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Build Differences

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A summary of differences between various custom builds created by lodash-cli.

  • Core build
    lodash core

    • 4 kB (gzipped) core build (63 methods; Backbone ≥ v1.3.0 compatible)
      _.assignIn, _.before, _.bind, _.chain, _.clone, _.compact, _.concat, _.create, _.defaults, _.defer, _.delay, _.each, _.escape, _.every, _.filter, _.find, _.flatten, _.flattenDeep, _.forEach, _.has, _.head, _.identity, _.indexOf, _.isArguments, _.isArray, _.isBoolean, _.isDate, _.isEmpty, _.isEqual, _.isFinite, _.isFunction, _.isNaN, _.isNull, _.isNumber, _.isObject, _.isRegExp, _.isString, _.isUndefined, _.iteratee, _.keys, _.last,, _.matches, _.max, _.min, _.mixin, _.negate, _.noConflict, _.noop, _.once, _.pick, _.reduce, _.result, _.size, _.slice, _.some, _.sortBy, _.tap, _.thru, _.toArray, _.uniqueId, _#value, & _.values
    • Limitations
      • No _.matchesProperty iteratee shorthand
      • No deep property path support
      • No lazy evaluation
      • No placeholder support
      • No robust cloning (arrays & plain objects only)
      • No support for maps, sets, & typed arrays
  • Strict build
    lodash strict

    • Methods like _.assign, _.bindAll, & _.defaults throw errors when attempting to overwrite read-only properties
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