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Deprecated long ago

Songbird no longer exists. Nightingale, the public fork of Songbird, has incorporated this code, so this functionality should be available by default when using Nightingale.

General Info

This extensions provides an MPRIS interface for controlling Songbird through the Linux DBUS. This allows for changing tracks, volume and position, prev/next, play/pause/stop, as well as allows for retrieval of metadata on songs.

This supports almost all MPRIS functionality, except for:

  • AddTrack method
  • DelTrack method
  • GetCaps method just says everything works
  • CapsChange signal not implemented
  • TrackListChange signal not implemented
  • Metadata retrieval from external sources like Musicbrainz and Amazon

If you want them implemented, leave a comment!


This will allow query/control with anything using the MPRIS protocol. For example:

  • Pidgin MusicTracker
  • AMSN Music plugin
  • May need to install libqt4-dbus for the program qdbus
  • Panflute, Gnome music applet (0.6.0 branch)
  • mpris-remote, command line tool
  • CoverGloobus, coverart/lyrics display

Sample Code

#!/usr/bin/env python
import dbus
bus = dbus.SessionBus()
object = bus.get_object('org.mpris.songbird', '/Player')
stat = object.GetStatus()
if stat[0] == 0:
  print "Playing"
elif stat[0] == 1:
  print "Paused"
  print "Stopped"

data = object.GetMetadata()
print data['title']
print data['artist']


If you are running Ubuntu, you should be able to run "sudo make deps" to install the packages that you need to compile this extension.


  • build-essential - compilers and standard libraries
  • libdbus-1-dev - DBUS dev files for compiling dbus related programs
  • xulrunner-dev - Mozilla development libraries

After that, you should be able to modify the code in the src/components directory.

The important files are:

  • sbIMpris.idl
  • sbMprisPlugin.js
  • sbDbusConnection.h
  • sbDbusConnection.cpp
  • sbDbusConnectionPlugin.cpp


This is the only Mozilla extension that I've ever made, so sorry if it has errors or memory leaks or does something wrong :P


Songbird Extension to add support for the MPRIS media player communication/control protocol


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