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v5.0.0 (~2018)

  • Discontinue lodash-cli in favor of bundling with webpack
  • Discontinue per method packages in favor of modular lodash
  • Drop support for unmaintained Node.js versions (0.10, 0.12, 5)
  • ES2015+ syntax using babel-preset-env
  • Split “Collection” methods into array & object methods
  • Remove monolithic entry point in favor of cherry-picking with babel-plugin-lodash
  • Remove shorthand support by default
  • Remove _.ary, _.assignWith, & _.find
  • Remove _.bind, _.curry,, & _.spread variations in favor of built-in syntax
  • Remove _.omit in favor of only _.pick
  • Remove _.partial, _.partialRight, & _.wrap in favor of arrow functions
  • Remove _.sortBy in favor of _.orderBy
  • Remove _.template & _.templateSettings in favor of string template
  • Reduce lodash package size by more than 94%
    • Minify & gzip modules (will use a .gz loader)
    • Move lodash/fp back to lodash-fp (35% savings)
    • Possibly move browser/core monolithic bundles to a separate package


  • Absorbed _.sortByAll into _.sortBy (v4.0.0)
  • Added alias for _#value & API to replace the root value of a chain sequence (v3.2.0)
  • Added AMD, ES, Node.js, & per method packages (v2.0.0, v3.0.0)
  • Added deep property helpers (v3.7.0)
  • Added implicit chaining (v1.0.0-rc.3)
  • Added lazy evaluation to chaining methods (v3.0.0)
  • Added math helpers (v3.4.0)
  • Added string methods like startsWith, endsWith, & trim (v3.0.0)
  • Added _.mapKeys (v3.8.0)
  • Added _.spread (v3.2.0)
  • Aligned _.defaults & _.extend with Object.assign (v0.10.0)
  • Aligned _.isFinite & _.keys with ES2015 (v3.0.0)
  • Changed default filename of compiled templates to lodash.templates.js (v3.0.0)
  • Created a small 4 kB core build (v4.0.0)
  • Dropped IE 6-8 support (v4.0.0)
  • Dropped Node.js 0.6 support (v3.0.0)
  • Dropped Node.js 0.8 support (v4.0.0)
  • Enabled _.merge to deep merge properties onto functions (v4.0.0)
  • Dropped support for the csp, legacy, mobile, & underscore builds (v3.0.0)
  • Made _.flatten shallow by default instead of deep (v3.0.0)
  • Made _.forEach implicitly end a chain sequence (v4.0.0)
  • Made _.max & _.min non-chainable by default (v3.0.0)
  • Moved website to Netlify (Sept. 2016)
  • Split out _.max, _.min, _.sum, & _.uniq (v4.0.0)
  • Renamed _.createCallback to _.callback (v3.0.0)
  • Removed the data parameter from _.template (v3.0.0)
  • Removed result sorting from _.functions (v3.0.0)
  • Removed _.findWhere, _.pluck, & _.where (v4.0.0)
  • Removed aliases (v4.0.0)
    _.all, _.any, _.backflow, _.callback, _.collect, _.compose, _.contains, _.detect, _.foldl, _.foldr, _.include, _.inject, _.methods, _.object, _#run,, & _.unique
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