A every-so-often-updated collection of every causality + machine learning paper submitted to arXiv in the recent past.
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2018 / 12 / 27

Date Title Links
2018-12-25 Dropout Regularization in Hierarchical Mixture of Experts Abstract | PDF
2018-12-25 Goal-based Course Recommendation Abstract | PDF
2018-12-24 Bayesian Causal Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-12-22 Modified Causal Forests for Estimating Heterogeneous Causal Effects Abstract | PDF
2018-12-21 Stochastic Doubly Robust Gradient Abstract | PDF
2018-12-20 Robust Estimation of Causal Effects via High-Dimensional Covariate Balancing Propensity Score Abstract | PDF
2018-12-20 cuPC: CUDA-based Parallel PC Algorithm for Causal Structure Learning on GPU Abstract | PDF
2018-12-19 Streaming Voice Query Recognition using Causal Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-12-18 Hybrid Loss for Learning Single-Image-based HDR Reconstruction Abstract | PDF
2018-12-15 Balanced Linear Contextual Bandits Abstract | PDF
2018-12-15 Causal Identification under Markov Equivalence Abstract | PDF
2018-12-14 Inferring the size of the causal universe: features and fusion of causal attribution networks Abstract | PDF
2018-12-11 Predictive Learning on Sign-Valued Hidden Markov Trees Abstract | PDF
2018-12-11 Learning Predictive Models That Transport Abstract | PDF
2018-12-10 Abstracting Causal Models Abstract | PDF
2018-12-08 Weighted Risk Minimization & Deep Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-12-08 Counterfactuals uncover the modular structure of deep generative models Abstract | PDF
2018-12-07 seq2graph: Discovering Dynamic Dependencies from Multivariate Time Series with Multi-level Attention Abstract | PDF
2018-12-07 ChauffeurNet: Learning to Drive by Imitating the Best and Synthesizing the Worst Abstract | PDF
2018-12-07 EventNet: Asynchronous recursive event processing Abstract | PDF
2018-12-06 Scene Dynamics: Counterfactual Critic Multi-Agent Training for Scene Graph Generation Abstract | PDF
2018-12-04 Multimodal Explanations by Predicting Counterfactuality in Videos Abstract | PDF
2018-12-03 Generalization in anti-causal learning Abstract | PDF
2018-12-01 Explainable Genetic Inheritance Pattern Prediction Abstract | PDF
2018-12-01 A Probabilistic Model of Cardiac Physiology and Electrocardiograms Abstract | PDF
2018-11-30 Restricted Boltzmann Machine with Multivalued Hidden Variables: a model suppressing over-fitting Abstract | PDF
2018-11-29 Fast and Flexible Indoor Scene Synthesis via Deep Convolutional Generative Models Abstract | PDF
2018-11-29 Counterfactual Learning from Human Proofreading Feedback for Semantic Parsing Abstract | PDF
2018-11-27 Using Attribution to Decode Dataset Bias in Neural Network Models for Chemistry Abstract | PDF
2018-11-26 GAN Dissection: Visualizing and Understanding Generative Adversarial Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-11-26 Estimating Causal Effects With Partial Covariates For Clinical Interpretability Abstract | PDF
2018-11-26 Phase-only Image Based Kernel Estimation for Single-image Blind Deblurring Abstract | PDF

2018 / 11 / 26

Date Title Links
2018-11-23 Predicting Diabetes Disease Evolution Using Financial Records and Recurrent Neural Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-11-21 Estimation of Individual Treatment Effect in Latent Confounder Models via Adversarial Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-11-21 Distinguishing correlation from causation using genome-wide association studies Abstract | PDF
2018-11-20 On a hypergraph probabilistic graphical model Abstract | PDF
2018-11-20 Causal Inference by String Diagram Surgery Abstract | PDF
2018-11-17 Recurrence to the Rescue: Towards Causal Spatiotemporal Representations Abstract | PDF
2018-11-17 Autonomous Extraction of a Hierarchical Structure of Tasks in Reinforcement Learning, A Sequential Associate Rule Mining Approach Abstract | PDF
2018-11-16 Machine Decisions and Human Consequences Abstract | PDF
2018-11-15 HCU400: An Annotated Dataset for Exploring Aural Phenomenology Through Causal Uncertainty Abstract | PDF
2018-11-15 Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: Counterfactually-Guided Policy Search Abstract | PDF
2018-11-15 Intervention Aided Reinforcement Learning for Safe and Practical Policy Optimization in Navigation Abstract | PDF
2018-11-14 Machine Learning Analysis of Heterogeneity in the Effect of Student Mindset Interventions Abstract | PDF
2018-11-13 Interpretable Credit Application Predictions With Counterfactual Explanations Abstract | PDF
2018-11-12 When do Words Matter? Understanding the Impact of Lexical Choice on Audience Perception using Individual Treatment Effect Estimation Abstract | PDF
2018-11-11 Unifying Gaussian LWF and AMP Chain Graphs to Model Interference Abstract | PDF
2018-11-11 Explaining Deep Learning Models using Causal Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-11-08 Information Flow in Pregroup Models of Natural Language Abstract | PDF
2018-11-07 Contrastive Explanation: A Structural-Model Approach Abstract | PDF
2018-11-07 Policy Certificates: Towards Accountable Reinforcement Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-11-06 CAB: Continuous Adaptive Blending Estimator for Policy Evaluation and Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-11-06 Multi-channel discourse as an indicator for Bitcoin price and volume movements Abstract | PDF
2018-11-06 Toward Driving Scene Understanding: A Dataset for Learning Driver Behavior and Causal Reasoning Abstract | PDF
2018-11-05 ConvS2S-VC: Fully convolutional sequence-to-sequence voice conversion Abstract | PDF
2018-11-01 Modeling Attention Flow on Graphs Abstract | PDF
2018-11-01 Horizon: Facebook's Open Source Applied Reinforcement Learning Platform Abstract | PDF
2018-11-01 Deep Counterfactual Regret Minimization Abstract | PDF
2018-10-31 Interventional Robustness of Deep Latent Variable Models Abstract | PDF
2018-10-31 On Fast Leverage Score Sampling and Optimal Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-10-30 Discovering state-parameter mappings in subsurface models using generative adversarial networks Abstract | PDF
2018-10-30 Nonlinear Prediction of Multidimensional Signals via Deep Regression with Applications to Image Coding Abstract | PDF
2018-10-29 Causal Inference in Nonverbal Dyadic Communication with Relevant Interval Selection and Granger Causality Abstract | PDF
2018-10-28 Experimental Design for Cost-Aware Learning of Causal Graphs Abstract | PDF
2018-10-28 Change Surfaces for Expressive Multidimensional Changepoints and Counterfactual Prediction Abstract | PDF
2018-10-28 Identifying Causal Structure in Large-Scale Kinetic Systems Abstract | PDF
2018-10-27 Removing Hidden Confounding by Experimental Grounding Abstract | PDF
2018-10-26 Finding dissimilar explanations in Bayesian networks: Complexity results Abstract | PDF
2018-10-26 Improving the Stability of the Knockoff Procedure: Multiple Simultaneous Knockoffs and Entropy Maximization Abstract | PDF

