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See the v4.0.0 release notes for an overview of what’s new in 4.0.0. Use lodash-migrate, lodash-codemods, & eslint-plugin-lodash to help migrate pre-4 lodash code to the latest release.


Dec. 31, 2016DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.omit with deep paths doesn’t mutate object


Dec. 24, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added support for symbol properties to _.isEqual
  • Avoided coercing position in _.startsWith when it’s undefined
  • Ensured getSymbols helper only gets enumerable symbols
  • Flipped iteratee arguments for fp.reduceRight
  • Removed the array length limit for lazy evaluation


Nov. 15, 2016DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.pick picks keys over paths
  • Ensured _.spread doesn’t include arguments after those spread
  • Fixed _.omit performance regression


Nov. 14, 2016DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.omit copies shallow path values by reference
  • Ensured _.pick supports path arrays
  • Ensured _.pickBy doesn’t treat keys with dots or brackets as deep paths


Nov. 13, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added deep path support to _.omit & _.pick
  • Ensured fp.assignAllWith & fp.mergeAllWith accept more than two sources
  • Made process.binding detection more cautious to avoid chatty debugging


Oct. 31, 2016DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.xor returns an empty array when comparing the same array


Oct. 30, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added support for ordinal numbers to _.words
  • Ensured _.xor works with more than two arrays
  • Ensuredfp.convert handles aliased & remapped methods
  • Improved “fp” debugging
  • Made “isType” methods resistant to toStringTag spoofing
  • Made _.isEmpty exit early for nullish values
  • Refined _.isError checks to avoid false positives for plain objects
  • Simplified _.isElement


Oct. 6, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added support for buffers to _.transform
  • Added support for typed arrays to _.isEmpty
  • Ensured _.toString works on an array of symbols
  • Fixed _.merge regression with buffers
  • Normalized buffers & typed arrays keys in “keys” methods
  • Split _.isArguments out for older & newer environments


Oct. 3, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added a _.runInContext check in the “fp” browser build
  • Ensured _.defaultsDeep & _.merge consistently assign undefined values
  • Fixed _.isFunction detection of Proxy in Safari 10
  • Made _.isEqual treat buffers differently than Uint8Array values
  • Removed es-sham requirement for older browsers


Sept. 25, 2016DiffDocs

  • Fixed _.sampleSize performance regression
  • Made “clone” methods use newer Buffer APIs when available


Sept. 20, 2016DiffDocs

  • Fixed backtick removal of _.escape & _.unescape
  • Improved parse time by 2x in V8


Sept. 19, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added fp.rangeStep & fp.rangeStepRight
  • Added a cache limit to internal _.memoize use
  • Avoided V8 de-opts in _.isElement, _.isObject, & _.isObjectLike
  • Dropped backtick encoding from _.escape & _.unescape
  • Dropped testing in Node.js 0.10 & 0.12
  • Ensured __proto__ is treated as a regular key in assignments
  • Fixed _.bind & _.partial performance regression
  • Optimized _.concat


Aug. 12, 2016DiffDocs


Aug. 8, 2016DiffDocs

  • Ensured methods work with mocked, clearTimeout, & setTimeout
  • Ensured paths of “set” methods overwrite primitives
  • Ensured fp.nthArg returns a curried function
  • Reduced dependencies of _.initial, _.merge, & _.tail
  • Removed old JIT & engine bug guards


July 29, 2016DiffDocs

  • Ensured paths with consecutive empty brackets or dots are parsed correctly
  • Ensured _.random & “range” methods coerce arguments to finite numbers
  • Fixed circular reference detection in _.cloneDeep
  • Removed global prerequisite for exports detection


July 24, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added _.conformsTo & _.defaultTo
  • Added more “fp” aliases
  • Added “All” variants of fp/assign, fp/defaults,fp/merge, & fp/zip methods
  • Ensured debounced cancel uses clearTimeout
  • Ensured the alias _.first supports shortcut fusion
  • Ensured _.assignWith respects customizer results of undefined
  • Ensured _.divide & _.multiply return 1 when no arguments are specified
  • Ensured _.isEqual has transitive equivalence for circular references
  • Fixed argument order of fp/zipObjectDeep
  • Simplified resolving the global object
  • Stopped unconditional global exports in the browser
  • Made per method packages zero-dependency modules
  • Made wrapped function toString results more debuggable
  • Made “flatten” methods honor Symbol.isConcatSpreadable
  • Made _.isEqual treat invalid dates as equivalent
  • Made LARGE_ARRAY_SIZE check in stackSet align with others
  • Optimized adding values to stacks by not inspecting all key-value pairs
  • Optimized “isType” methods to use faster Node.js C++ helpers when available
  • Optimized _.endsWith, _.negate, & _.startsWith


May 23, 2016DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.find & _.findLast provide the correct key param when iterating objects


May 22, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added _.stubArray, _.stubFalse, _.stubObject, _.stubString, & _.stubTrue
  • Added fromIndex param to _.find, _.findIndex, _.findLast, & _.findLastIndex
  • Ensured empty brackets & dots in paths are treated as empty property names
  • Ensured _.pullAll works with the same value for array & values
  • Ensured _.round works with large precision values
  • Ensured _.throttle works with a system time of 0
  • Made _.isNative throw if core-js is detected
  • Simplified UMD exports
  • Added fp/findFrom, fp/findIndexFrom, fp/findLastFrom, fp/findLastIndexFrom, fp/indexOfFrom, & fp/lastIndexOfFrom
  • Fixed argument order of fp/differenceBy, fp/differenceWith, fp/intersectionBy, fp/intersectionWith, fp/without, fp/unionBy, fp/unionWith, fp/xorBy, & fp/xorWith


May 8, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added _.toFinite
  • Added iteratee arity hints to “forEach” methods
  • Added support for maps & sets to _.toPairs & _.toPairsIn
  • Ensured _.merge doesn’t skip trailing function sources
  • Ensured fp/forEach, fp/forIn, & fp/forOwn cap their iteratee arguments
  • Ensured fp/update does not convert end of path to an object
  • Ensured matches methods match arrays with duplicate values
  • Optimized “flatten” methods
  • Simplified _.concat
  • Updated cache implementations


Apr. 21, 2016DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.pullAt correctly sorts indexes greater than 9
  • Ensured _.words doesn’t treat punctuation as words
  • Ensured -0 works as path arguments
  • Ensured set methods like _.uniq & _.xor convert -0 to 0


Apr. 14, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added fp/pluck as an alias of fp/map
  • Ensured _.debounce defers invoking func when leading is false & wait is 0


Apr. 13, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added _.nth
  • Added _.matchesProperty shorthand support to _.sortBy
  • Added support for contractions to case methods & _.words
  • Avoided unnecessary array cloning in createRecurryWrapper & mergeData
  • Ensured fp/over doesn’t cap its iteratee arguments
  • Made _.head avoid accessing array when its length is 0


Apr. 11, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added isIterateeCall check to _.split
  • Added fp/paths & fp/props as aliases of fp/at
  • Added fp/propEq as an alias of fp/matchesProperty
  • Ensured _.debounce queues a trailing call for subsequent debounced calls after maxWait
  • Ensured _.split handles a limit of 0 correctly in Node.js v0.10
  • Optimized handling of emojis in string methods
  • Removed fp/mapObj & fp/propOf aliases


Apr. 8, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added back _.matchesProperty shorthand support to “over” methods
  • Ensured _.split works with emojis
  • Fixed malformed fp/toString & fp/valueOf modules


