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F = Feature C = Change B = Bugfix

matomat version 0.2.2 (14-06-2012)

  • C: Code Cleanup
  • C: Passwords hash with salt an > 9000 rounds
  • B: Plugins can be executed multiple times now

matomat version 0.2.1 (25-04-2012)

  • F: It is now possible to write plugins

matomat version 0.2.0 (25-04-2012)

  • C: Sqlite database instead of this flat file stuff
  • C: Using a global config file (matomat.cfg)
  • F: Adding/Editing/Deleting drink from the loscher menue.
  • F: Disable drinks to be not shown in the menue or in stats

matomat version 0.1.2 (21-04-2012)

  • F: Realtime rate of the price for drinks
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