2018 / 10 / 24

Date Title Links
2018-10-23 Meta-Learning Multi-task Communication Abstract | PDF
2018-10-22 Properties of an N Time-Slice Dynamic Chain Event Graph Abstract | PDF
2018-10-21 Training Dynamic Exponential Family Models with Causal and Lateral Dependencies for Generalized Neuromorphic Computing Abstract | PDF
2018-10-19 Intrinsic Social Motivation via Causal Influence in Multi-Agent RL Abstract | PDF
2018-10-18 An Upper Bound for Random Measurement Error in Causal Discovery Abstract | PDF
2018-10-17 Adversarial Balancing for Causal Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-10-16 Accounting for Unobservable Heterogeneity in Cross Section Using Spatial First Differences Abstract | PDF
2018-10-16 Hunting for Discriminatory Proxies in Linear Regression Models Abstract | PDF
2018-10-14 Robust Neural Abstractive Summarization Systems and Evaluation against Adversarial Information Abstract | PDF
2018-10-13 Towards Formal Definitions of Blameworthiness, Intention, and Moral Responsibility Abstract | PDF
2018-10-13 Point Cloud GAN Abstract | PDF
2018-10-10 Deep Recurrent Level Set for Segmenting Brain Tumors Abstract | PDF
2018-10-10 Lazy-CFR: a fast regret minimization algorithm for extensive games with imperfect information Abstract | PDF

2018 / 10 / 10

Date Title Links
2018-10-08 Optimizing Waiting Thresholds Within A State Machine Abstract | PDF
2018-10-07 Solving Large Sequential Games with the Excessive Gap Technique Abstract | PDF
2018-10-05 Interval Estimation of Individual-Level Causal Effects Under Unobserved Confounding Abstract | PDF
2018-10-05 High-Dimensional Poisson DAG Model Learning Using $\ell_1$-Regularized Regression Abstract | PDF
2018-10-02 Contextual Multi-Armed Bandits for Causal Marketing Abstract | PDF
2018-10-01 Challenges of Using Text Classifiers for Causal Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-10-01 Counterfactually Fair Prediction Using Multiple Causal Models Abstract | PDF
2018-10-01 Perfect Match: A Simple Method for Learning Representations For Counterfactual Inference With Neural Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-09-30 3D-PSRNet: Part Segmented 3D Point Cloud Reconstruction From a Single Image Abstract | PDF
2018-09-28 HyperST-Net: Hypernetworks for Spatio-Temporal Forecasting Abstract | PDF
2018-09-27 Estimation of Personalized Effects Associated With Causal Pathways Abstract | PDF
2018-09-27 Controllable Neural Story Generation via Reinforcement Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-09-27 Inference for Individual Mediation Effects and Interventional Effects in Sparse High-Dimensional Causal Graphical Models Abstract | PDF
2018-09-27 Counterfactual Fairness in Text Classification through Robustness Abstract | PDF
2018-09-26 Deep Neural Networks for Estimation and Inference: Application to Causal Effects and Other Semiparametric Estimands Abstract | PDF

2018 / 9 / 26

Date Title Links
2018-09-25 A Survey of Learning Causality with Data: Problems and Methods Abstract | PDF
2018-09-25 Early Identification of Pathogenic Social Media Accounts Abstract | PDF
2018-09-24 Evaluating Fairness Metrics in the Presence of Dataset Bias Abstract | PDF
2018-09-23 Causal Inference and Mechanism Clustering of a Mixture of Additive Noise Models Abstract | PDF
2018-09-23 A Kernel Embedding-based Approach for Nonstationary Causal Model Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-09-21 Answering the "why" in Answer Set Programming - A Survey of Explanation Approaches Abstract | PDF
2018-09-20 Solving Large Extensive-Form Games with Strategy Constraints Abstract | PDF
2018-09-18 A Bayesian Approach for Inferring Local Causal Structure in Gene Regulatory Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-09-18 Attribute Enhanced Face Aging with Wavelet-based Generative Adversarial Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-09-16 Short-term Cognitive Networks, Flexible Reasoning and Nonsynaptic Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-09-13 Bayesian Structure Learning by Recursive Bootstrap Abstract | PDF
2018-09-11 Solving Imperfect-Information Games via Discounted Regret Minimization Abstract | PDF
2018-09-10 Efficient Counterfactual Learning from Bandit Feedback Abstract | PDF
2018-09-10 Online Convex Optimization for Sequential Decision Processes and Extensive-Form Games Abstract | PDF
2018-09-09 Variance Reduction in Monte Carlo Counterfactual Regret Minimization (VR-MCCFR) for Extensive Form Games using Baselines Abstract | PDF
2018-09-08 Faithful Multimodal Explanation for Visual Question Answering Abstract | PDF
2018-09-07 Fairness Through Causal Awareness: Learning Latent-Variable Models for Biased Data Abstract | PDF
2018-09-07 A Primer on Causality in Data Science Abstract | PDF
2018-09-06 Learning Optimal Fair Policies Abstract | PDF
2018-09-04 Causal Explanation Analysis on Social Media Abstract | PDF
2018-08-30 Uniform Inference in High-Dimensional Gaussian Graphical Models Abstract | PDF
2018-08-29 PanoRoom: From the Sphere to the 3D Layout Abstract | PDF
2018-08-26 FinBrain: When Finance Meets AI 2.0 Abstract | PDF
2018-08-25 DNN: A Two-Scale Distributional Tale of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-08-24 Under the Hood: Using Diagnostic Classifiers to Investigate and Improve how Language Models Track Agreement Information Abstract | PDF
2018-08-23 Transfer Learning for Estimating Causal Effects using Neural Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-08-22 Robust Counterfactual Inferences using Feature Learning and their Applications Abstract | PDF
2018-08-22 Genie: An Open Box Counterfactual Policy Estimator for Optimizing Sponsored Search Marketplace Abstract | PDF
2018-08-21 Multimodal Interaction-aware Motion Prediction for Autonomous Street Crossing Abstract | PDF
2018-08-20 The Deconfounded Recommender: A Causal Inference Approach to Recommendation Abstract | PDF
2018-08-20 Causal Discovery by Telling Apart Parents and Children Abstract | PDF
2018-08-20 Discovering Context Specific Causal Relationships Abstract | PDF
2018-08-18 Effect of secular trend in drug effectiveness study in real world data Abstract | PDF
2018-08-16 SWAG: A Large-Scale Adversarial Dataset for Grounded Commonsense Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-08-15 Design-based Analysis in Difference-In-Differences Settings with Staggered Adoption Abstract | PDF
2018-08-13 Estimating Heterogeneous Causal Effects in the Presence of Irregular Assignment Mechanisms Abstract | PDF
2018-08-09 Linked Causal Variational Autoencoder for Inferring Paired Spillover Effects Abstract | PDF
2018-08-09 Counterfactual Normalization: Proactively Addressing Dataset Shift and Improving Reliability Using Causal Mechanisms Abstract | PDF
2018-08-06 Probabilistic Causal Analysis of Social Influence Abstract | PDF

