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What's this about?

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is officially launching on April 18th and 19th, and they've made their Search API publicly accessible. This wiki was created to help coordinate unofficial and grassroots meetups, roughly the same time as the launch, where folks can gather and explore the API by hacking, building, and exploring its data.

This is primarily being organized in the Bay Area, but folks have expressed interest in hacking in different cities as well; we'll try to coordinate our efforts on this page.

How to use this wiki page

If you have a github account, simply login and edit. There is lots of info to still be added.. go bananas. If you don't have a github account but have content to add, just shoot @davelester a tweet.

Where and when are you meeting?

The Internets (using IRC)

  • Thursday and Friday during the day (the #dpla on the server)

San Francisco Bay Area

Your City / Location Here?

Who is involved / attending?

  • @davelester - definitely attending, Thursday and Friday
  • @rdhyee -- I'd be interested in working with others on Friday afternoon (2-5pm?); I'm not free on Thursday.
  • @pj4533 - gotta work during the day eastern time, but I'll be online!
  • @recology_ can join online from Vancouver
  • @distribecology can join online from Vancouver
  • @barbarahui - will be there Thursday at least. sounds great, and only a few blocks from my house to boot :-)
  • @karencoyle - Friday at iSchool for part of the time.
  • @tfmorris - I'll follow along remotely (ironic that there's no local event since I'm typing this about 2 miles from Harvard)
  • @musebrarian - joining from Florida's iSchool and offering insights on the DPLA Metadata Application Profile (MAP).
  • @chrisfitzpat - will try and join remotely friday.
  • @ncadranel - Joining Thursday
  • @no_reply - interested in working on python lib in IRC Friday.
  • add your name and contact info here

Project Ideas or Interests

  • NodeJS module for the DPLA API
  • A "today in history" bot
  • a portal to DPLA cat photos
  • developing the basics of a Python library for -- here's how far [@rdhyee] got: IPython notebook
  • hacking on my open source iOS app that supports DPLA (@pj4533)
  • add into R pkg for metadata >> rmetadata
  • update earlier API hackathon apps to new API version
  • basic Ruby library for api << have you seen this? << did just see this. good start, but i think it needs to be updated to provide API key to client.
  • (your ideas go here)
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