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Coming to v3.0.0

  • Add lazy evaluation to chaining methods (#274)
  • Add support for argument placeholders to _.bind, _.bindKey, _.curry, _.partial & _.partialRight (#438)
  • Align _.keys with ES6
  • Allow _.merge to deep merge properties onto functions
  • Change default filename of compiled templates to lodash.templates.js
  • Make _.flatten shallow by default instead of deep
  • Make _.max & _.min non-chainable by default
  • Move _.createCallback & _.range to the “Utility” category
  • Move _.escape, _.template, _.templateSettings & _.unescape to the “String” category
  • Drop testing in IE 6 & 7
  • Drop support for the legacy & mobile builds of Lo-Dash
  • Drop callback support in _.flatten
  • Drop _.createCallback in favor of _.callback
  • Drop the dist folder in the npm package in favor of lodash.compat & lodash.underscore packages (#437)

Coming to v2.5.0

  • Add string methods like startsWith, endsWith, & trim (#425)
  • Module & package changes (#437)


  • Added lodash-amd, lodash-es6, lodash-node, & npm packages for every Lo-Dash method (v2.0.0)
  • Added intuitive chaining (v1.0.0-rc.3)
  • Made _.defaults & _.extend iterate only own properties of source objects to align with ES6 Object.assign (v0.10.0)

Lo-Dash will continue to be a drop-in replacement for Underscore through the use of the lodash underscore builds.

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