2018 / 8 / 3

Date Title Links
2018-07-31 Gender Bias in Neural Natural Language Processing Abstract | PDF
2018-07-30 Causal Modeling with Probabilistic Simulation Models Abstract | PDF
2018-07-26 Entropic Latent Variable Discovery Abstract | PDF
2018-07-26 Differential Analysis of Directed Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-07-25 Grounding Visual Explanations Abstract | PDF
2018-07-24 Learning Plannable Representations with Causal InfoGAN Abstract | PDF
2018-07-22 Learning Deep Hidden Nonlinear Dynamics from Aggregate Data Abstract | PDF
2018-07-20 Boosting algorithms for uplift modeling Abstract | PDF
2018-07-20 Semi-Generative Modelling: Domain Adaptation with Cause and Effect Features Abstract | PDF
2018-07-20 Learning the effect of latent variables in Gaussian Graphical models with unobserved variables Abstract | PDF
2018-07-18 Video Time: Properties, Encoders and Evaluation Abstract | PDF
2018-07-18 Machine Learning Interpretability: A Science rather than a tool Abstract | PDF
2018-07-17 Knockoffs for the mass: new feature importance statistics with false discovery guarantees Abstract | PDF
2018-07-14 Specular-to-Diffuse Translation for Multi-View Reconstruction Abstract | PDF
2018-07-13 Towards Modeling the Interaction of Spatial-Associative Neural Network Representations for Multisensory Perception Abstract | PDF
2018-07-12 Fast Estimation of Causal Interactions using Wold Processes Abstract | PDF
2018-07-11 Causal discovery in the presence of missing data Abstract | PDF
2018-07-10 Dual optimization for convex constrained objectives without the gradient-Lipschitz assumption Abstract | PDF
2018-07-10 Algebraic Equivalence of Linear Structural Equation Models Abstract | PDF
2018-07-09 Constraint-based Causal Discovery for Non-Linear Structural Causal Models with Cycles and Latent Confounders Abstract | PDF
2018-07-09 A Sequence-to-Sequence Model for Semantic Role Labeling Abstract | PDF
2018-07-09 Supervised Local Modeling for Interpretability Abstract | PDF
2018-07-06 Causal Deep Information Bottleneck Abstract | PDF
2018-07-06 Sum-Product Networks for Sequence Labeling Abstract | PDF
2018-07-05 Representing scenarios for process evolution management Abstract | PDF
2018-07-03 Playing against Nature: causal discovery for decision making under uncertainty Abstract | PDF
2018-07-02 Analysis and Optimization of Deep CounterfactualValue Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-06-30 Mammography Assessment using Multi-Scale Deep Classifiers Abstract | PDF
2018-06-29 Bayesian Counterfactual Risk Minimization Abstract | PDF
2018-06-26 Deep $k$-Means: Jointly Clustering with $k$-Means and Learning Representations Abstract | PDF
2018-06-26 A Constraint-based Encoding for Domain-Independent Temporal Planning Abstract | PDF
2018-06-26 Open the Black Box Data-Driven Explanation of Black Box Decision Systems Abstract | PDF
2018-06-26 Generating Counterfactual Explanations with Natural Language Abstract | PDF
2018-06-26 Causal Inference for Early Detection of Pathogenic Social Media Accounts Abstract | PDF
2018-06-25 A Proof of the Front-Door Adjustment Formula Abstract | PDF
2018-06-25 An Outcome Model Approach to Translating a Randomized Controlled Trial Results to a Target Population Abstract | PDF
2018-06-22 Learning Traffic Flow Dynamics using Random Fields Abstract | PDF
2018-06-22 Visual-Inertial Object Detection and Mapping Abstract | PDF
2018-06-22 Learning a High Fidelity Pose Invariant Model for High-resolution Face Frontalization Abstract | PDF
2018-06-21 Identifiability of Gaussian Structural Equation Models with Dependent Errors Having Equal Variances Abstract | PDF

