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Added: Now uses Hpricot instead of HTML::Document for a ~10% speedup.
Moved to GitHub
Fixed: Workaround for inputs without a name (e.g. input type="button" onclick="...")
Fixed: Now accepts form method="GET" as well as "get"
Fixed: Better static file checking (checks if rails can generate it, THEN checks if the static file exists
Added: now checks LINK tags
Added: Input fields with existing values will now be mutated (aka heckled) to show you any errors in your association handling
Added: Form errors now show the query
Added: Better form-based error messages (now you can just copy/paste them into a new integration test)
Added: You can now ignore by regex (Christos Zisopoulos)
Fixed: visited_uris vs visited_urls (Zach Dennis)
Added: Started adding a few basic tests.. heh.
Fixed: Ignore mailto: and hex-encoded urls (Erin Staniland)
Added: Allow users to override links_to_visit and forms_to_visit, as well as visited_links and visited_forms
without hacking the source to the plugin. (Alex Soto)
Fixed: Caboose.rb is now a module
Fixed: Link class now is namespaced
Added: You can now hit CTRL-C to break out of the test and it'll still show you the errors. All of them.
Fixed: Page anchors not showing properly.
Fixed: Workaround for shitty rails integration tests not liking :put
Fixed: better error messages
Added: Show form errors at the end
Added: Show errors at the end