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LOFAR preprocessing software, including averaging, flagging, various kinds of calibration and more.

The DP3 documentation can be found at:

This repository is a continuation of the one at In particular, it has branched off at LOFAR Release 3.2 (Sept 2018). The version of DP3 that is in the ASTRON repository is no longer maintained.


Some non-standard dependencies of this project are: armadillo, boost, boost-python, casacore, hdf5, aoflagger, and EveryBeam. See the Dockerfiles docker/ubuntu_20_04_base and/or docker/ubuntu_22_04_base as examples.

Typical installation commands:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j4
make install


Want to Help?

Issues can be filed either at gitlab or github.

Want to contribute some code, or improve documentation? You can start by cloning our code from the DP3 development repository.