2018 / 6 / 21

Date Title Links
2018-06-20 Doubly Nested Network for Resource-Efficient Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-06-20 Towards Robust Interpretability with Self-Explaining Neural Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-06-19 Surrogate Outcomes and Transportability Abstract | PDF
2018-06-19 Enhancing Identification of Causal Effects by Pruning Abstract | PDF
2018-06-19 Simplifying Probabilistic Expressions in Causal Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-06-19 Restricted Boltzmann Machines: Introduction and Review Abstract | PDF
2018-06-18 Collapsing-Fast-Large-Almost-Matching-Exactly: A Matching Method for Causal Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-06-18 Flexible Collaborative Estimation of the Average Causal Effect of a Treatment using the Outcome-Highly-Adaptive Lasso Abstract | PDF
2018-06-17 Multi-variable LSTM neural network for autoregressive exogenous model Abstract | PDF
2018-06-16 Stable Prediction across Unknown Environments Abstract | PDF
2018-06-16 The Reduced PC-Algorithm: Improved Causal Structure Learning in Large Random Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-06-13 Plug-in Regularized Estimation of High-Dimensional Parameters in Nonlinear Semiparametric Models Abstract | PDF
2018-06-11 Massively Parallel Video Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-06-09 Consistent Position Bias Estimation without Online Interventions for Learning-to-Rank Abstract | PDF
2018-06-09 Orthogonal Random Forest for Heterogeneous Treatment Effect Estimation Abstract | PDF
2018-06-08 Pricing Engine: Estimating Causal Impacts in Real World Business Settings Abstract | PDF
2018-06-08 Causal effects based on distributional distances Abstract | PDF
2018-06-07 Unbiased Estimation of the Value of an Optimized Policy Abstract | PDF
2018-06-06 Causal Interventions for Fairness Abstract | PDF
2018-06-06 Causal Bandits with Propagating Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-06-05 MRPC: An R package for accurate inference of causal graphs Abstract | PDF
2018-06-05 A Primer on Causal Analysis Abstract | PDF
2018-06-04 groupICA: Independent component analysis for grouped data Abstract | PDF
2018-06-04 Optimal Balancing of Time-Dependent Confounders for Marginal Structural Models Abstract | PDF
2018-06-03 Structural Learning of Multivariate Regression Chain Graphs via Decomposition Abstract | PDF
2018-06-03 Causal Inference with Noisy and Missing Covariates via Matrix Factorization Abstract | PDF
2018-05-31 Learning Tree Distributions by Hidden Markov Models Abstract | PDF
2018-05-31 Root-cause Analysis for Time-series Anomalies via Spatiotemporal Graphical Modeling in Distributed Complex Systems Abstract | PDF
2018-05-30 Too Fast Causal Inference under Causal Insufficiency Abstract | PDF
2018-05-28 Local Rule-Based Explanations of Black Box Decision Systems Abstract | PDF
2018-05-24 Structure Learning from Time Series with False Discovery Control Abstract | PDF
2018-05-24 Pooling of Causal Models under Counterfactual Fairness via Causal Judgement Aggregation Abstract | PDF
2018-05-24 Inverse POMDP: Inferring What You Think from What You Do Abstract | PDF
2018-05-24 Learning and Testing Causal Models with Interventions Abstract | PDF
2018-05-24 A Unified Probabilistic Model for Learning Latent Factors and Their Connectivities from High-Dimensional Data Abstract | PDF
2018-05-24 Stable specification search in structural equation model with latent variables Abstract | PDF
2018-05-23 On self-play computation of equilibrium in poker Abstract | PDF
2018-05-23 Representation Balancing MDPs for Off-Policy Policy Evaluation Abstract | PDF
2018-05-22 Multi-task Maximum Entropy Inverse Reinforcement Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-05-22 Counterfactual Mean Embedding: A Kernel Method for Nonparametric Causal Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-05-22 Confounding-Robust Policy Improvement Abstract | PDF
2018-05-22 Maximum Causal Tsallis Entropy Imitation Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-05-21 Multiple Causal Inference with Latent Confounding Abstract | PDF
2018-05-21 Super learning in the SAS system Abstract | PDF
2018-05-21 Imitating Latent Policies from Observation Abstract | PDF
2018-05-21 A Framework and Method for Online Inverse Reinforcement Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-05-20 Machine Teaching for Inverse Reinforcement Learning: Algorithms and Applications Abstract | PDF
2018-05-20 Stacked Propensity Score Functions for Observational Cohorts with Oversampled Exposed Subjects Abstract | PDF
2018-05-17 Tracking State Changes in Procedural Text: A Challenge Dataset and Models for Process Paragraph Comprehension Abstract | PDF
2018-05-17 The Blessings of Multiple Causes Abstract | PDF
2018-05-16 Generalized Strucutral Causal Models Abstract | PDF
2018-05-16 Regularization Learning Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-05-16 Semi-Blind Inference of Topologies and Dynamical Processes over Graphs Abstract | PDF
2018-05-15 Causal Reasoning for Algorithmic Fairness Abstract | PDF
2018-05-14 Faithfully Explaining Rankings in a News Recommender System Abstract | PDF
2018-05-14 Unsupervised Intuitive Physics from Visual Observations Abstract | PDF