Apr. 4, 2016DiffDocs

  • Reverted _.matchesProperty shorthand support for “over” methods


Apr. 4, 2016DiffDocs

  • Fixed typo in fp/_falseOptions


Apr. 4, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added fp/placeholder module & fp/__ alias
  • Added convert to unconverted “fp” methods
  • Added _.matchesProperty shorthand support to “over” methods
  • Avoided errors in older Firefoxes when coercing Promise to a string
  • Ensured _.has returns false for nested nullish object values
  • Ensured _.has treats nested sparse arrays consistently
  • Fixed argument order of fp/overArgs
  • Made _.chunk, _.repeat, & _.sampleSize default n to 1 instead of 0
  • Optimized _.matchesProperty shorthand


Mar. 31, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added _.divide, _.flatMapDeep, _.flatMapDepth, _.meanBy, & _.multiply
  • Added fp/convert, fp/invokeArgs, fp/invokeArgsMap, fp/padChars, fp/padCharsEnd, fp/padCharsStart, fp/restFrom, & fp/spreadFrom
  • Added _.entries as an alias of _.toPairs
  • Added _.entriesIn as an alias of _.toPairsIn
  • Added several “fp” aliases
  • Added support for buffers to _.isEmpty
  • Added support for maps & sets to _.isEmpty & _.size
  • Added support for deep cloning data views, maps, & sets
  • Added symbol support to _.omit, _.toNumber, & _.toPath
  • Avoided a JIT bug in Safari 9 for baseIteratee
  • Ensured array sequence methods don’t error for falsey values
  • Ensured _.concat casts non-array array values to arrays
  • Ensured _.has returns false for nested inherited properties
  • Ensured _.isEqual compares promises by reference
  • Ensured _.isPlainObject returns false for objects with a custom [[Prototype]]
  • Ensured _.mergeWith sources are cloned when customizer returns undefined
  • Ensured _.startCase only uppercases the first character of each word
  • Ensured _.words detects words where an all caps word is next to a capitalized word
  • Fixed argument order of fp/bind, fp/bindKey, & fp/isEqualWith
  • Fixed aliases fp/all, fp/any, & fp/anyPass
  • Made _.result resolve values of functions as it deep crawls over them
  • Memoized stringToPath
  • Optimized _.pad, _.padEnd, _.padStart, & _.toNumber
  • Refactored _.debounce to simplify, reduce timers, & fix bugs


Mar. 1, 2016DiffDocs

  • Optimized baseClone to avoid cloning symbols for internal use


Feb. 29, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added _.pullAllWith, _.update, & _.updateWith
  • Added core.min.js & lodash.min.js to the “fp” module ignored list
  • Ensured _.defaultsDeep does not overwrite regexp values
  • Ensured _.isEqual works with maps & sets with circular references
  • Ensured “fp” uses lodash as the default placeholder
  • Ensured stack is popped after a recursive merge so that it doesn’t affect sibling properties
  • Fixed order of arguments in “fp” docs
  • Optimized baseIsEqualDeep by removing a typed array check & unnecessary stack creation
  • Optimized _.assign, _.assignIn, & _.intersection
  • Optimized _.merge to avoid deep cloning sources if a customizer is provided
  • Removed dead code from getNative
  • Replaced Symbol checks with Symbol methods checks


Feb. 21, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added core.min.js & lodash.min.js to the npm package
  • Ensured placeholders persist through more than one curried call
  • Ensured assignValue assigns values if they aren’t the same own value
  • Ensured “fp” methods avoid unnecessary cloning
  • Ensured fp/omitBy & fp/pickBy provide value & key params to iteratees
  • Fixed arity of fp/orderBy
  • Used getPrototypeOf to set inheritance when constructor is a function


Feb. 17, 2016DiffDocs

  • Enabled support for cloning expando properties of boolean, number, & string objects
  • Ensured fp/convert wrappers support iteratee shorthands


Feb. 15, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added _.castArray & _.flattenDepth
  • Fixed argument order of fp/inRange & fp/zipWith
  • Enabled fp/convert to auto wrap lodash in the browser
  • Enabled fp/convert to work when given lodash with options
  • Ensured fp/convert options works when applied individually
  • Ensured fp/convert works with category modules
  • Ensured _.isError works with subclassed values
  • Ensured _.merge deep clones array, typed-array, & plain-object sources
  • Ensured a debounced maxWait timeout isn’t processed on a leading call when leading is false & there isn’t a max delay queued


Feb. 7, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added _.isArrayBuffer, _.isBuffer, _.isMap, _.isSet, _.isWeakMap, & _.isWeakSet
  • Added options param to fp/convert
  • Ensured default placeholder values are set for relevant method modules
  • Ensured _.add & _.subtract return 0 when no arguments are given
  • Ensured fp/gt, fp/gte, fp/lt, & fp/lte don’t have rearg applied
  • Improved accuracy of _.debounce & _.throttle


Feb. 3, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added remap of fp/trim as fp/trimChars for chars param support
  • Ensured wrapped _.bind, _.curry, & _.partial support placeholders
  • Ensured fp/_baseConvert uses _.spread for _.partial wrapper
  • Ensured fp/add & fp/subtract don’t have rearg applied


Feb. 2, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added fp/assoc & fp/assocPath as aliases of fp/set
  • Added fp/dissoc & fp/dissocPath as aliases of fp/unset
  • Added start param to _.spread
  • Ensured _.attempt preserves custom errors
  • Ensured fp/partial & fp/partialRight accept an args param
  • Ensured fp/unset is immutable
  • Ensured _.iteratee clones sources for _.matchesProperty shorthand
  • Made _.flatMap a “Collection” method
  • Removed global references from the npm package


Jan. 29, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added _.invertBy & _.zipObjectDeep
  • Added cherry pickable “fp” method modules to the npm package
  • Ensured fp/convert works with aliases
  • Ensured _.clone & _.cloneDeep work on prototype objects
  • Ensured _.mergeWith overwrites primitives with source object clones
  • Ensured _.sum & _.sumBy return 0 for empty arrays
  • Optimized _.isEmpty for objects
  • Fixed argument order of fp/assign, fp/defaults, & fp/merge


Jan. 25, 2016DiffDocs

  • Added _.matches to the core build
  • Added placeholder support to “fp” methods
  • Added support for keycap emojis
  • Ensured _.concat returns an empty array for nullish values
  • Ensured _.each & _.eachRight aliases have the correct chain behavior
  • Ensured _.defaultsDeep doesn’t convert function properties to objects
  • Ensured _.fromPairs can consume results of _.toPairs
  • Ensured _.isEqual compares objects unordered
  • Ensured _.noConflict restores _ only if lodash is the current value
  • Ensured _.words captures all-caps words
  • Ensured _.words treats all-lower & all-upper postfixes as separate words
  • Fixed “fp” mapping of several methods
  • Made _.omitBy & _.pickBy provide a key param to iteratees


Jan. 12, 2016DiffDocs

Compatibility Warnings
  • Removed Bower & Component package support in favor of npm

  • Dropped IE 6-8 support

  • Made _#times, _#forEach, _#forIn, _#forOwn, & their right-forms implicitly end chain sequences

    var wrapped = _([1, 2, 3]);
    // in 3.10.1
    wrapped.forEach(function(n) { console.log(n); });
    // ➜ returns the lodash wrapper without logging until `value` is called
    wrapped.forEach(function(n) { console.log(n); }).value();
    // ➜ logs each value from left to right and returns the array
    // in 4.0.0
    wrapped.forEach(function(n) { console.log(n); });
    // ➜ logs each value from left to right and returns the array
  • Removed category names from module paths

