Parsers and plugins

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Name Description
android_app_usage Parser for the Android usage-history.xml file.
asl_log Parser for ASL log files.
bencode Parser for bencoded files.
binary_cookies Parser for Safari Binary Cookie files.
bsm_log Parser for BSM log files.
chrome_cache Parser for Chrome Cache files.
chrome_preferences Parser for Chrome Preferences files.
cups_ipp Parser for CUPS IPP files.
custom_destinations Parser for *.customDestinations-ms files.
esedb Parser for Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) database files.
filestat Parser for file system stat information.
firefox_cache Parser for Firefox Cache files.
firefox_old_cache Parser for Firefox Cache files.
hachoir Parser that wraps Hachoir.
java_idx Parser for Java WebStart Cache IDX files.
lnk Parser for Windows Shortcut (LNK) files.
mac_appfirewall_log Parser for appfirewall.log files.
mac_keychain Parser for Mac OS X Keychain files.
mac_securityd Parser for Mac OS X securityd log files.
mactime Parser for SleuthKit's mactime bodyfiles.
macwifi Parser for Mac OS X wifi.log files.
mcafee_protection Parser for McAfee AV Access Protection log files.
msiecf Parser for MSIE Cache Files (MSIECF) also known as index.dat.
olecf Parser for OLE Compound Files (OLECF).
openxml Parser for OpenXML (OXML) files.
opera_global Parser for Opera global_history.dat files.
opera_typed_history Parser for Opera typed_history.xml files.
pcap Parser for PCAP files.
pe Parser for Portable Executable (PE) files.
plist Parser for binary and text plist files.
pls_recall Parser for PL/SQL Recall files.
popularity_contest Parser for popularity contest log files.
prefetch Parser for Windows Prefetch files.
recycle_bin Parser for Windows $Recycle.Bin $I files.
recycle_bin_info2 Parser for Windows Recycler INFO2 files.
rplog Parser for Windows Restore Point (rp.log) files.
selinux Parser for SELinux audit log files.
skydrive_log Parser for OneDrive (or SkyDrive) log files.
skydrive_log_error Parser for OneDrive (or SkyDrive) error log files.
sqlite Parser for SQLite database files.
symantec_scanlog Parser for Symantec Anti-Virus log files.
syslog Parser for syslog files.
utmp Parser for Linux/Unix UTMP files.
utmpx Parser for UTMPX files.
winevt Parser for Windows EventLog (EVT) files.
winevtx Parser for Windows XML EventLog (EVTX) files.
winfirewall Parser for Windows Firewall Log files.
winiis Parser for Microsoft IIS log files.
winjob Parser for Windows Scheduled Task job (or At-job) files.
winreg Parser for Windows NT Registry (REGF) files.
xchatlog Parser for XChat log files.
xchatscrollback Parser for XChat scrollback log files.

Parser plugins: bencode

Name Description
bencode_transmission Parser for Transmission bencoded files.
bencode_utorrent Parser for uTorrent bencoded files.

Parser plugins: esedb

Name Description
esedb_file_history Parser for File History ESE database files.
msie_webcache Parser for MSIE WebCache ESE database files.

Parser plugins: olecf

Name Description
olecf_automatic_destinations Parser for *.automaticDestinations-ms OLECF files.
olecf_default Parser for a generic OLECF item.
olecf_document_summary Parser for a DocumentSummaryInformation OLECF stream.
olecf_summary Parser for a SummaryInformation OLECF stream.

Parser plugins: plist

Name Description
airport Parser for Airport plist files.
apple_id Parser for Apple account information plist files.
ipod_device Parser for iPod, iPad and iPhone plist files.
macosx_bluetooth Parser for Bluetooth plist files.
macosx_install_history Parser for installation history plist files.
macuser Parser for Mac OS X user plist files.
maxos_software_update Parser for Mac OS X software update plist files.
plist_default Parser for plist files.
safari_history Parser for Safari history plist files.
spotlight Parser for Spotlight plist files.
spotlight_volume Parser for Spotlight volume configuration plist files.
time_machine Parser for TimeMachine plist files.

