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Professor_59X: UPenn MCIT Twitter Bot

Follow the Professor on Twitter here.

This bot was initially developed during the inaugural hackathon event from the UPenn CIT59X student group by Logan Ayliffe and Abdulla AlBadi AlDhaheri. The MCIT program at UPenn has core courses which use the numbering convention 59(X), so that's why this bot has this name.

This bot was written in python and uses tweepy to interact with the Twitter API and is hosted using Heroku. The initial build was created using this tutorial from Digital Ocean. The Heroku deployment was helped along by this post by Emily Cain.

Current features:

  • The bot can tweet lines from a text file.

  • The bot can search for a particular hashtag and then interact with returned tweets, e.g. favorite / retweet / follow that user. The bot is currently monitoring #PennEngineering.

  • The bot can tweet a random image from a supplied directory of images. Currently tweeting images from the Penn flickr account - the public fair use directory located here.

  • The bot can retweet any specified user. Currently retweets stuff from @PennEngineers.

Future Improvements:

  • The from_text function could use a fair amount of improvement / expansion. Support grabbing multilines, format the text a bit better, range checking for length versus tweet constraint.

  • It would be nice for from_image to be able to tweet an image from somewhere other than a local directory, e.g. unsplash.

  • For both from_user and from_hashtag, these could be expanded to include more stuff that is relevant to the MCIT student community.


UPenn MCIT Twitter Bot



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