    // in 3.10.1
    var chunk = require('lodash/array/chunk');
    // in 4.0.0
    var chunk = require('lodash/chunk');
  • Removed _.pluck in favor of with iteratee shorthand

    var objects = [{ 'a': 1 }, { 'a': 2 }];
    // in 3.10.1
    _.pluck(objects, 'a'); // ➜ [1, 2], 'a'); // ➜ [1, 2]
    // in 4.0.0, 'a'); // ➜ [1, 2]
  • Removed thisArg params from most methods because they were largely unused, complicated implementations, & can be tackled with _.bind, Function#bind, or arrow functions

    var objects = [{ 'a': 1 }, { 'a': 2 }];
    var context = { 'b': 5 };
    function callback(item) {
      return item.a + this.b;
    // in 3.10.1, callback, context);
    // in 4.0.0, _.bind(callback, context));
  • Split _.max & _.min into _.maxBy & _.minBy

    var array = [1, 2, 3],
        objects = [{ 'a': 1 }, { 'a': 2 }];
    // in 3.10.1
    _.max(array); // ➜ 3
    _.max(objects, 'a'); // ➜ { 'a': 2 }
    _.min(array); // ➜ 1
    _.min(objects, 'a'); // ➜ { 'a': 1 }
    // in 4.0.0
    _.max(array); // ➜ 3
    _.maxBy(objects, 'a'); // ➜ { 'a': 2 }
    _.min(array); // ➜ 1
    _.minBy(objects, 'a'); // ➜ { 'a': 1 }
  • Method removals
    • Removed
    • Removed _.findWhere in favor of _.find with iteratee shorthand
    • Removed _.where in favor of _.filter with iteratee shorthand
    • Removed _.pluck in favor of with iteratee shorthand
  • Method renames
    • Renamed _.first to _.head
    • Renamed _.indexBy to _.keyBy
    • Renamed _.invoke to _.invokeMap
    • Renamed _.modArgs to _.overArgs
    • Renamed _.padLeft & _.padRight to _.padStart & _.padEnd
    • Renamed _.pairs to _.toPairs
    • Renamed to _.tail
    • Renamed _.restParam to
    • Renamed _.sortByOrder to _.orderBy
    • Renamed _.trimLeft & _.trimRight to _.trimStart & _.trimEnd
    • Renamed _.trunc to _.truncate
  • Split out methods
    • Split _.assign & _.assignIn into _.assignWith & _.assignInWith
    • Split _.clone & _.cloneDeep into _.cloneWith & _.cloneDeepWith
    • Split _.indexOf & _.lastIndexOf into _.sortedIndexOf & _.sortedLastIndexOf
    • Split _.invert into _.invertBy (see v4.1.0)
    • Split _.isEqual into _.isEqualWith
    • Split _.isMatch into _.isMatchWith
    • Split _.max & _.min into _.maxBy & _.minBy
    • Split _.merge into _.mergeWith
    • Split _.omit & _.pick into _.omitBy & _.pickBy
    • Split _.sample into _.sampleSize
    • Split _.sortedIndex into _.sortedIndexBy
    • Split _.sortedLastIndex into _.sortedLastIndexBy
    • Split _.sum into _.sumBy
    • Split _.uniq into _.sortedUniq, _.sortedUniqBy, & _.uniqBy
    • Split _.zipObject into _.fromPairs
  • Absorbed _.sortByAll into _.sortBy
  • Changed the category of to “Object”
  • Changed the category of _.bindAll to “Util”
  • Changed _.matchesProperty shorthand to an array of [path, srcValue]
  • Enabled _.merge to assign undefined if the destination property doesn’t exist
  • Made “By” methods like _.groupBy & _.sortBy provide a single param to iteratees
  • Made _.add, _.max, _.min, & _.sum no longer coerce values to numbers
  • Made _.capitalize uppercase the first character & lowercase the rest (see _.upperFirst)
  • Made _.eq its own method instead of an alias for _.isEqual
  • Made _.functions return only own method names
  • Made _.max & _.min return undefined when passed an empty array
  • Made _.words chainable by default
  • Moved ./lodash.js to ./dist/lodash.js in the master branch
  • Moved ./index.js to ./lodash.js in the npm branch
  • Removed isDeep params from _.clone & _.flatten
  • Removed multiValue param from _.invert
  • Removed support for binding all methods by default from _.bindAll
  • Removed func-first param signature from _.before & _.after
Low Risk Compatibility Warnings
  • Dropped boolean options param support in _.debounce, _.mixin, & _.throttle
  • Dropped support for boolean orders param in _.orderBy
  • Made _.escapeRegExp align to the defunct ES7 proposal
  • Made _.max, _.min, & _.sum support arrays only
  • Removed legacy options param signature from _.template
Notable Changes
Other Changes
  • Added clear method to _.memoize.Cache
  • Added flush method to debounced & throttled functions
  • Added support for maps, sets, & symbols to _.clone, _.isEqual, & _.toArray
  • Added support for array buffers to _.isEqual
  • Added support for converting iterators to _.toArray
  • Added support for deep paths to _.zipObject
  • Changed UMD to export to window or self when available regardless of other exports
  • Enabled _.flow & _.flowRight to accept an array of functions
  • Ensured “Collection” methods treat functions as objects
  • Ensured debounce cancel clears args & thisArg references
  • Ensured _.add & _.sum don’t skip NaN values
  • Ensured _.assign, _.defaults, & _.merge coerce object values to objects
  • Ensured _.bindKey bound functions call object[key] when called with the new operator
  • Ensured _.clone treats generators like functions
  • Ensured _.clone produces clones with the source’s [[Prototype]]
  • Ensured _.defaults assigns properties that shadow Object.prototype
  • Ensured _.defaultsDeep doesn’t merge a string into an array
  • Ensured _.defaultsDeep & _.merge don’t modify sources
  • Ensured _.defaultsDeep works with circular references
  • Ensured _.isFunction returns true for generator functions
  • Ensured _.keys skips “length” on strict mode arguments objects in Safari 9
  • Ensured _.merge assigns typed arrays directly
  • Ensured _.merge doesn’t convert strings to arrays
  • Ensured _.merge merges plain-objects onto non plain-objects
  • Ensured _#plant resets iterator data of cloned sequences
  • Ensured _.random swaps min & max if min is greater than max
  • Ensured _.range preserves the sign of start of -0
  • Ensured _.reduce & _.reduceRight use getIteratee in their array branch
  • Fixed rounding issue with the precision param of _.floor
  • Made _(...) an iterator & iterable
  • Made _.drop, _.take, & right forms coerce n of undefined to 0


Aug. 4, 2015DiffDocs

  • Ensured func is a function before calling getData
  • Ensured _.clone provides the correct number of arguments to customizer
  • Ensured _#reverse doesn’t modify the original array when called after _#slice


June 30, 2015DiffDocs

  • Added _.ceil, _.defaultsDeep, _.floor, _.modArgs, & _.round
  • Ensured _.bind works with all built-in constructors
  • Ensured _#concat treats sparse arrays as dense
  • Ensured _.chunk floors size values
  • Ensured _.debounce & _.throttle reset lastCall after cancelling
  • Ensure _.flow & _.flowRight work with functions combined with _.first
  • Ensured _.indexOf returns -1 for unmatched binary searches
  • Ensured _.noConflict operates on root & not context
  • Made _.escapeRegExp more robust
  • Made _.sortByOrder support orders of “asc” & “desc”
  • Optimized _.flatten, _.max, & _.min
  • Removed fallbacks for _.isArguments, _.isFunction, & _.isPlainObject
  • Simplified lazy evaluation support
  • Simplified _.isElement, _.isFinite, _.isNative,, _.parseInt, & _.sum


May 26, 2015DiffDocs

  • Made parseFloat assigned from the context param of _.runInContext
  • Ensured _.set handles non-index property names that start with numbers correctly


May 24, 2015DiffDocs

  • Made isLaziable work with wrapped lodash methods
  • Optimized an early exit case in _.isEqual
  • Optimized _.sample