Parser plugins: sqlite

Name Description
android_calls Parser for Android calls SQLite database files.
android_sms Parser for Android text messages SQLite database files.
appusage Parser for Mac OS X application usage SQLite database files.
chrome_cookies Parser for Chrome cookies SQLite database files.
chrome_extension_activity Parser for Chrome extension activity SQLite database files.
chrome_history Parser for Chrome history SQLite database files.
firefox_cookies Parser for Firefox cookies SQLite database files.
firefox_downloads Parser for Firefox downloads SQLite database files.
firefox_history Parser for Firefox history SQLite database files.
google_drive Parser for Google Drive SQLite database files.
ls_quarantine Parser for LS quarantine events SQLite database files.
mac_document_versions Parser for document revisions SQLite database files.
mackeeper_cache Parser for MacKeeper Cache SQLite database files.
skype Parser for Skype SQLite database files.
zeitgeist Parser for Zeitgeist activity SQLite database files.

Parser plugins: winreg

Name Description
appcompatcache Parser for Application Compatibility Cache Registry data.
bagmru Parser for BagMRU Registry data.
ccleaner Parser for CCleaner Registry data.
explorer_mountpoints2 Parser for mount points Registry data.
explorer_programscache Parser for Explorer ProgramsCache Registry data.
microsoft_office_mru Parser for Microsoft Office MRU Registry data.
microsoft_outlook_mru Parser for Microsoft Outlook search MRU Registry data.
mrulist_shell_item_list Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
mrulist_string Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
mrulistex_shell_item_list Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
mrulistex_string Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
mrulistex_string_and_shell_item Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
mrulistex_string_and_shell_item_list Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
msie_zone Parser for Internet Explorer zone settings Registry data.
msie_zone_software Parser for Internet Explorer zone settings Registry data.
mstsc_rdp Parser for Terminal Server Client Connection Registry data.
mstsc_rdp_mru Parser for Terminal Server Client MRU Registry data.
userassist Parser for User Assist Registry data.
windows_boot_execute Parser for Boot Execution Registry data.
windows_boot_verify Parser for Boot Verification Registry data.
windows_run Parser for run and run once Registry data.
windows_run_software Parser for run and run once Registry data.
windows_sam_users Parser for SAM Users and Names Registry keys.
windows_services Parser for services and drivers Registry data.
windows_shutdown Parser for ShutdownTime Registry value.
windows_task_cache Parser for Task Scheduler cache Registry data.
windows_timezone Parser for Windows timezone settings.
windows_typed_urls Parser for Explorer typed URLs Registry data.
windows_usb_devices Parser for USB device Registry entries.
windows_usbstor_devices Parser for USB Plug And Play Manager USBStor Registry Key.
windows_version Parser for Windows version Registry data.
winrar_mru Parser for WinRAR History Registry data.
winreg_default Parser for Registry data.

Parser presets

Name Parsers and plugins
android android_app_usage, android_calls, android_sms
linux bencode, filestat, google_drive, java_idx, olecf, openxml, pls_recall, popularity_contest, selinux, skype, syslog, utmp, webhist, xchatlog, xchatscrollback, zeitgeist
macosx appusage, asl_log, bencode, bsm_log, cups_ipp, filestat, google_drive, java_idx, ls_quarantine, mac_appfirewall_log, mac_document_versions, mac_keychain, mac_securityd, mackeeper_cache, macwifi, olecf, openxml, plist, skype, utmpx, webhist
macosx_slow macosx, syslog
webhist binary_cookies, chrome_cache, chrome_cookies, chrome_extension_activity, chrome_history, chrome_preferences, firefox_cache, firefox_cookies, firefox_downloads, firefox_history, java_idx, msie_webcache, msiecf, opera_global, opera_typed_history, safari_history
win7 recycle_bin, custom_destinations, esedb_file_history, olecf_automatic_destinations, win_gen, winevtx
win7_slow hachoir, win7
win_gen bencode, esedb, filestat, google_drive, java_idx, lnk, mcafee_protection, olecf, openxml, pe, prefetch, skydrive_log_error, skydrive_log, skype, symantec_scanlog, webhist, winfirewall, winjob, winreg
winxp recycle_bin_info2, win_gen, winevt
winxp_slow hachoir, winxp
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