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# Set the root logger to
log4j.rootLogger=error, MongoDB
# MongoDB appender classname
# To log with a PatternLayout, use org.log4mongo.MongoDbPatternLayoutAppender
# MongoDB appender properties
# All are optional - defaults shown below (except for userName and password, which default to undefined)
# If using a replica set, set hostname to blank space-delimited list of host seeds. Don't include arbiters.
# Also, set port to either one port that all hosts will use or space-delimited list of one port per hostname
# The layout property is required only if the MongoDbPatternLayoutAppender appender is used.
# If a custom PatternParser and custom PatternConverters are required to log additional data,
# the specified layout class must extend MongoDbPatternLayout. A ConversionPattern property
# should also be specified.
# The ConversionPattern property is required only if MongoDbPatternLayoutAppender is used.
# The pattern must be a valid JSON document. The value will typically contain one or more
# converter characters that are replaced when a message is logged. A key cannot begin with $,
# contain a . or be equal to _id due to BSON naming restrictions. The JSON document can have
# sub-documents. Values can be strings or arrays.
# Add optional root level elements to each log event