May 19, 2015DiffDocs

  • Added, _.gte,, & _.lte
  • Added support for an ImmutableMap to _.memoize.Cache
  • Avoided using require in source comments to improve browserify build times
  • Ensured baseCreate works in ExtendScript
  • Ensured customizer results are respected by _.isEqual
  • Ensured LodashWrapper.prototype.thru exists before creating a wrapper in flow
  • Ensured _.bind works with ES2015 class constructors
  • Ensured _.get can return null values
  • Ensured _.intersection works with a single array
  • Ensured _.has treats sparse arrays as dense
  • Ensured _.merge skips undefined array values if a destination value exists
  • Made null sort behind undefined & NaN
  • Made _.eq an alias of _.isEqual
  • Optimized object comparisons in _.isEqual
  • Optimized _.max & _.min when invoked with iteratees
  • Optimized _.pullAt & _.remove
  • Used hasOwnProperty for the creation of reIsNative to avoid issues with core-js


May 1, 2015DiffDocs

  • Added _.mapKeys, _.unzipWith, & _.zipWith
  • Made _.difference, _.intersection, _.uniq, & _.xor accept array-like values
  • Ensured empty brackets are ignored by _.get & _.set
  • Ensured baseAt, basePullAt, & pullAt handle nullish values
  • Ensured baseGet only returns undefined for incomplete paths
  • Ensured _.padLeft & _.padRight handle empty strings correctly
  • Made _.isEqual treat -0 & 0 as equivalent
  • Narrowed bitmask checks in _.flow & _.flowRight
  • Optimized lazy slice for start of 0
  • Optimized “flatten” methods
  • Restricted Object.assign use to strict mode only


Apr. 15, 2015DiffDocs

  • Added _.get, _.method, _.methodOf, & _.set
  • Avoided a JIT bug in Safari on at least iOS 8.1-8.3 ARM64
  • Ensured _.intersection of a single array returns an empty array
  • Ensured _.remove mutates array after the predicate pass
  • Ensured methods like _.has & _.get can access index values of strings
  • Made createAssigner & _.sortByAll use _.restParam
  • Made _.add coerce augend & addend params to numbers
  • Made _.assign use built-in Object.assign when available
  • Made _.inRange swap start & end params when start is greater than end
  • Added deep path support to methods like _.has, _.get, _.callback, _.invoke, _.matchesProperty, _.method, _.methodOf,, _.propertyOf, _.result, & _.set


Mar. 25, 2015DiffDocs

  • Added _.restParam
  • Added isIterateeCall guards to _.every, _.includes, & _.some
  • Added support for iteratee & thisArg params to _.sum
  • Added support for shortcut fusion optimizations to _.flow & _.flowRight
  • Ensured lodash bundled by r.js runs in a web worker
  • Ensured _.deburr removes combining diacritical marks
  • Ensured _.difference is based on the values of the first param only
  • Expanded metadata optimizations to more combinations of curried functions
  • Made _.matches work with non-plain objects & match inherited properties
  • Optimized _.findLast, _.reduce, & _.reduceRight
  • Reduced code duplication with internal method creator functions


Mar. 8, 2015DiffDocs

  • Added string replace & split chaining methods
  • Ensured lazy drop works when applied after filter
  • Optimized curried method performance


Mar. 6, 2015DiffDocs

  • Added _.add, _.sortByOrder, & _.sum
  • Adjusted root to work when bundled by webpack & running in a web worker
  • Ensured lazy chaining works with combinations of drop & dropWhile
  • Ensured _.defaults works as an iteratee for _.reduce
  • Reduced side effects of shortcut fusion
  • Optimized baseFlatten, baseIndexOf, indexOfNaN, _.flow, & _.flowRight
  • Optimized lazy evaluation for iteratees with one param


Feb. 24, 2015DiffDocs

  • Ensured lazy takeWhile works with lazy reverse & last
  • Ensured wait defaults to 0 for _.debounce & _.throttle
  • Ensured isIterateeCall doesn’t error if index is missing a toString method
  • Optimized _.difference, _.intersection, & _.uniq in Firefox


Feb. 20, 2015DiffDocs

  • Added _.inRange
  • Added links to each method’s npm package to the documentation
  • Enabled _.clone to work with more truthy isDeep values
  • Ensured each lodash wrapper module sets up their inheritance
  • Ensured isIterateeCall works with NaN values
  • Ensured _.merge avoids iterating string object or source params
  • Optimized _.attempt
  • Reduced nested dependencies of _.template


Feb. 12, 2015DiffDocs

  • Added _.fill, _.matchesProperty, & _.spread
  • Added _#commit & _#plant
  • Added support for lazy _.compact & _.toArray
  • Enabled _.attempt to provide additional arguments to func
  • Ensured _.flow returns an identity function when called without arguments
  • Ensured _#reverse tracks __chain__ values
  • Ensured lazy _.slice handles floating-point start & end params
  • Fixed lazy _.slice when used after _.filter
  • Made _#run an alias of _#value


Feb. 3, 2015DiffDocs

  • Added _.startCase
  • Ensured isIterateeCall works correctly with objects


Jan. 30, 2015DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.slice coerces floating-point start & end params to integers
  • Fixed lazy initial, rest, & reverse
  • Fixed _.merge regression with DOM elements


Jan. 26, 2015DiffDocs

Compatibility Warnings
  • Made chaining lazy, that is, execution is deferred until _#value is implicitly or explicitly called

    var wrapped = _([1, 2, 3]);
    // in 2.4.1
    wrapped.forEach(function(n) { console.log(n); });
    // ➜ logs each value from left to right and returns the lodash wrapper
    // in 3.0.0
    wrapped.forEach(function(n) { console.log(n); });
    // ➜ returns the lodash wrapper without logging until `value` is called
    wrapped.forEach(function(n) { console.log(n); }).value();
    // ➜ logs each value from left to right and returns the array
  • Ensured each segment of a chain sequence may be repeatly applied

    var array = [1],
        wrapped = _(array);
    // in 2.4.1
    var a = wrapped.push(2), // pushes `2` to `array`
        b = wrapped.push(3); // pushes `3` to `array`
    a.value(); // ➜ returns `array`; [1, 2, 3]
    b.value(); // ➜ returns `array`; [1, 2, 3]
    // in 3.0.0
    var a = wrapped.push(2), // creates a lazy sequence to push `2` to `array`
        b = wrapped.push(3); // creates a lazy sequence to push `3` to `array`
    a.value(); // ➜ pushes `2` to `array` and returns `array`; [1, 2]
    b.value(); // ➜ pushes `3` to `array` and returns `array`; [1, 2, 3]
    a.value(); // ➜ pushes `2` to `array` and returns `array`; [1, 2, 3, 2]
    b.value(); // ➜ pushes `3` to `array` and returns `array`; [1, 2, 3, 2, 3]
    // use `_#commit` to commit a sequence and continue chaining
    var a = wrapped.push(2).commit(), // pushes `2` to `array`
        b = wrapped.push(3).commit(); // pushes `3` to `array`
    a.value(); // ➜ returns `array`; [1, 2, 3]
    b.value(); // ➜ returns `array`; [1, 2, 3]
  • Made _.flatten shallow by default & remove callback support

    var array = [1, [[2], 3]],
        objects = [{ 'a': [1] }, { 'a': [2, 3] }];
    // in 2.4.1
    _.flatten(array); // ➜ [1, 2, 3]
    _.flatten(objects, 'a'); // [1, 2, 3]
    // in 3.0.0
    _.flatten(array); // ➜ [1, [2], 3]
    _.flattenDeep(array); // ➜ [1, 2, 3]
    _(objects).pluck('a').flatten().value(); // [1, 2, 3]
  • Removed the data parameter from _.template

