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A convention-based object-object mapper in JavaScript, written in TypeScript. Ported from:
TypeScript JavaScript HTML
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afontaine and loedeman Update gulp-umd Configuration to Export AutoMapperJs Namespace (#47)
Before, the UMD configuration ensured that only the `automapper` global
variable was exported. Now, the whole `AutoMapperJs` namespace is
exported. This makes things such as `Profile` and
`CamelCaseNamingConvention` available. The `automapper` variable is
still attached to `window` (or `global`), as there is code in
`AutoMapper.ts` that ensures it does.

Note that in a webpack environment, the `automapper` variable is likely
**not** placed on the `window` or `global` object, as the global `this`
object is likely not the `global` or `window. In this case, calling
`AutoMapper.getInstance()` to get the singleton is likely required.

I think there could be more work on this codebase as far as how it
handles exports and namespacing, and I think I'll have some time to look
into continuing that.

Fixes #41.
Latest commit 9d3e32f Nov 24, 2017
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.vscode Added VS Code auto save Nov 16, 2016
dist Bumped version numbering to 1.9.0 Nov 21, 2017
samples Upgraded NPM packages and small fix in AutoMapperHelper May 29, 2017
src Bumped version numbering to 1.9.0 Nov 21, 2017
test Bumped version numbering to 1.9.0 Nov 21, 2017
tools createMap.for(Source)Member overhaul Nov 14, 2016
.gitattributes Added ./src-js folder to Git for bower's sake ;). Aug 18, 2015
.npmignore .settings => .vscode (new VS Code install) Sep 21, 2015
.travis.yml Travis CI - adding coveralls support Jan 21, 2016
GulpFile.js Update gulp-umd Configuration to Export AutoMapperJs Namespace (#47) Nov 24, 2017
LICENSE Library renamed to AutoMapperTS (automapper-ts) Dec 3, 2015 Update Nov 23, 2016
bower.json Bumped version numbering to 1.9.0 Nov 21, 2017
gulp.config.js Bumped version numbering to 1.9.0 Nov 21, 2017
package.json Bumped version numbering to 1.9.0 Nov 21, 2017
tsconfig.json createMap.for(Source)Member overhaul Nov 10, 2016
tsd.json Javascript specs converted to TypeScript Aug 23, 2015
tslint.json Applied stricter tslint settings, reproducing and/or fixing small issues Sep 1, 2017
wallaby.js createMap.for(Source)Member overhaul Nov 10, 2016


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This is a TypeScript / Javascript AutoMapper implementation. The pursuit of this implementation is to mimic both usage and functionality of the original .NET AutoMapper library.

What is AutoMapper?

AutoMapper is a fairly small library built to solve a deceptively complex problem - getting rid of code that mapped one object to another. This type of code is rather dreary and boring to write, so why not use a tool to do it for us? Since most of us already are familiar with AutoMapper in .NET, our belief was there should be an somewhat similar implementation for JavaScript. Unfortunately, such library did not exist already. Well, here it finally is: an Automapper implementation for use in TypeScript / Javascript, entirely built and tested using TypeScript.

How do I get started?

Check out the getting started guide. When you're done there, the wiki provides a more thorough documentation. Should you have any remarks / questions, you can get in touch with the team: we are more than happy to be of assistance. Of course, you can always follow @AutoMapperTS on Twitter for update notifications.

Where can I get it?

First, install npm. Then, install AutoMapperTS from NPM:

automapper-ts @

npm install automapper-ts

Of course, you can use Bower to install AutoMapperTS. Install Bower first. Finally, install from bower using:

bower install automapper-ts

AutoMapper is Copyright © 2016 Bert Loedeman (@loedeman) and other contributors under the MIT license.

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