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pointing out example for comp

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@@ -25,7 +25,6 @@ API Docs: <>
(fact (validate (present [:age]) {:name "Logan"})
=> [{:type :vlad.validations/present
:selector [:age]}])
## Composition
@@ -58,6 +57,11 @@ redundant error messages.
{:selector [:password], :type :vlad.validations/present}))
+Notice that only the `:vlad.validations/present` validation was shown for
+`:password`. Errors about length, patterns and confirmation are not shown until
+appropriate. In this case `chain` has also saved us from nil pointer errors as
+later validations are only run if earlier ones pass.
And of course all these validations could be run over any data. Whether you're
pulling it in from a web service, a database or a csv file somewhere.

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