    var string = '<%= o.a %>',
        options = { 'variable': 'o' },
        data = { 'a': 'b' };
    // in 2.4.1
    _.template(string, data, options); // ➜ 'b'
    // in 3.0.0
    _.template(string, options)(data); // ➜ 'b'
  • Split _.first & _.last into _.take, _.takeWhile, _.takeRight, & _.takeRightWhile

    var array = [1, 2, 3],
        lessThanTwo = function(value) { return value < 2; },
        greaterThanTwo = function(value) { return value > 2; };
    // in 2.4.1
    _.first(array); // ➜ 1
    _.first(array, 2); // ➜ [1, 2]
    _.first(array, lessThanTwo);   // ➜ [1]
    _.last(array); // ➜ 3
    _.last(array, 2); // ➜ [2, 3]
    _.last(array, greaterThanTwo); // ➜ [3]
    // in 3.0.0
    _.first(array); // ➜ 1
    _.take(array, 2); // ➜ [1, 2]
    _.takeWhile(array, lessThanTwo); // ➜ [1]
    _.last(array); // ➜ 3
    _.takeRight(array, 2); // ➜ [2, 3]
    _.takeRightWhile(array, greaterThanTwo); // ➜ [3]
  • Split _.initial & into _.dropRight, _.dropRightWhile, _.drop, & _.dropWhile

    var array = [1, 2, 3],
        lessThanTwo = function(value) { return value < 2; },
        greaterThanTwo = function(value) { return value > 2; };
    // in 2.4.1
    _.initial(array); // ➜ [1, 2]
    _.initial(array, 2); // ➜ [1]
    _.initial(array, greaterThanTwo); // ➜ [1, 2]; // ➜ [2, 3], 2); // ➜ [3], lessThanTwo); // ➜ [2, 3]
    // in 3.0.0
    _.initial(array); // ➜ [1, 2]
    _.dropRight(array, 2); // ➜ [1]
    _.dropRightWhile(array, greaterThanTwo); // ➜ [1, 2]; // ➜ [2, 3]
    _.drop(array, 2); // ➜ [3]
    _.dropWhile(array, lessThanTwo); // ➜ [2, 3]
  • Aligned _.isFinite & _.keys with ES2015
  • Changed the category of _.clone & _.cloneDeep, & “isType” methods from “Object” to “Lang”
  • Changed the category of _.escape, _.template, & _.unescape from “Util” to “String”
  • Changed the category of _.range from “Array” to “Util”
  • Changed the category of _.toArray from “Collection” to “Lang”
  • Made method categories singular
  • Made “Object” methods coerce primitives to objects
  • Made _.clone & _.cloneDeep return a new object for unsupported types
  • Made _.findWhere its own method instead of an alias for _.find
  • Made _.max & _.min non-chainable by default
  • Made _.memoize caches have the Map interface of delete, get, has, & set
  • Made _.unzip its own method instead of an alias for
  • Moved ./dist/lodash.js to ./lodash.js in the master branch
  • Moved ./dist/lodash.js to ./lodash.js in the npm branch
  • Moved ./dist/lodash.compat.js to the lodash/lodash-compat repository
  • Moved support for sorting by multiple properties from _.sortBy to _.sortByAll
  • Removed result sorting from _.functions
  • Removed the underscore build
  • Renamed _.createCallback to _.callback
  • Renamed to
  • Renamed to
  • Restricted _.mixin to iterating only own properties of source objects
  • Expanded the number of arguments provided to customizer callbacks of _.assign,
    _.clone, _.cloneDeep, _.isEqual, & _.merge
Low Risk Compatibility Warnings
  • Added customizable argument placeholder support to _.bind, _.bindKey, _.curry, _.curryRight, _.partial, & _.partialRight
  • Added support for matching NaN to _.difference, _.includes, _.indexOf, _.intersection, _.lastIndexOf, _.union, _.uniq, & _.xor
  • Ensured _.assign & _.merge don’t assign customizer results if it’s unchanged
  • Ensured _.mixin doesn’t extend lodash when given an empty options object
  • Ensured _.sortedIndex returns values that align with the sort order of _.sortBy
  • Ensured functions of _.matches return true when comparing empty sources
  • Ensured functions of _.matches perform own property checks on objects
  • Made _.chain use an existing wrapper if available instead of creating a new wrapper
  • Removed the argCount parameter from _.callback
Notable Changes
  • Added 47 methods

    • 17 string methods:
      _.camelCase, _.capitalize, _.deburr, _.endsWith, _.escapeRegExp, _.kebabCase, _.pad, _.padLeft, _.padRight, _.repeat, _.snakeCase, _.startsWith, _.trim, _.trimLeft, _.trimRight, _.trunc, & _.words

    • 11 array methods:
      _.chunk, _.dropRight, _.dropRightWhile, _.dropWhile, _.flattenDeep, _.pullAt, _.slice, _.sortedLastIndex, _.takeRight, _.takeRightWhile, & _.takeWhile

    • 6 function methods:
      _.ary, _.before, _.curryRight, _.flow, _.negate, & _.rearg

    • 5 lang methods:
      _.isError, _.isMatch, _.isNative, _.isTypedArray, & _.toPlainObject

    • 3 utility methods:
      _.attempt, _.matches, & _.propertyOf

    • 2 collection methods:
      _.partition & _.sortByAll

    • 2 object methods:
      _.keysIn & _.valuesIn

    • 1 chain method:

  • Added 5 aliases

    • Added _.backflow & _.compose as aliases of _.flowRight
    • Added _.contains as an alias of _.includes
    • Added _.iteratee as an alias of _.callback
    • Added _#toJSON as an alias of _#valueOf
  • Performance improvements

    • Improved overall performance 20-40%
    • Method chaining supports lazy evaluation
    • Methods with support for shortcut fusion:
      _.drop, _.dropRight, _.dropRightWhile, _.dropWhile, _.filter, _.first, _.initial, _.last,, _.pluck, _.reject,, _.reverse, _.slice, _.take, _.takeRight, _.takeRightWhile, _.takeWhile, & _.where
    • Other optimized methods:
      _.bind, _.clone, _.cloneDeep, _.compact, _.compose, _.contains, _.difference, _.escape, _.flatten, _.invoke, _.isEqual, _.isObject, _.matches, _.max, _.min, _.partial, _.shuffle, _.unescape, _.uniq, _.without, &
  • Functional goodies

