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React components for building amazing websites with Lodgify
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## [1.249.2](v1.249.1...v1.249.2) (2019-10-18)

### Bug Fixes

* **FlexContainer:** expose className prop ([54e1bc8](54e1bc8))
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React components for building amazing websites with Lodgify.

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Prior art

Lodgify UI stands on the shoulders of Semantic UI. It follows the same principles and consumes a lot of its code.


import { Form, TextInput } from '@lodgify/ui';

import '@lodgify/ui/lib/styles/lodgify-ui.css';

export const Component = () => (
      onClick: () => console.log('Clicked the action link'),
      text: 'Forgot password?'
    headingText="Log in"
    <TextInput label="Name" name="name" />
    <TextInput label="Password" name="password" type="password"/>

See more at

Get started


$ npm install @lodgify/ui

Import components

import { Heading } from '@lodgify/ui';

Import styles

import '@lodgify/ui/lib/styles/lodgify-ui.css';


See contributing.

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