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Historic map geo-referencing hml + javascript for libraries

The application presented here is meant to be used on the Web and it is completely developed using HTML and Javascript. This tool is designed for librarians and its purpose is to georeference historic maps by means of Linked Open Data. The tool is openly available and it uses the following Javascript APIs: JQuery and JQueryUI were used for the graphical user interface and event handling, DataTables was used for additional table events and Sylvester for matrix operations. In addition, the application uses the services provided by the DBpedia SPARQL endpoint and DBpedia Spotlight85: The former to retrieve resources and the latter to find matches from DBpedia articles to user’s descriptions of historic maps.

The application is able to suggest links from the map to DBpedia; this aims to accelerate the georeferencing process. Additionally, linking historic map’s data to other LOD data sources grants the 5th star in the Tim Berners-Lee’s rating system. The 5th star system’s purpose it to encourage the publication of new LOD by assigning points (stars) to data.

For installation, usage instructions and screenshots go to the WIKI pages at https://github.com/albhasan/georef/wiki/_pages

For a detailed description see "A LOD-based georeferencing tool for historic maps" available at https://github.com/albhasan/georef/blob/master/thesis/LOD-basedGeoreferencingToolForHistoricMaps.pdf?raw=true