2018 / 5 / 12

Date Title Links
2018-05-08 On the Conditional Logic of Simulation Models Abstract | PDF
2018-05-05 A Constraint-Based Algorithm For Causal Discovery with Cycles, Latent Variables and Selection Bias Abstract | PDF
2018-05-05 Learning Selfie-Friendly Abstraction from Artistic Style Images Abstract | PDF
2018-05-04 Causal programming: inference with structural causal models as finding instances of a relation Abstract | PDF
2018-05-04 Causal Queries from Observational Data in Biological Systems via Bayesian Networks: An Empirical Study in Small Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-05-03 Improving a Neural Semantic Parser by Counterfactual Learning from Human Bandit Feedback Abstract | PDF
2018-05-02 Convolutional Sequence to Sequence Model for Human Dynamics Abstract | PDF
2018-04-30 Counterfactual Learning-to-Rank for Additive Metrics and Deep Models Abstract | PDF
2018-04-28 Data science is science's second chance to get causal inference right: A classification of data science tasks Abstract | PDF
2018-04-24 Genesis of Basic and Multi-Layer Echo State Network Recurrent Autoencoders for Efficient Data Representations Abstract | PDF
2018-04-24 Mask-aware Photorealistic Face Attribute Manipulation Abstract | PDF
2018-04-18 Forecasting the presence and intensity of hostility on Instagram using linguistic and social features Abstract | PDF
2018-04-17 PredRNN++: Towards A Resolution of the Deep-in-Time Dilemma in Spatiotemporal Predictive Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-04-16 Im2Struct: Recovering 3D Shape Structure from a Single RGB Image Abstract | PDF
2018-04-15 The EcoLexicon Semantic Sketch Grammar: from Knowledge Patterns to Word Sketches Abstract | PDF
2018-04-14 An interpretable LSTM neural network for autoregressive exogenous model Abstract | PDF
2018-04-14 General-purpose validation and model selection when estimating individual treatment effects Abstract | PDF
2018-04-12 Causal Inference via Kernel Deviance Measures Abstract | PDF
2018-04-12 Generative Adversarial Training for MRA Image Synthesis Using Multi-Contrast MRI Abstract | PDF
2018-04-12 Causal Generative Domain Adaptation Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-04-11 AFA-PredNet: The action modulation within predictive coding Abstract | PDF
2018-04-11 Reference-less Measure of Faithfulness for Grammatical Error Correction Abstract | PDF
2018-04-10 Personalization of Health Interventions using Cluster-Based Reinforcement Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-04-10 A Mathematical Framework for Superintelligent Machines Abstract | PDF
2018-04-09 Recovering Realistic Texture in Image Super-resolution by Deep Spatial Feature Transform Abstract | PDF
2018-04-08 Expressway visibility estimation based on image entropy and piecewise stationary time series analysis Abstract | PDF
2018-04-04 Stochastic Adversarial Video Prediction Abstract | PDF
2018-03-31 Collaborative targeted inference from continuously indexed nuisance parameter estimators Abstract | PDF
2018-03-30 Overview: A Hierarchical Framework for Plan Generation and Execution in Multi-Robot Systems Abstract | PDF
2018-03-29 Computer-Assisted Text Analysis for Social Science: Topic Models and Beyond Abstract | PDF
2018-03-28 Supervising Feature Influence Abstract | PDF
2018-03-28 Estimating causal effects of time-dependent exposures on a binary endpoint in a high-dimensional setting Abstract | PDF
2018-03-24 Efficient Discovery of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Randomized Experiments via Anomalous Pattern Detection Abstract | PDF
2018-03-23 From Random Differential Equations to Structural Causal Models: the stochastic case Abstract | PDF
2018-03-21 Efficient Structure Learning and Sampling of Bayesian Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-03-21 Causal Inference on Discrete Data via Estimating Distance Correlations Abstract | PDF
2018-03-19 Blaming humans in autonomous vehicle accidents: Shared responsibility across levels of automation Abstract | PDF
2018-03-19 Adversarial Generalized Method of Moments Abstract | PDF
2018-03-19 Confounder Detection in High Dimensional Linear Models using First Moments of Spectral Measures Abstract | PDF
2018-03-17 Offloading over Time-Varying Channels in Wireless Powered Networks Abstract | PDF
2018-03-16 Coordination via predictive assistants from a game-theoretic view Abstract | PDF
2018-03-15 Learned Iterative Decoding for Lossy Image Compression Systems Abstract | PDF
2018-03-15 Minimal I-MAP MCMC for Scalable Structure Discovery in Causal DAG Models Abstract | PDF

2018 / 3 / 15

Date Title Links
2018-03-13 SAM: Structural Agnostic Model, Causal Discovery and Penalized Adversarial Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-03-11 Detecting Nonlinear Causality in Multivariate Time Series with Sparse Additive Models Abstract | PDF
2018-03-10 ARMDN: Associative and Recurrent Mixture Density Networks for eRetail Demand Forecasting Abstract | PDF
2018-03-10 A Minimax Surrogate Loss Approach to Conditional Difference Estimation Abstract | PDF
2018-03-05 On Discrimination Discovery and Removal in Ranked Data using Causal Graph Abstract | PDF
2018-03-02 Detecting non-causal artifacts in multivariate linear regression models Abstract | PDF
2018-03-01 Deep Learning for Causal Inference Abstract | PDF
2018-02-28 Separators and Adjustment Sets in Causal Graphs: Complete Criteria and an Algorithmic Framework Abstract | PDF
2018-02-28 Computational Theories of Curiosity-Driven Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-02-28 Relational Neural Expectation Maximization: Unsupervised Discovery of Objects and their Interactions Abstract | PDF
2018-02-26 Shaping Influence and Influencing Shaping: A Computational Red Teaming Trust-based Swarm Intelligence Model Abstract | PDF
2018-02-26 Disentangling the independently controllable factors of variation by interacting with the world Abstract | PDF
2018-02-25 A Framework in CRM Customer Lifecycle: Identify Downward Trend and Potential Issues Detection Abstract | PDF
2018-02-23 Is Generator Conditioning Causally Related to GAN Performance? Abstract | PDF
2018-02-23 Learning Optimal Policies from Observational Data Abstract | PDF
2018-02-23 Double/De-Biased Machine Learning Using Regularized Riesz Representers Abstract | PDF
2018-02-23 Learning Weighted Representations for Generalization Across Designs Abstract | PDF
2018-02-23 Faithful Semantical Embedding of a Dyadic Deontic Logic in HOL Abstract | PDF
2018-02-22 Identifying Sources and Sinks in the Presence of Multiple Agents with Gaussian Process Vector Calculus Abstract | PDF
2018-02-22 Learning Causally-Generated Stationary Time Series Abstract | PDF
2018-02-22 Path-Specific Counterfactual Fairness Abstract | PDF
2018-02-20 How to Tackle an Extremely Hard Learning Problem: Learning Causal Structures from Non-Experimental Data without the Faithfulness Assumption or the Like Abstract | PDF
2018-02-19 Analysis of Cause-Effect Inference via Regression Errors Abstract | PDF
2018-02-19 Closing the loop on multisensory interactions: A neural architecture for multisensory causal inference and recalibration Abstract | PDF
2018-02-19 Heron Inference for Bayesian Graphical Models Abstract | PDF
2018-02-18 Ab initio Algorithmic Causal Deconvolution of Intertwined Programs and Networks by Generative Mechanism Abstract | PDF

