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A curated list of tech internships resources.


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Awesome Internships Awesome

A curated list of tech internships resources ✨

The repository contains useful information for everyone who is looking for a tech internship!



Where to apply

How to write CV

CV examples

  • Overleaf gallery - A collection of well-structured CV. You can edit them in the OverLeaf online TeX editor.
  • Resumehub - Choose a company and a role and find an appropriate template.
  • Kickresume - A collection of awesome resumes with role and company description.
  • Zety CV Templates - Just pick one of 18+ CV templates, fill it out, and download in seconds.

CV builders

  • - A platform for building a resume.
  • Simplify - AI resume builder designed for job seekers.

CV analyzers

  • CV Compiler - They synergized NLP technology and human insight to provide you with the best tech resume enhancement service available.
  • Resume Worded - An online resume grader that instantly scores your resume and gives you detailed feedback on how to get more opportunities.
  • VMock - It delivers personalized career guidance to job seekers across the world.
  • Grammarly - Find grammatical errors in your CV.

Feedback on your CV

  • /r/cscareerquestions - A subreddit where people create advice threads to get any feedback.
  • CS Career Hackers - A discord channel for tech internships and jobs discussion.
  • TopCV - Get detailed feedback from experts.

Where to get an employee referral

  • Repher - Create a referral request for no more than 8 companies.
  • Refsy - Sign up to join the engineering community as a job seeker or referrer.

Practice platforms

  • LeetCode - Practice your coding skills by solving more than 800+ questions.
  • HackerRank - Companies host coding challenges there.

Mock interview platforms

  • Pramp - Practice mock interviews with friends and professionals.