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[ ] Alias make alias for establish_connection! that is non-bang
[ ] Pass filter criteria like :max_keys onto methods like logs_for and logs which return logs.
[ ] Add high level support to custom logging information as documented in the "Adding Custom Information..." here
[ ] Bucket.delete(:force => true) needs to fetch all objects in the bucket until there are no more, taking into account the max-keys limit of 1000 objects at a time and it needs to do so in a very efficient manner so it can handle very large buckets (using :prefix and :marker)
[ ] Ability to set content_type on S3Object that has not been stored yet
[ ] Allow symbol and abbreviated version of logging options ('target_prefix' => :prefix, 'target_bucket' => :bucket)
[ ] Allow symbol options for grant's constructor ('permission' => :permission)
[ ] Reconsider save method to Policies returned by Bucket and S3Object's acl instance method so you can do after modifying it rather than some_object.acl(some_object.acl)
[X] S3Object.copy and S3Object.move should preserve the acl
[X] Consider opening up Net::HTTPGenericRequest to replace hardcoded chunk_size to something greater than 1k (maybe 500k since the files are presumed to be quite large)
[X] Add S3Object.exists?
[X] See about replacing XmlSimple with libxml if it's installed since XmlSimple can be rather slow (due to wrapping REXML)
[X] Ability to build up the README from internal docs so documentation for various classes and the README can feed from a single source
[X] Bittorrent documentation
[X] Document logging methods
[X] Bittorrent
[X] ACL documentation
[X] Log management ([de]activation & retrieval)
[X] Remote ACL tests
[X] ACL requesting and parsing
[X] ACL updating for already stored objects which merges with existing ACL