2018 / 2 / 17

Date Title Links
2018-02-15 DeepMatch: Balancing Deep Covariate Representations for Causal Inference Using Adversarial Training Abstract | PDF
2018-02-15 Reducing over-clustering via the powered Chinese restaurant process Abstract | PDF
2018-02-14 Benchmarking Framework for Performance-Evaluation of Causal Inference Analysis Abstract | PDF
2018-02-14 Prophit: Causal inverse classification for multiple continuously valued treatment policies Abstract | PDF
2018-02-06 Granger-causal Attentive Mixtures of Experts Abstract | PDF
2018-02-06 How to Make Causal Inferences Using Texts Abstract | PDF
2018-02-02 Interpretable Deep Convolutional Neural Networks via Meta-learning Abstract | PDF
2018-02-02 Causal Learning and Explanation of Deep Neural Networks via Autoencoded Activations Abstract | PDF
2018-01-31 Nonparametric Quantile-Based Causal Discovery Abstract | PDF
2018-01-25 Discovering Markov Blanket from Multiple interventional Datasets Abstract | PDF
2018-01-22 Estimating Heterogeneous Consumer Preferences for Restaurants and Travel Time Using Mobile Location Data Abstract | PDF
2018-01-22 Offline A/B testing for Recommender Systems Abstract | PDF
2018-01-16 The Role of Conditional Independence in the Evolution of Intelligent Systems Abstract | PDF
2018-01-16 Reblur2Deblur: Deblurring Videos via Self-Supervised Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-01-12 Bayesian Quadrature for Multiple Related Integrals Abstract | PDF
2018-01-11 Theoretical Impediments to Machine Learning With Seven Sparks from the Causal Revolution Abstract | PDF
2018-01-11 Counterfactual equivalence for POMDPs, and underlying deterministic environments Abstract | PDF
2018-01-10 Reasoning about Unforeseen Possibilities During Policy Learning Abstract | PDF
2018-01-09 A Formalization of Kant's Second Formulation of the Categorical Imperative Abstract | PDF
2018-01-02 Accounting for hidden common causes when inferring cause and effect from observational data Abstract | PDF
2018-01-01 Local Causal States and Discrete Coherent Structures Abstract | PDF

