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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""File system stat object parser."""
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from dfdatetime import posix_time as dfdatetime_posix_time
from dfvfs.lib import definitions as dfvfs_definitions
from plaso.containers import events
from plaso.containers import time_events
from plaso.lib import definitions
from plaso.parsers import interface
from plaso.parsers import manager
class FileStatEventData(events.EventData):
"""File system stat event data.
file_entry_type (int): dfVFS file entry type.
file_size (int): file size in bytes.
file_system_type (str): file system type.
is_allocated (bool): True if the file is allocated.
offset (int): the offset of the stat data in bytes.
DATA_TYPE = 'fs:stat'
def __init__(self):
"""Initializes event data."""
super(FileStatEventData, self).__init__(data_type=self.DATA_TYPE)
self.file_entry_type = None
self.file_size = None
self.file_system_type = None
self.is_allocated = None
class FileStatParser(interface.FileEntryParser):
"""Parses file system stat object."""
NAME = 'filestat'
DESCRIPTION = 'Parser for file system stat information.'
'bkup_time': definitions.TIME_DESCRIPTION_BACKUP,
'dtime': definitions.TIME_DESCRIPTION_DELETED,
def _GetFileSystemTypeFromFileEntry(self, file_entry):
"""Retrieves the file system type indicator of a file entry.
file_entry (dfvfs.FileEntry): a file entry.
str: file system type.
if file_entry.type_indicator != dfvfs_definitions.TYPE_INDICATOR_TSK:
return file_entry.type_indicator
# TODO: Implement fs_type in dfVFS and remove this implementation
# once that is in place.
file_system = file_entry.GetFileSystem()
fs_info = file_system.GetFsInfo()
type_string = '{0!s}'.format(
if type_string.startswith('TSK_FS_TYPE_'):
type_string = type_string[12:]
if type_string.endswith('_DETECT'):
type_string = type_string[:-7]
return type_string
def ParseFileEntry(self, parser_mediator, file_entry):
"""Parses a file entry.
parser_mediator (ParserMediator): mediates interactions between parsers
and other components, such as storage and dfvfs.
file_entry (dfvfs.FileEntry): a file entry.
stat_object = file_entry.GetStat()
if not stat_object:
file_system_type = self._GetFileSystemTypeFromFileEntry(file_entry)
event_data = FileStatEventData()
event_data.file_entry_type = stat_object.type
event_data.file_size = getattr(stat_object, 'size', None)
event_data.file_system_type = file_system_type
event_data.is_allocated = file_entry.IsAllocated()
if file_entry.access_time:
event = time_events.DateTimeValuesEvent(
file_entry.access_time, definitions.TIME_DESCRIPTION_LAST_ACCESS)
parser_mediator.ProduceEventWithEventData(event, event_data)
if file_entry.creation_time:
event = time_events.DateTimeValuesEvent(
file_entry.creation_time, definitions.TIME_DESCRIPTION_CREATION)
parser_mediator.ProduceEventWithEventData(event, event_data)
if file_entry.change_time:
event = time_events.DateTimeValuesEvent(
file_entry.change_time, definitions.TIME_DESCRIPTION_CHANGE)
parser_mediator.ProduceEventWithEventData(event, event_data)
if file_entry.modification_time:
event = time_events.DateTimeValuesEvent(
parser_mediator.ProduceEventWithEventData(event, event_data)
for time_attribute, usage in self._TIMESTAMP_DESCRIPTIONS.items():
posix_time = getattr(stat_object, time_attribute, None)
if posix_time is None:
nano_time_attribute = '{0:s}_nano'.format(time_attribute)
nano_time_attribute = getattr(stat_object, nano_time_attribute, None)
timestamp = posix_time * 1000000
if nano_time_attribute is not None:
# Note that the _nano values are in intervals of 100th nano seconds.
micro_time_attribute, _ = divmod(nano_time_attribute, 10)
timestamp += micro_time_attribute
# TSK will return 0 if the timestamp is not set.
if (file_entry.type_indicator == dfvfs_definitions.TYPE_INDICATOR_TSK and
not timestamp):
date_time = dfdatetime_posix_time.PosixTimeInMicroseconds(
event = time_events.DateTimeValuesEvent(date_time, usage)
parser_mediator.ProduceEventWithEventData(event, event_data)