This will convert your Wordpress xml export to SecondCrack's markdown-based blog format
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This should work just fine, assuming you used urls like "/yyyy/mm/dd/title-slug-here", and that you have Composer installed. Put these files in a directory containing your Wordpress xml export file. Then run these commands on the commandline:

composer update
php convert.php your-xml-export-filename.xml

You should see a message like: Exported 6 pages and 792 posts from derekmartinca.wordpress.2017-03-16.xml

That's it - you should now have "wordpress-content/year/month/day/" directories full of markdown files.

Wordpress Comments Import / Export plugin select all articles, leave everything else as default

Helpful Articles: when you invite your linux dropbox account, login to browser as that user, and go to notifications, and ACCEPT THE FOLDER SHARE! crontab -e