera, and Safari "…
…prototype" property iteration fixes to `iterationFactory`. [jddalton]
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add unit tests for buggy `shift` and `splice` in IE. [jddalton] b8161de
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Simplify `reUnescaped`. [jddalton] f9fc414
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Add a combined minified mode. [jddalton] ea66a04
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Fix JSDoc entries, rename private constructor `Lodash` to `Lo…
…Dash`, and optimize wrapper methods. [jddalton]
Commits on May 08, 2012
@jdalton jdalton lodash: Cleanup compilation. [jddalton] 71561f9
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup code and rework the pre-compile step. 2ad7e91
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup iterator template, make _.isEqual avoid the JScript [[DontEnu…
…m]] bug and add unit tests.
@jdalton jdalton Remove debug and tweak template whitespace for pretty printing. 10c6f05
Commits on May 09, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Move `_.max` and `_.min` to the "Arrays" category and verify unit tes…
…ts, rework _.isEqual [[DontEnum]] fix, and cleanup `iteratorTemplate`,
@jdalton jdalton Add instance pass through unit test, and ensure the pre-compile step …
…escapes the "_wrapped" property for Closure Compiler.
@jdalton jdalton Small change to _.max. 73a10c4
@jdalton jdalton Implement a more robust native function detection. [Krinkle] 6104a2e
Commits on May 10, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Detect the argument length limit instead of using a fixed limit. 845b7a0
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup _.max and _.min unit tests. 3599638
@jdalton jdalton Optimize the [[DontEnum]] snippet of `iteratorTemplate`. f16d060
@jdalton jdalton Touch license and .gitignore. bee2aec
Commits on May 12, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Add a default `_.templateSettings.variable` value. 529050f
@jdalton jdalton Optimize _.isObject. [ninjainvisible] e62a294
@jdalton jdalton Add _.isEmpty JScript [[DontEnum]] bug test. ad8405b
@jdalton jdalton Refresh docs and minified build. fba83e4
@jdalton jdalton Rename `combine` to `hybrid`. af3a04e
@jdalton jdalton Update submodules. 03625f0
Commits on May 13, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Update the build process. a7731bc
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup build files. 81522ed
@jdalton jdalton Simplify `createIterator`. 2401531
@jdalton jdalton Update minified build and docs. 61ca572
Commits on May 14, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Rename `Minify` to `minify`. ab40c0f
@jdalton jdalton Make pre-compile.js avoid erroring when lodash functions are missing. fbb6a34
@jdalton jdalton Minor cleanup in post-compile.js. 099b807
@jdalton jdalton Add custom build `include` and `exclude` options to build.js. 45f3de0
@jdalton jdalton Optimize `_.forEach`, cleanup `_.after` and `_.isArguments`. 66d3cc8
Commits on May 15, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Change reported minified size from KB to bytes. a95a7d9
@jdalton jdalton Update submodules and add Backbone.js tests. 1569bc3
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup build scripts. d3ed254
@jdalton jdalton Further simplify `_.forEach`. f646dd9
@jdalton jdalton Add comment to `_.escape`. 5bc2129
@jdalton jdalton Update docdown/benchmark.js submodules. 238903b
@jdalton jdalton Add JScript [[DontEnum]] _.size unit test. dc91f0c
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup and comment lodash.js. c0fbff4
@sindresorhus sindresorhus Add Node.js benchmark. Fixes #8 c13efb9
Commits on May 20, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Update submodules and unit test setup. eb3b16f
@jdalton jdalton Remove `extend` as a core dependency, and avoid uncatchable error in …
…Java environments, and ensure templates are inlineable.
@jdalton jdalton Add more properties to the pre-compile whitelist and cleanup regexps. 52c2c69
@jdalton jdalton Correct the minified AMD signature for AMD build optimizers and unesc…
…ape whitelisted properties from Uglified source.
@jdalton jdalton Switch to non-deprecated `fs.existsSync`. 4592835
@jdalton jdalton Add custom build options to build.js. be6f64b
@jdalton jdalton Update docs and builds. c65073d
@jdalton jdalton Update Benchmark.js submodule. fb5f87a
@jdalton jdalton Merge pull request #9 from sindresorhus/benchmark
Add Node.js benchmarks. [fixes #8]
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup benchmark/benchmark.js, add firebug-lite, and add support for…
… Narwhal, Rhino, and Ringo.
@jdalton jdalton Rename /benchmark to /perf. ea260b4
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup pref.'s style and add comment. 767a435
@jdalton jdalton Make indistinguishable results in perf.js the same score. 4f38270
@jdalton jdalton Use nano.jar in perf/index.html. 750dd83
@jdalton jdalton Fix regression in CLI test runner for Narwhal, Rhino, and RingoJS. e82327e
@jdalton jdalton Hide unused element in backbone.html and make perf tests use the mini…
…fied versions of each lib.