    • Added _.ary, _.curryRight, _.flow, & _.rearg
    • Added placeholder support to _.bind, _.bindKey, _.curry, _.curryRight, _.partial, & _.partialRight
    • Methods that work as an iteratee for, & the like, out of the box:
      _.ary, _.callback, _.chunk, _.clone, _.create, _.curry, _.curryRight, _.drop, _.dropRight, _.flatten, _.invert, _.max, _.min, _.parseInt, _.slice, _.sortBy, _.take, _.takeRight, _.template, _.trim, _.trimLeft, _.trimRight, _.trunc, _.random, _.range, _.sample, _.uniq, & _.words
    • Methods that work as an iteratee for _.reduce, & the like, out of the box:
      _.assign, _.defaults, _.merge, & _.sortAllBy
Other Changes
  • Added cherry pickable method modules to the npm package
  • Added cancel method to debounced & throttled functions
  • Added defaultValue param to _.result
  • Added multiValue param to _.invert
  • Added thisArg param to _.tap
  • Added _.memoize.Cache to enable Map/WeakMap to be used
  • Added support for cloning array buffers & typed arrays to _.clone & _.cloneDeep
  • Added support for comparing error objects & typed arrays to _.isEqual
  • Enabled the sourceURL option of _.template to work in production builds
  • Ensured, _.matches, & _.pullAt work with falsey values when keys are given
  • Ensured _.callback doesn’t error when func is nullish & thisArg is given
  • Ensured _.callback supports binding built-in methods
  • Ensured _.debounce & _.throttle work if the system time is set backwards
  • Ensured _.difference works with arrays regardless of argument position
  • Ensured _.findWhere & _.where always use _.matches
  • Ensured _.includes supports fromIndex when iterating objects
  • Ensured _.indexOf([], undefined, true) returns -1 instead of 0
  • Ensured _.intersection ignores non-array secondary values
  • Ensured _.isEqual works with wrapped objects containing constructor properties
  • Ensured _.keys treats sparse arrays as dense
  • Ensured _.keys works with string objects in IE < 9
  • Ensured _.matches comparison isn’t affected by changes to source objects
  • Ensured _.max & _.min return the correct value when callback computes ±Infinity
  • Ensured _.merge ignores undefined values of source object properties
  • Ensured _.partial & _.partialRight work with curried functions
  • Ensured _.pluck always uses
  • Ensured _.random returns 1 or 0 when called with no arguments
  • Ensured _.range, _.slice, & other methods handle NaN arguments
  • Ensured _.runInContext uses a zeroed _.uniqueId counter
  • Ensured _.transform checks that object is an object before using its [[Prototype]]
  • Ensured _.where handles source objects with undefined property values
  • Ensured _.where only returns elements that contain all source array/object values
  • Ensured browserified lodash works in web workers
  • Ensured customizing _.indexOf affects _.includes when iterating objects
  • Ensured lodash works in NW.js
  • Ensured lodash doesn’t add Function.prototype extensions to its prototype
  • Fixed _.isFunction for typed array constructors in Safari 8
  • Made _.escape & _.unescape handle backticks
  • Made _.isElement more robust
  • Made _.parseInt more closely follow spec
  • Made _.wrap use _.identity when wrapper is nullish
  • Made templates avoid referencing _.escape if “escape” delimiters are not used
  • Made array-like object checks follow ES2015 ToLength
  • Made use of Set in _.difference, _.intersection, & _.uniq
  • Removed array & object pools
  • Removed all method compilation from the compat build
  • Updated the sourceURL syntax used by _.template


Apr. 26, 2015DiffDocs

  • Avoided memory leaks in _.bind, _.bindKey, _.curry, _.partial, & _.partialRight


Dec. 2, 2013DiffDocs

  • Ensured __bindData__ is properly cloned
  • Ensured _.isEqual can compare cyclical objects with shared property values
  • Optimized _.partial & _.partialRight
  • Reached ~100% code coverage


Nov. 25, 2013DiffDocs

  • Added _.constant, _.mapValues,,, & _.xor
  • Added an options param to _.mixin to specify whether functions added are chainable
  • Added support for _.sortBy to accept an array of property names to sort by
  • Enabled _.zipObject to accept an array of keys with no values param
  • Removed conditional setImmediate use from _.defer


Nov. 10, 2013DiffDocs

  • Added _.create & _.noop
  • Avoided memory leaks in _.debounce & _.throttle
  • Enhanced _.createCallback to avoid binding functions bound by Function#bind
  • Ensured rebound functions correctly partially apply arguments
  • Ensured _.isEqual works with values from Object.create(null) & _(false)
  • Ensured _.min & _.max work as callbacks for
  • Ensured _.template coerces the text param to a string
  • Optimized _.difference, _.omit, & _.without by way of baseDifference
  • Optimized _.isBoolean, _.isNumber, & _.isString for the false case
  • Optimized _.sample & _.shuffle by way of baseRandom
  • Reduced _.wrap by way of createBound
  • Removed native Function#bind use for better cross-environment consistency


Oct. 3, 2013DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.mixin creates functions that work with _.chain
  • Ensured the the createObject fallback is included in the modern build


Sept. 28, 2013DiffDocs

  • Added _.clone support for date, regexp, & other built-in objects
  • Ensured _.random avoids excessive results of 0 for floating-point numbers
  • Made compat & underscore builds use when available
  • Reduced dependencies on getObject & releaseObject


Sept. 22, 2013DiffDocs

  • Added Object.defineProperty fallback for the modern build
  • Added support to _.random to explicitly specify floating point numbers
  • Enabled _.compose to be invoked without arguments
  • Ensured _.flatten works with extremely large arrays
  • Ensured properties aren’t minified
  • Ensured reThis isn’t used in Windows 8 applications
  • Made UMD more resistant to false positives
  • Optimized _.isArguments & _.isArray fallbacks


Sept. 13, 2013DiffDocs

Compatibility Warnings
  • Aligned _.after with Underscore 1.5.0, making it always return a function
  • Made _.unzip an alias of
Notable Changes
  • Created lodash methods as npm packages & AMD/Node.js modules
  • Made _.chain force chaining for all methods
  • Moved the build utility to lodash-cli
  • Optimized _.contains, _.debounce, _.isArguments, _.throttle, & _.where
  • Optimized functions of _.bind, _.bindKey, _.curry, _.partial, & _.partialRight
  • Added _.curry, _.forEachRight, _.indexBy, _.findLast, _.findLastIndex, _.findLastKey, _.forInRight, _.forOwnRight, _.pull, _.remove, & _.sample
Other Changes
  • Added Curl & Dojo module loaders to the unit tests
  • Added the modularize build option
  • Added support for the iife command to be used without an %output% token
  • Added support for _.mixin to accept a destination object
  • Added support for _.range to accept a step of 0
  • Ensured “Array” methods support arguments objects
  • Ensured “Function” methods throw on non-functions
  • Ensured works as a callback for
  • Ensured _.createCallback works when no argCount is specified
  • Ensured _.first & _.last return arrays when given an n with a falsey array
  • Ensured _.flatten works with arguments objects
  • Ensured minified files work with Dojo’s builder
  • Ensured _.zipObject skips falsey elements
  • Improved dead code removal from builds
  • Improved JSDoc syntax
  • Made _.eachRight an alias of _.forEachRight
  • Made _.memoize avoid prefixing cache keys when using a resolver function
  • Removed local clearTimeout & setTimeout variables from the underscore build
  • Reduced the size of the repo & npm package
  • Simplified the bailout in createCache
  • Updated sourceURL & sourceMappingURL syntax
  • Updated underscore build compatibility to v1.5.2


June 12, 2013DiffDocs

  • Added missing cache property to the objects returned by getObject
  • Ensured maxWait unit tests pass in Ringo
  • Increased the maxPoolSize value
  • Optimized releaseArray & releaseObject


June 11, 2013DiffDocs

  • Added _.transform
  • Added _.chain & _.findWhere aliases
  • Added internal array & object pooling
  • Added Istanbul test coverage reports to Travis CI
  • Added maxWait option to _.debounce
  • Added support for floating point numbers to _.random
  • Added Volo configuration to package.json
  • Adjusted UMD for component build
  • Enabled more stable mixing of lodash & underscore build methods
  • Ensured debounced function with leading & trailing options works as expected
  • Ensured minified builds work with the Dojo builder
  • Ensured minification avoids deoptimizing expressions containing boolean values
  • Ensured support for --output paths containing build command keywords
  • Ensured unknown types return false in _.isObject & _.isRegExp
  • Ensured _.clone, _.flatten, & _.uniq can be used as callback for
  • Ensured _.forIn works on objects with longer inheritance chains in IE < 9
  • Ensured _.isPlainObject returns true for empty objects in IE < 9
  • Ensured _.max & _.min chain correctly
  • Ensured clearTimeout use doesn’t cause errors in Titanium
  • Ensured that the --stdout build option doesn’t write to a file
  • Exposed memoized function’s cache
  • Fixed Error.prototype iteration bugs
  • Fixed “scripts” paths in component.json
  • Made methods support customizing _.indexOf
  • Made the build track dependencies of private functions
  • Made the template pre-compiler build option avoid escaping non-ascii characters
  • Made _.createCallback avoid binding functions if they don’t reference this
  • Optimized the Closure Compiler minification process
  • Optimized the large array cache for _.difference, _.intersection, & _.uniq
  • Optimized internal _.flatten & _.indexOf use
  • Reduced _.unzip &
  • Removed special handling of arrays in _.assign & _.defaults