2017 / 12 / 31

Date Title Links
2017-12-28 Orthogonal Machine Learning for Demand Estimation: High Dimensional Causal Inference in Dynamic Panels Abstract | PDF
2017-12-28 PixelSNAIL: An Improved Autoregressive Generative Model Abstract | PDF
2017-12-24 Bayesian Nonparametric Causal Inference: Information Rates and Learning Algorithms Abstract | PDF
2017-12-22 Obtaining Accurate Probabilistic Causal Inference by Post-Processing Calibration Abstract | PDF
2017-12-21 Interventions over Predictions: Reframing the Ethical Debate for Actuarial Risk Assessment Abstract | PDF
2017-12-21 Robust Detection of Covariate-Treatment Interactions in Clinical Trials Abstract | PDF
2017-12-21 Truncated Variational Sampling for "Black Box" Optimization of Generative Models Abstract | PDF
2017-12-13 Learning Objectives for Treatment Effect Estimation Abstract | PDF
2017-12-13 Generic Machine Learning Inference on Heterogenous Treatment Effects in Randomized Experiments Abstract | PDF
2017-12-12 Causal Patterns: Extraction of multiple causal relationships by Mixture of Probabilistic Partial Canonical Correlation Analysis Abstract | PDF
2017-12-12 Transportation analysis of denoising autoencoders: a novel method for analyzing deep neural networks Abstract | PDF
2017-12-10 Causal Inference for Observational Time-Series with Encoder-Decoder Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-12-08 Crime prediction through urban metrics and statistical learning Abstract | PDF
2017-12-07 A Corpus of Deep Argumentative Structures as an Explanation to Argumentative Relations Abstract | PDF
2017-12-06 Learning General Latent-Variable Graphical Models with Predictive Belief Propagation and Hilbert Space Embeddings Abstract | PDF
2017-12-05 Autonomous development and learning in artificial intelligence and robotics: Scaling up deep learning to human--like learning Abstract | PDF
2017-12-04 Inferring agent objectives at different scales of a complex adaptive system Abstract | PDF
2017-12-04 Energy-relaxed Wasserstein GANs(EnergyWGAN): Towards More Stable and High Resolution Image Generation Abstract | PDF
2017-12-04 Learning Independent Causal Mechanisms Abstract | PDF
2017-12-03 Universal discrete-time reservoir computers with stochastic inputs and linear readouts using non-homogeneous state-affine systems Abstract | PDF
2017-12-01 Prediction-Constrained Topic Models for Antidepressant Recommendation Abstract | PDF
2017-12-01 Faithful Model Inversion Substantially Improves Auto-encoding Variational Inference Abstract | PDF
2017-11-30 Radially-Distorted Conjugate Translations Abstract | PDF
2017-11-29 Causality Refined Diagnostic Prediction Abstract | PDF
2017-11-28 A reinforcement learning algorithm for building collaboration in multi-agent systems Abstract | PDF
2017-11-28 CAR-Net: Clairvoyant Attentive Recurrent Network Abstract | PDF
2017-11-26 Compressive Sensing of Color Images Using Nonlocal Higher Order Dictionary Abstract | PDF
2017-11-24 Causal Generative Neural Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-11-23 Identification of Strong Edges in AMP Chain Graphs Abstract | PDF
2017-11-23 Counterfactual Learning for Machine Translation: Degeneracies and Solutions Abstract | PDF
2017-11-22 Train, Diagnose and Fix: Interpretable Approach for Fine-grained Action Recognition Abstract | PDF
2017-11-22 Causal nearest neighbor rules for optimal treatment regimes Abstract | PDF
2017-11-22 An Interpretable and Sparse Neural Network Model for Nonlinear Granger Causality Discovery Abstract | PDF
2017-11-21 Hierarchical internal representation of spectral features in deep convolutional networks trained for EEG decoding Abstract | PDF
2017-11-20 Better Agnostic Clustering Via Relaxed Tensor Norms Abstract | PDF
2017-11-19 Estimation Considerations in Contextual Bandits Abstract | PDF
2017-11-18 Robust Synthetic Control Abstract | PDF
2017-11-16 Using Noisy Extractions to Discover Causal Knowledge Abstract | PDF
2017-11-15 Good and safe uses of AI Oracles Abstract | PDF
2017-11-14 Simulating Action Dynamics with Neural Process Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-11-14 False Positive and Cross-relation Signals in Distant Supervision Data Abstract | PDF
2017-11-14 The Multi-layer Information Bottleneck Problem Abstract | PDF
2017-11-14 Unified Pragmatic Models for Generating and Following Instructions Abstract | PDF
2017-11-13 Faithful to the Original: Fact Aware Neural Abstractive Summarization Abstract | PDF
2017-11-11 A Sparse Graph-Structured Lasso Mixed Model for Genetic Association with Confounding Correction Abstract | PDF
2017-11-10 Document Context Neural Machine Translation with Memory Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-11-09 Exploiting ConvNet Diversity for Flooding Identification Abstract | PDF
2017-11-09 SHOPPER: A Probabilistic Model of Consumer Choice with Substitutes and Complements Abstract | PDF
2017-11-09 Regret Minimization in Behaviorally-Constrained Zero-Sum Games Abstract | PDF
2017-11-03 Partial correlation graphs and the neighborhood lattice Abstract | PDF
2017-11-02 A Universal Marginalizer for Amortized Inference in Generative Models Abstract | PDF
2017-11-01 TasNet: time-domain audio separation network for real-time, single-channel speech separation Abstract | PDF
2017-11-01 Beautiful and damned. Combined effect of content quality and social ties on user engagement Abstract | PDF
2017-11-01 Counterfactual Explanations without Opening the Black Box: Automated Decisions and the GDPR Abstract | PDF
2017-11-01 Orthogonal Machine Learning: Power and Limitations Abstract | PDF
2017-10-31 Synth-Validation: Selecting the Best Causal Inference Method for a Given Dataset Abstract | PDF
2017-10-31 Grouping-By-ID: Guarding Against Adversarial Domain Shifts Abstract | PDF
2017-10-31 Regret Minimization for Partially Observable Deep Reinforcement Learning Abstract | PDF
2017-10-30 An Integrated Approach to Crowd Video Analysis: From Tracking to Multi-level Activity Recognition Abstract | PDF
2017-10-30 Implicit Causal Models for Genome-wide Association Studies Abstract | PDF
2017-10-25 Sufficient and necessary causation are dual Abstract | PDF
2017-10-24 Markov Properties for Graphical Models with Cycles and Latent Variables Abstract | PDF
2017-10-19 Reti bayesiane per lo studio del fenomeno degli incidenti stradali tra i giovani in Toscana Abstract | PDF
2017-10-19 SLING: A framework for frame semantic parsing Abstract | PDF
2017-10-16 Causal Rule Sets for Identifying Subgroups with Enhanced Treatment Effect Abstract | PDF
2017-10-13 Functional Decision Theory: A New Theory of Instrumental Rationality Abstract | PDF
2017-10-13 Potential Conditional Mutual Information: Estimators, Properties and Applications Abstract | PDF
2017-10-13 Dynamic texture recognition using time-causal and time-recursive spatio-temporal receptive fields Abstract | PDF
2017-10-13 Deep Learning for Case-Based Reasoning through Prototypes: A Neural Network that Explains Its Predictions Abstract | PDF
2017-10-11 Counterfactual Conditionals in Quantified Modal Logic Abstract | PDF
2017-10-10 Inference on Auctions with Weak Assumptions on Information Abstract | PDF
2017-10-10 ACCBench: A Framework for Comparing Causality Algorithms Abstract | PDF
2017-10-10 Prior Knowledge based mutation prioritization towards causal variant finding in rare disease Abstract | PDF
2017-10-10 Counterfactual Causality from First Principles? Abstract | PDF
2017-10-10 Causality and Temporal Dependencies in the Design of Fault Management Systems Abstract | PDF
2017-10-10 On Preemption and Overdetermination in Formal Theories of Causality Abstract | PDF
2017-10-09 Massive Open Online Courses Temporal Profiling for Dropout Prediction Abstract | PDF
2017-10-04 Counterfactual Language Model Adaptation for Suggesting Phrases Abstract | PDF
2017-10-03 Simulating Structure-from-Motion Abstract | PDF
2017-10-02 Learning Predictive Leading Indicators for Forecasting Time Series Systems with Unknown Clusters of Forecast Tasks Abstract | PDF
2017-09-26 Telling Cause from Effect using MDL-based Local and Global Regression Abstract | PDF
2017-09-19 Sparse Markov Decision Processes with Causal Sparse Tsallis Entropy Regularization for Reinforcement Learning Abstract | PDF
2017-09-19 Estimating Mutual Information for Discrete-Continuous Mixtures Abstract | PDF
