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@@ -70,7 +70,6 @@ thereafter.
[Here is some code that does it.](
-<<<<<<< HEAD
### NPN and SNI
NPN (Next Protocol Negotitation) and SNI (Server Name Indication) are TLS
@@ -79,14 +78,13 @@ handshake extensions allowing you:
* NPN - to use one TLS server for multiple protocols (HTTP, SPDY)
* SNI - to use one TLS server for multiple hostnames with different SSL
### pair = tls.createSecurePair([credentials], [isServer], [requestCert], [rejectUnauthorized])
Creates a new secure pair object with two streams, one of which reads/writes
encrypted data, and one reads/writes cleartext data.
Generally the encrypted one is piped to/from an incoming encrypted data stream,
and the cleartext one is used as a replacement for the initial encrypted stream.
->>>>>>> origin/v0.4
- `credentials`: A credentials object from crypto.createCredentials( ... )

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