Apr. 29, 2013DiffDocs

  • Added Component package support
  • Updated the build utility to work with changes in GitHub’s API
  • Ensured _.isPlainObject works with objects created by Object.create(null)
  • Ensured “isType” methods return false for subclassed values
  • Ensured debounced functions, with leading & trailing calls enabled, only perform trailing calls after they’re called more than once


Apr. 16, 2013DiffDocs

  • Added _.unzip
  • Added an options param to _.debounce & _.throttle
  • Enabled non-underscore builds to include _.findWhere & _.chain
  • Ensured “Array” & “Object” methods work with arguments objects & arrays respectively
  • Ensured build utility runs on Windows
  • Ensured underscore build versions of “isType” methods align with Underscore
  • Ensured methods avoid issues with the __proto__ property
  • Ensured _.isEqual uses a callback only if it’s a function
  • Ensured _.merge applies a callback to nested properties
  • Ensured _.merge provides the correct callback arguments when comparing objects
  • Made lodash work with Browserify
  • Removed all method compilation from the modern build


Mar. 27, 2013DiffDocs

  • Ensured the underscore build of _.forEach accepts a thisArg param
  • Updated vendor/tar to work with Node.js v0.10


Mar. 26, 2013DiffDocs

  • Added _.createCallback, _.findIndex, _.findKey, _.parseInt, & _.runInContext
  • Added
  • Added callback & thisArg params to _.flatten
  • Added rhino -require support
  • Added CommonJS/Node.js support to precompiled templates
  • Ensured the exports object is not a DOM element
  • Ensured _.isPlainObject returns false for objects without a [[Class]] of “Object”
  • Made callback support in _.cloneDeep more closely follow its documentation
  • Made _.object an alias of _.zipObject
  • Made the template precompiler create missing directories of --output paths
  • Optimized method chaining, object iteration, _.find, & _.pluck
  • Updated backbone build method dependencies


Feb. 18, 2013DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.isPlainObject works when built-in Object.getPrototypeOf is unavailable


Feb. 18, 2013DiffDocs

  • Added support for specifying source map URLs in -p/--source-map options
  • Ensured the second argument to _.assign is not treated as a callback
  • Ensured -p/--source-map build options correctly set the sourceMappingURL
  • Made -p/--source-map set source map “sources” keys based on the build
  • Made _.defer use setImmediate, in Node.js, when available
  • Made _.where search arrays for values regardless of their index position
  • Removed dead code from _.template


Feb. 14, 2013DiffDocs

Compatibility Warnings
  • Made _.defaults preserve null values, instead of overwriting them
  • Added & _.partialRight
  • Added modern & -p/--source-map build options
  • Added “imports” option to _.templateSettings
  • Added support for _.pluck & _.where callback shorthands
  • Ensured _.assign & _.defaults support arrays
  • Ensured _.merge assigns null values & produces dense arrays
  • Deferred minifier downloads until the lodash utility requires them
  • Flipped noNodeClass test to avoid Firebug’s “break on all errors” feature
  • Made _.where support deep object comparisons
  • Optimized _.invert, _.pairs, & _.values
  • Reduced _.max, _.min, _.pluck, _.toArray, & _.where
  • Removed support for automatic with-statement removal from _.template
  • Simplified createIterator & iteratorTemplate
  • Tweaked _.uniqueId to avoid problems with buggy minifiers
  • Updated underscore build compatibility to v1.4.4
  • Added callback & thisArg params to _.assign, _.clone, _.cloneDeep, _.first, _.last, _.initial, _.isEqual, _.merge, &


Dec. 17, 2012DiffDocs

Compatibility Warnings
  • Made _#join, _#pop, & _#shift wrapper methods return unwrapped values
  • Made “Function” methods wrapper counterparts return wrapped values
  • Removed “chain” methods
  • Added _.cloneDeep
  • Added _.once to the backbone build
  • Ensured backbone builds implement Underscore’s chaining behavior
  • Ensured the settings=… build option doesn’t clobber the default moduleId
  • Ensured lodash’s npm package works when packages aren’t globally installed
  • Made compiled templates exported for AMD use the lodash module for _
  • Removed the _.forEach dependency from _.intersection
  • Optimized _.isArray & _.isFunction fallbacks as well as _.intersection, _.isDate, _.isRegExp, _.reduce, _.reduceRight, _.union, & _.uniq


Dec. 5, 2012DiffDocs

  • Specified more method chaining behaviors
  • Updated underscore build compatibility to v1.4.3


Dec. 4, 2012DiffDocs

Compatibility Warnings
  • Added support for arguments objects to _.clone
  • Ensured _.clone creates plain object clones of non-plain objects
  • Made _(…) chain automatically without needing to call _#chain
  • Made _.isEqual equate arguments objects to similar Object objects
  • Ensure lodash runs in the JS engine embedded in Adobe products
  • Ensured _.reduce & _.reduceRight provide the correct callback arguments
  • Ensured _.throttle nulls the timeoutId
  • Made deep _.clone more closely follow the structured clone algorithm
  • Optimized compiled templates in Firefox
  • Optimized _.forEach, _.forOwn, _.isNumber, & _.isString
  • Simplified iteratorTemplate


Nov. 17, 2012DiffDocs

Compatibility Warnings
  • Renamed _.lateBind to _.bindKey
  • Made _.defaults & _.extend iterate only own properties of source objects to align with Object.assign
  • Added the build commands used to custom build copyright/license headers
  • Added _.assign
  • Ensured the underscore build of _.find returns the first match, not last
  • Ensured _.defaults, _.extends, & _.merge work with _.reduce
  • Made lodash’s npm package installation work with more system configurations
  • Made _.extend an alias of _.assign
  • Optimized _.contains, _.defaults, _.extend, & _.filter
  • Restricted _.where to iterate only own properties of source objects
  • Updated backbone build lodash method dependencies


Nov. 9, 2012DiffDocs

  • Added fromIndex param to _.contains
  • Added moduleId build option
  • Added Closure Compiler “simple” optimizations to the build process
  • Added support for strings in _.max & _.min
  • Added support for ES2015 template delimiters to _.template
  • Ensured re-minification of lodash by third parties avoids Closure Compiler bugs
  • Optimized _.every, _.find, _.some, & _.uniq


Oct. 31, 2012DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.every returns false as soon as the callback result is falsey
  • Ensured _.isFinite returns false for non-numeric values
  • Removed _.forEach chainability in the underscore build
  • Simplified _.union


Oct. 24, 2012DiffDocs

  • Added a sourceURL option to _.template
  • Ensured _.where returns an empty array if given an empty properties object
  • Expanded _.isFinite to return true for numeric strings
  • Reduced _.intersection, _.omit, _.pick, _.sortedIndex, & _.where
  • Reduced the npm package size by only downloading minifiers for global installs
  • Reduced lodash’s file size
  • Improved source code comprehension by removing compilation from _.bindAll, _.contains, _.countBy, _.every, _.filter, _.find, _.functions, _.groupBy, _.invert, _.invoke, _.isEmpty,, _.merge, _.omit, _.pairs, _.pick, _.pluck, _.reduce, _.reject, _.some, _.sortBy, _.values, _.where, & internal shimKeys


Oct. 10, 2012DiffDocs

  • Ensured returns an array when given a falsey collection
  • Ensured _.throttle clears its timeout when func is called
  • Made _.max, _.min, _.shuffle support iterating objects
  • Reduced createIterator, _.clone, _.compact
  • Re-optimized _.max, _.min, & _.sortedIndex


