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alias og=git
alias gst="git status"
alias git-whodunnit='git shortlog -s -n --all'
alias gup='git add . && git commit -a && git push'
alias gco="git checkout"
alias gci="git commit -m "
alias wha="PAGER=cat git log --pretty=full"
alias shortdate='date +%Y%m%d'
alias longdate='date +%Y%m%d%H%M'
alias cuke=cucumber
alias g=rg
alias a=atom-beta
alias ovim=vim
alias vim=nvim
alias cr=crystal
ff () { find . -name "*$1*"; }
f () { ff $1 | g $1; }
if [[ `uname` == 'Linux' ]]
export LINUX=1
export LINUX=
if [[ `uname` == 'Darwin' ]]
export OSX=1
export OSX=
if [ $LINUX ]
alias ls="ls --color"
alias ls="ls -G"
alias ad=asciidoctor
# alias atom="tmpin atom"
# alias e="atom-beta"
alias e=$EDITOR
# List LISTENing ports (linux netstat -tln)
alias ls-ports="lsof -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN -l"
alias ls-ports-numerically="lsof -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN -l -P"
alias j=jrnl
alias r="rails"
alias rc="rails console"
alias rs="rails server"
alias be="bundle exec"
alias pstart="passenger start"
alias entail="tail -fn500 log/*.log"
# alias ll="exa -ahl"
alias ll="k -h"
alias nuke="rm -rf"
alias code="cd ~/Sync/Code"
alias syn="cd ~/Sync"
alias rake="noglob rake" # allows square brackts for rake task invocation
# Rsync options are:
# -p - preserve permissions
# -o - preserve owner
# -g - preserve group
# -h - output in human-readable format
# --progress - display progress
# -b - instead of just overwriting an existing file, save the original
# --backup-dir=/tmp/rsync - move backup copies to "/tmp/rsync"
# -e /dev/null - only work on local files
# -- - everything after this is an argument, even if it looks like an option
#Show progress while file is copying
alias cpv="rsync -poghb --backup-dir=/tmp/rsync -e /dev/null --progress --"
alias vlc-server='/Applications/ --intf http --http-password joe'
# rubocop touched files
alias cop='rubocop `git status --short | grep "\.rb$" | cut -c 4-`'
function anybar { echo -n $1 | nc -4u -w0 localhost ${2:-1738}; }
# Wemux
# -----
alias wl='wemux list'
alias wj='wemux join $*'
alias wjr='wemux rogue $*'
alias wsj='f() { wemux join $1; wemux start }; f'
alias wk='wemux stop $*'
alias wks='wemux stop'