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Bitemporal Examples for Java

A nice introduction article to Temporality and its patterns:

Temporal and Bitemporal Examples in Java with OSS Frameworks:

You can take a look at some examples in this folder:

  • non-temporal: this is an example without temporality, very simple example
  • actual-temporal: this is an actual temporal example
  • record-temporal-envers: this is a record temporal example using Hibernate Envers
  • bitemporal-daofusion: this is a bitemporal example using the framework from Erwin Vervaet and DAOFusion

All the examples use following implementation basic frameworks:

  • KissMDA: to be able to generate the Java interfaces automatically from the UML model. Using UML makes it easy to explain the examples! You can see the exported model as JPG file in src/main/docs directory (please see this as example).
  • Spring Framework: for dependency injection and integration platform
  • Hibernate: as the implementation of JPA
  • Maven: as build system

Our current build status: Build Status

Have fun!

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