An IMAP client for NodeJS written in Javascript and C
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NodeJS Javascript/C IMAP Client

This is an IMAP library meant to implement the full set of IMAP commands specified in RFC 3501 as specified here: Basic wrappers will also be provided, building on top of the standard commands, to allow for object-oriented access to mailboxes and messages.

The objective of this project is to write a fast parser for the IMAP protocol by taking the complex tokenizing step out of javascript and moving it to C, while keeping the object generation and general client libraries in Javascript for simplicity.


There are other modules that support IMAP that have active maintainers. This module is here for those interested in IMAP and ended up mostly being a nice test for me and it was a great way to learn IMAP, but I would not recommend it for production use.



ImapClient(host, port, security, /* options*/ , cb)

  • capability()
  • noop()
  • logout()
  • starttls()
  • authenticate() // TODO
  • login( user, pass )
  • select( mailbox )
  • examine( mailbox )
  • create( mailbox )
  • delete( mailbox )
  • rename( mailbox, newmailbox )
  • subscribe( mailbox )
  • unsubscribe( mailbox )
  • list( refname, mailbox )
  • lsub( refname, mailbox )
  • status( mailbox, items )
  • append( mailbox, message, flags, datetime )
  • check()
  • close()
  • expunge()
  • search( criteria, charset, uid )
  • fetch( seqset, items, uid )
  • store( seqset, action, flags, uid )
  • copy( seqset, mailbox, uid )

Current Status

All IMAP commands are defined, and return properly, but character-set conversion have not been implemented in most places. Because there is still work to be done at the lower level, the object-oriented wrappers remain as a TODO for the time being.


Copyright (c) 2011 Logan Falconer Smyth Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses. See MIT-LICENSE.txt and GPL-LICENSE.txt