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Mocha is now a full-fleged scripting environment. Renamed moc to moch…

…a, added support for reading stdin. Moved print() from the interpreter to the runtime.
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@@ -304,11 +304,11 @@ JavaScript exceptions that are uncaught will be converted to `NSException` objec
Mocha exceptions that do not originate from within the JavaScript environment carry the name `MORuntimeException`, and generally indicate a more serious failure caused by an issue within the runtime.
-## moc: The Mocha Interpreter
+## mocha: The Mocha Interpreter
-`moc` is a simple command-line interpreter for debugging and testing with Mocha. It is similar to `jsc`, provided as part of JavaScriptCore.
+`mocha` is the command-line interpreter for Mocha. It has two modes: script and interactive. Its scripting mode is similar to `python` and `ruby`. Its interactive mode is similar to `python`, `irb`, and `jsc`.
-`moc` has the following set of built-in functions:
+Interactive mode adds the following set of built-in functions:
- `exit()` – Exits the interpreter
- `gc()` – Instructs the JavaScript garbage collector to perform a collection
- `checkSyntax(string)` – Validates the syntax of `string`, returning a `Boolean`

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