Oct. 4, 2012DiffDocs

  • Enabled deep clone support in the underscore build when clone is explicitly included
  • Reverted removal of first argument falsey checks from methods


Oct. 1, 2012DiffDocs

Compatibility Warnings
  • Made _.random return 0 or 1 when no arguments are given
  • Moved late bind functionality from _.bind to _.lateBind
  • Removed first argument falsey checks from methods
  • Removed support for custom clone, isEqual, toArray methods from _.clone, _.isEqual, & _.toArray
  • Added -d/--debug, -m/--minify, minus, plus, settings, & template build options
  • Added _.isPlainObject & _.lateBind
  • Enabled _.sortedIndex to accept a property name as the callback param
  • Ensured methods accept a thisArg of null
  • Fixed the iife build option to accept more values
  • Made _.times return an array of callback results
  • Simplified _.max, _.min, & _.reduceRight


Sept. 11, 2012DiffDocs

Compatibility Warnings
  • Renamed _.zipObject to _.object
  • Replaced _.drop with _.omit
  • Made _.drop an alias of
  • Added _.invert, _.pairs, & _.random
  • Added _.result to the backbone build
  • Added exports, iife, -c/--stdout, -o/--output, & -s/--silent build options
  • Ensured isPlainObject works with objects from other documents
  • Ensured _.isEqual compares values with circular references correctly
  • Ensured _.merge work with four or more arguments
  • Ensured _.sortBy performs a stable sort for undefined values
  • Ensured _.template works with “interpolate” delimiters containing ternary operators
  • Ensured the production build works in Node.js
  • Ensured template delimiters are tokenized correctly
  • Made pseudo private properties _chain & _wrapped double-underscored to avoid conflicts
  • Made minify.js support underscore.js
  • Reduced the size of mobile & underscore builds
  • Simplified _.isEqual & _.size


Aug. 29, 2012DiffDocs

  • Ensured IE conditional compilation isn’t enabled by the useSourceURL test
  • Optimized isPlainObject


Aug. 28, 2012DiffDocs

  • Added callback & thisArg params to _.drop & _.pick
  • Added hasObjectSpliceBug test to avoid delete operator use
  • Added _.unescape
  • Ensured _.reduce works with string objects in IE < 9
  • Made _.omit an alias of _.drop
  • Made compiled methods take advantage of engines with strict mode optimizations
  • Optimized _.intersection & removed its dependency on _.every
  • Reduced the file size of the underscore build


Aug. 21, 2012DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.isElement uses strict equality for its duck type check
  • Ensured _.isObject returns a boolean value
  • Ensured _.template & “Object” methods don’t error when given falsey values
  • Made _.template generate less unused code in compiled templates


Aug. 18, 2012DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.bind correctly appends array arguments to partially applied arguments in older browsers


Aug. 17, 2012DiffDocs

  • Added _.countBy, _.drop, _.merge, & _.where
  • Added csp (Content Security Policy) & underscore build options
  • Added deep cloning support to _.clone
  • Added Jam package support
  • Added support for exiting early in _.forEach, _.forIn, & _.forOwn
  • Added support for jQuery/MooTools DOM query collections to _.isEmpty & _.size
  • Ensured development build works with IE conditional compilation enabled
  • Ensured _.clone doesn’t clone arguments objects, DOM nodes, functions, or non-plain objects
  • Ensured _.filter’s callback can’t modify result values
  • Ensured _.isEmpty, _.isEquals, & _.size support arguments objects
  • Ensured _.isEqual doesn’t inspect DOM nodes, works with objects from other documents, & calls custom isEqual methods before checking strict equality
  • Ensured _.once frees the given function for garbage collection
  • Ensured _.sortBy performs a stable sort
  • Ensured reEvaluateDelimiter is used when _.templateSettings.evaluate is undefined
  • Made _.range coerce arguments to numbers
  • Optimized _.isFunction


July 16, 2012DiffDocs

  • Added strict build option
  • Ensured _.bindAll, _.defaults, & _.extend avoid strict mode errors on read-only properties
  • Optimized the iteration of large arrays in _.difference, _.intersection, & _.without
  • Fixed build bugs related to removing variables


July 11, 2012DiffDocs

  • Fixed _.template regression
  • Optimized build process to detect & remove more unused variables


July 11, 2012DiffDocs

  • Added bin & scripts entries to package.json
  • Added legacy build option
  • Added cross-browser support for strings to “Collection” methods
  • Added _.zipObject
  • Leveraged _.indexOf’s fromIndex in _.difference & _.without
  • Optimized compiled templates
  • Optimized inlining the iteratorTemplate for builds
  • Optimized object iteration for “Collection” methods
  • Optimized partially applied _.bind in V8
  • Made compiled templates more debuggable
  • Made _.size work with falsey values & consistent cross-browser with arguments objects
  • Moved _.groupBy & _.sortBy back to the “Collection” category
  • Removed arguments object from _.range


June 14, 2012DiffDocs

  • Ensured _.escape returns an empty string for nullish values
  • Ensured sourceURL support doesn’t cause errors in Adobe’s JS engine
  • Fixed regression in generating custom builds
  • Moved _.invoke & _.pluck back to the “Collection” category
  • Moved _.tap to the “Seq” category


June 10, 2012DiffDocs

  • Added backbone build option
  • Ensured “Array” methods allow falsey array params
  • Removed _.isArguments fallback from the mobile build
  • Simplified _.pluck, _.values & _(...) method wrappers


June 6, 2012DiffDocs

  • Added _.forIn & _.forOwn
  • Added category build option
  • Added fromIndex param to _.indexOf & _.lastIndexOf
  • Added //@ sourceURL support to _.template
  • Added thisArg param to _.sortedIndex & _.uniq
  • Ensured array-like objects with invalid length properties are treated like regular objects
  • Ensured _.sortedIndex supports arrays with high length values
  • Fixed prototype iteration bug in _.keys
  • Optimized _.times & this bindings in iterator methods


May 30, 2012DiffDocs

  • Added mobile build option
  • Ensured _.find returns undefined for unmatched values
  • Ensured _.templateSettings.variable is compatible with Underscore
  • Optimized _.escape
  • Reduced dependencies of _.find


May 24, 2012DiffDocs

  • Adjusted the lodash export order for r.js
  • Ensured _.groupBy values are added to own, not inherited, properties
  • Made _.bind follow ES5 spec to support a popular Backbone.js pattern
  • Removed the alias _.intersect
  • Simplified _.bind, _.flatten, _.groupBy, _.max, & _.min


May 21, 2012DiffDocs

  • Added _.partial
  • Added thisArg param to _.groupBy
  • Added “lazy bind” support to _.bind
  • Added custom build options
  • Added default _.templateSettings.variable value
  • Added native method overwrite detection to avoid bad native shims
  • Added support for more AMD build optimizers & aliasing as the “underscore” module
  • Added whitespace to compiled strings
  • Commented the iterationFactory options object
  • Ensured _(...) returns given wrapper instances
  • Ensured _.max & _.min support extremely large arrays
  • Ensured _.throttle works in tight loops
  • Fixed clearTimeout typo
  • Fixed [DontEnum] bug in IE < 9
  • Fixed prototype iteration bug in Firefox < 3.6, Opera < 11.60, & Safari < 5.1
  • Inlined _.isFunction calls
  • Made _.debounce’ed functions match _.throttle’ed functions’ return value behavior
  • Made _.escape no longer translate the “>” character
  • Simplified all “Array” methods
  • Optimized _.debounce, _.escape, _.flatten, _.forEach, _.groupBy, _.intersection, _.invoke, _.isObject, _.max, _.min, _.pick, _.shuffle, _.sortedIndex, _.template, _.throttle, _.union, _.uniq


Apr. 23, 2012Docs

  • Initial release