Commits on May 21, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Make custom build regexp less picky and fix typo in build.js. 4a0ec54
@jdalton jdalton Add comment explaining JavaScript engine's arguments.length limit and…
… add shim file to underscore.html.
@jdalton jdalton Update minified build and docs. 50ef67b
@jdalton jdalton Fix _.extend regression in IE < 9. 25f0c0a
@jdalton jdalton Update minified build and docs. 08a13dd
@jdalton jdalton Make build.js less picky about comma separated method names. e51ba6b
@jdalton jdalton Fix regression on adding the copyright comment header to minified bui…
@jdalton jdalton Reverse order of environments in 135fecb
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup and prep for v0.2.0. 7800515
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup the 4382a1d
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup docs. 5e79c26
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup JSDoc comments. 2f14e1d
@jdalton jdalton Update for version bump. a868ac5
@jdalton jdalton Bump to v0.2.0. 511e226
Commits on May 22, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup .npmignore, and .gitignore. 9571e33
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup b12cdba
@jdalton jdalton Update docdown submodule and 1d57430
@jdalton jdalton Add links to relevant sections in the description. 6dc10ac
Commits on May 23, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Move `_.groupBy` and `_.size` to the "Objects" category and shuffle m…
…ethod order to avoid extra private variables.
@jdalton jdalton Remove unneeded variable references. c57f669
@jdalton jdalton Update docs and minified build. 1101f14
@jdalton jdalton Add unit test to test to ensure `_.groupBy` only adds elements to own…
…, not inherited, properties of the `result` object.
@jdalton jdalton Simplify `_.flatten` and add benchmarks. 4a423b8
@jdalton jdalton Update docs and minified build. 827697b
@jdalton jdalton Add `_.flatten` test to ensure consistent behavior with sparse arrays. 32627f4
@jdalton jdalton Add _.difference, _.pick, and _.union benchmarks. 78d8f5c
@jdalton jdalton Update docs. 47e7c9e
@jdalton jdalton Ensure applet is hidden in perf/index.html. 75e2a3a
@jdalton jdalton Tweak export order for r.js. cd42132
Commits on May 24, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Make `_.bind` follow ES5 spec so it will work with a common Backbone …
…pattern. [closes #11]
@jdalton jdalton Update minified build and docs. e6fbd97
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup `_.bind`. 3f53bb5
@jdalton jdalton Update Backbone and Underscore submodules. a563f0f
@jdalton jdalton Sync with Underscore. 222d51f
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup perf.js. c8c9ade
@jdalton jdalton Update minified build and docs. 602bd0f
@jdalton jdalton Simplify `_.max`, `_.min`, and `_.bind`. c8e87e6
@jdalton jdalton Bump to v0.2.1. 60fbeb0
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup cca6a94
@jdalton jdalton Update changelog with `intersect` removal. e9501a1
Commits on May 25, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Ensure `_.find` returns `undefined`when a value cannot be found. [clo…
…ses #15]
@jdalton jdalton Add pseudo private property in preparation for mobile builds. 6df102c
@jdalton jdalton Update minified build and docs. f044339
Commits on May 26, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Tweak `_.find` to avoid using `_.identity` and add benchmark. 672c1c2
@jdalton jdalton Update `_.find` dependencies. d911b9a
@jdalton jdalton Reword unit test and add entry to 7e71b5b
@jdalton jdalton Update Backbone and Underscore submodules. fd65e9e
@jdalton jdalton Add mobile build support. [closes #14] 00690ab
@jdalton jdalton Update docs and minified build. e02c68e
Commits on May 29, 2012
@mathiasbynens mathiasbynens Fix typo in build script 29d6737
@mathiasbynens mathiasbynens Optimize `escape()` by not needlessly escaping the `/` character
Ref. #18.
@jdalton jdalton Change the default value of `_.templateSettings.variable` to `obj` fo…
…r Underscore.js compatibility. [closes #16]
@jdalton jdalton Merge branch 'master' of 9c89026
@jdalton jdalton Update unit test with `_.templateSettings.variable` change. 19c63b2
@jdalton jdalton Update submodules, minified build, and documentation. e05c5d5
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup build.js and fix regression in minified build. [closes #19] 5782396
Commits on May 30, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Bump to v0.2.2. b095ff8
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup cc37338
@jdalton jdalton Add percent faster than to pref.js results and link to benchmarks in …
@jdalton jdalton Update documentation. 9b1652e
@jdalton jdalton Change performance link in to benchmarks. a991a5b
@jdalton jdalton Format numbers and scroll down results panel in perf.js. cd407a0
Commits on May 31, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Optimize `this` binding in iterator methods and remove `_.bind` as a …
…dependency for several methods.
@jdalton jdalton Fix "prototype" iteration bug with `_.keys`. f324592
@jdalton jdalton Add `fromIndex` to `_.indexOf` and `_.lastIndexOf`. [closes #20] f99a72c
@jdalton jdalton Optimize `_.times`. 06efc09
@jdalton jdalton Add `_.isEmpty` unit test. c69ca7f
Commits on Jun 01, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Add more benchmarks. b5e6283
@jdalton jdalton Simplify regexps in build.js. 4f327be
@jdalton jdalton Update minified build and docs. 6515cca
@jdalton jdalton Make previous build.js regexp simplification non-greedy. 892df57
@jdalton jdalton Make Firebug Lite console fullscreen in more browsers. 4c2ffb6
Commits on Jun 03, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Use `typeof == 'number'` more, and default `callback` values to docs. f262213
@jdalton jdalton Tweak `indexOf isSorted` benchmark. 77240b8
Commits on Jun 04, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup console messages in perf.js. 91a8e82
@jdalton jdalton Remove unneeded Closure Compiler export around the template string `_…
….escape(__t)` in pre-compile.js.
@jdalton jdalton Added `thisArg` argument to `_.sortedIndex` and `_.uniq`, benchmarks,…
… unit tests, and adjusted related dependencies in build.js.
@jdalton jdalton Update minified build, documentation, and Backbone submodule. 231a4e4
@jdalton jdalton Update Benchmark.js and UglifyJS submodules. bbc3863
@jdalton jdalton Switch to an `htmlEscapes` object for use in `_.escape`. 9f2c5b5
@jdalton jdalton Update minified build and documentation. 39694e8
@jdalton jdalton Add `_.forOwn` and `_.forIn`. cb61b21
@jdalton jdalton Ensure collection methods treat array-like objects with invalid `leng…
…th` properties as regular objects.
@jdalton jdalton Bump to v0.3.0-pre. c5bf234
@jdalton jdalton Add unit test for `_.sortedIndex` to ensure it supports arrays with h…
…igh `length` values.
@jdalton jdalton Update documentation and package.json. f0e4400
@jdalton jdalton Fix documentation typo. 1d87072
Commits on Jun 05, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Fix typo in `iteratorTemplate`. 1738a69
@jdalton jdalton Add `category` build option. 8a23c9c
@jdalton jdalton Fix minified build for `_.forIn`. 931f527
@jdalton jdalton Fix documentation typo. 61582a6
Commits on Jun 06, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Update Backbone and RequireJS submodules. 10fe4df
@jdalton jdalton Bump to v0.3.0. 645b78a
@jdalton jdalton Add sourceURL support to `_.template`. 9bc43d3
@jdalton jdalton Update be2334d
@jdalton jdalton Simplify function checks and cleanup documentation. 896367f
Commits on Jun 07, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Move `_.pluck` to the Arrays category. 39bf738
@jdalton jdalton Move `_.values` to Objects category. a04c094
@jdalton jdalton Update minified build and documentation. c1505e8
@jdalton jdalton Fix typo in `_.values` benchmark and tweak how percents are displayed…
… in perf.js.
@jdalton jdalton Remove `_.isArguments` fallback from mobile build. fa7a931
@jdalton jdalton Ensure all "Arrays" category methods allow a falsey `array` argument.…
… [closes #23, #24]
@jdalton jdalton Update minified build and documentation. 801e8a5
Commits on Jun 09, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Remove `` and `_.pluck` dependency from `_.sortBy` and simplify …
…method wrappers.
@jdalton jdalton Update Backbone and Underscore submodules. 70c4da8
@jdalton jdalton Add Backbone build and correct dependencies for `_.bindAll`, `_.mixin…
…`, and `_.sortBy`.
@jdalton jdalton Update documentation and minified build. fff7f5b
@jdalton jdalton Cleanup 3e161bc
Commits on Jun 10, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Add another code example to `_.invoke` documentation. d8ca558
@jdalton jdalton Add `_.shuffle` benchmark. 3f06ff3
Commits on Jun 11, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Update submodules. 3683fe8
@jdalton jdalton Bump to v0.3.1. 4936b41
Commits on Jun 12, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Make `_.escape` match `_.template`'s escape delimiter results for `nu…
…ll` and `undefined` values.
@jdalton jdalton Add comments, documentation, and update the minified build. b642cb3
@jdalton jdalton Ensure `sourceURL` support doesn't cause errors in Adobe's JS engine. 52c5bb4
@jdalton jdalton Update docs and minified build. 40a4152
Commits on Jun 13, 2012
@jdalton jdalton Remove the `useSourceURL` variable from the minified build. 340c6cf
@jdalton jdalton Indicate slow paths in perf.js. 6908011
@jdalton jdalton Add `_.throttle` unit test for recursive calls. a64051f
@jdalton jdalton Update submodules. c61f310