2017-09-16 A Causal And-Or Graph Model for Visibility Fluent Reasoning in Human-Object Interactions Abstract | PDF
2017-09-15 Embedding Deep Networks into Visual Explanations Abstract | PDF
2017-09-15 Granger Mediation Analysis of Multiple Time Series with an Application to fMRI Abstract | PDF
2017-09-15 Learning Functional Causal Models with Generative Neural Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-09-14 Random Forests of Interaction Trees for Estimating Individualized Treatment Effects in Randomized Trials Abstract | PDF
2017-09-13 A Comparison of Public Causal Search Packages on Linear, Gaussian Data with No Latent Variables Abstract | PDF
2017-09-13 On labeling Android malware signatures using minhashing and further classification with Structural Equation Models Abstract | PDF
2017-09-11 Budgeted Experiment Design for Causal Structure Learning Abstract | PDF
2017-09-11 Fairness Testing: Testing Software for Discrimination Abstract | PDF
2017-09-09 Steering Output Style and Topic in Neural Response Generation Abstract | PDF
2017-09-08 Causality-Aided Falsification Abstract | PDF
2017-09-07 Deep Learning the Physics of Transport Phenomena Abstract | PDF
2017-09-07 Learning from lions: inferring the utility of agents from their trajectories Abstract | PDF
2017-09-06 CausalGAN: Learning Causal Implicit Generative Models with Adversarial Training Abstract | PDF
2017-09-05 Conditional independence testing based on a nearest-neighbor estimator of conditional mutual information Abstract | PDF
2017-09-03 Estimation of interventional effects of features on prediction Abstract | PDF
2017-09-03 Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction with Cyclic Loss in Generative Adversarial Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-08-30 Unsupervised Induction of Contingent Event Pairs from Film Scenes Abstract | PDF
2017-08-30 Inferring Narrative Causality between Event Pairs in Films Abstract | PDF
2017-08-30 Inference of Fine-Grained Event Causality from Blogs and Films Abstract | PDF
2017-08-30 Learning Fine-Grained Knowledge about Contingent Relations between Everyday Events Abstract | PDF
2017-08-23 Massively-Parallel Feature Selection for Big Data Abstract | PDF
2017-08-22 What caused what? An irreducible account of actual causation Abstract | PDF
2017-08-22 Learning Combinations of Sigmoids Through Gradient Estimation Abstract | PDF
2017-08-22 On Image Classification: Correlation v.s. Causality Abstract | PDF
2017-08-20 Perceptual audio loss function for deep learning Abstract | PDF
2017-08-18 Comparative Benchmarking of Causal Discovery Techniques Abstract | PDF
2017-08-16 Maximum A Posteriori Inference in Sum-Product Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-08-13 Mahalanonbis Distance Informed by Clustering Abstract | PDF
2017-08-11 Learning from Noisy Label Distributions Abstract | PDF
2017-08-09 Interacting with Acoustic Simulation and Fabrication Abstract | PDF
2017-08-08 Anomaly Detection in Multivariate Non-stationary Time Series for Automatic DBMS Diagnosis Abstract | PDF
2017-08-08 A Framework for Inferring Causality from Multi-Relational Observational Data using Conditional Independence Abstract | PDF
2017-08-07 Why adaptively collected data have negative bias and how to correct for it Abstract | PDF
2017-08-05 A causation coefficient and taxonomy of correlation/causation relationships Abstract | PDF
2017-08-03 Independently Controllable Factors Abstract | PDF
2017-08-02 Latent tree models Abstract | PDF
2017-07-31 Interpretable Active Learning Abstract | PDF
2017-07-31 Cost and Actual Causation Abstract | PDF
2017-07-28 Counterfactual Learning from Bandit Feedback under Deterministic Logging: A Case Study in Statistical Machine Translation Abstract | PDF
2017-07-27 Detecting and Explaining Causes From Text For a Time Series Event Abstract | PDF
2017-07-26 Making the best of data derived from a daily practice in clinical legal medicine for research and practice - the example of Spe3dLab Abstract | PDF
2017-07-26 Using Program Induction to Interpret Transition System Dynamics Abstract | PDF
2017-07-23 Prediction-Constrained Training for Semi-Supervised Mixture and Topic Models Abstract | PDF
2017-07-20 The inflation technique solves completely the classical inference problem Abstract | PDF
2017-07-20 Causal Transfer Learning Abstract | PDF
2017-07-20 3D Shape Reconstruction from Sketches via Multi-view Convolutional Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-07-19 Computing LPMLN Using ASP and MLN Solvers Abstract | PDF
2017-07-19 FLAME: A Fast Large-scale Almost Matching Exactly Approach to Causal Inference Abstract | PDF
2017-07-19 From Bach to the Beatles: The simulation of human tonal expectation using ecologically-trained predictive models Abstract | PDF
2017-07-18 On Adaptive Propensity Score Truncation in Causal Inference Abstract | PDF
2017-07-17 Trial without Error: Towards Safe Reinforcement Learning via Human Intervention Abstract | PDF
2017-07-15 Learning linear structural equation models in polynomial time and sample complexity Abstract | PDF
2017-07-13 Predicting Abandonment in Online Coding Tutorials Abstract | PDF
2017-07-13 Fast Restricted Causal Inference Abstract | PDF
2017-07-11 Learning like humans with Deep Symbolic Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-07-11 CHARDA: Causal Hybrid Automata Recovery via Dynamic Analysis Abstract | PDF
2017-07-09 Automated versus do-it-yourself methods for causal inference: Lessons learned from a data analysis competition Abstract | PDF
2017-07-06 A causal framework for explaining the predictions of black-box sequence-to-sequence models Abstract | PDF
2017-07-05 Machine Learning Tests for Effects on Multiple Outcomes Abstract | PDF
2017-07-05 SADA: A General Framework to Support Robust Causation Discovery with Theoretical Guarantee Abstract | PDF
2017-07-04 Causal Consistency of Structural Equation Models Abstract | PDF
2017-07-01 Some methods for heterogeneous treatment effect estimation in high-dimensions Abstract | PDF
2017-06-30 Probabilistic Active Learning of Functions in Structural Causal Models Abstract | PDF
2017-06-30 Restricted Causal Inference Algorithm Abstract | PDF
2017-06-30 Collaborative-controlled LASSO for Constructing Propensity Score-based Estimators in High-Dimensional Data Abstract | PDF
2017-06-26 On conditional parity as a notion of non-discrimination in machine learning Abstract | PDF
2017-06-19 Optimising the topological information of the $A_\infty$-persistence groups Abstract | PDF
2017-06-19 Deep Counterfactual Networks with Propensity-Dropout Abstract | PDF
2017-06-16 An online sequence-to-sequence model for noisy speech recognition Abstract | PDF
2017-06-15 Extracting Formal Models from Normative Texts Abstract | PDF
2017-06-14 Bias and high-dimensional adjustment in observational studies of peer effects Abstract | PDF
2017-06-14 Schema Networks: Zero-shot Transfer with a Generative Causal Model of Intuitive Physics Abstract | PDF
2017-06-10 Causal Discovery in the Presence of Measurement Error: Identifiability Conditions Abstract | PDF
2017-06-09 TextureGAN: Controlling Deep Image Synthesis with Texture Patches Abstract | PDF
2017-06-08 A Deep Causal Inference Approach to Measuring the Effects of Forming Group Loans in Online Non-profit Microfinance Platform Abstract | PDF
2017-06-08 Avoiding Discrimination through Causal Reasoning Abstract | PDF
2017-06-07 Network Sketching: Exploiting Binary Structure in Deep CNNs Abstract | PDF
2017-06-06 A Minimal Solution for Two-view Focal-length Estimation using Two Affine Correspondences Abstract | PDF
2017-06-02 Learning causal Bayes networks using interventional path queries in polynomial time and sample complexity Abstract | PDF
2017-05-30 A Tale of Two Animats: What does it take to have goals? Abstract | PDF
2017-05-30 Strength Factors: An Uncertainty System for a Quantified Modal Logic Abstract | PDF
2017-05-29 Fair Inference On Outcomes Abstract | PDF
2017-05-29 Learning Belief Network Structure From Data under Causal Insufficiency Abstract | PDF
2017-05-27 Targeted Learning with Daily EHR Data Abstract | PDF
2017-05-27 Deep Learning for Spatio-Temporal Modeling: Dynamic Traffic Flows and High Frequency Trading Abstract | PDF
2017-05-26 Learning Causal Structures Using Regression Invariance Abstract | PDF
2017-05-25 Fast Causal Inference with Non-Random Missingness by Test-Wise Deletion Abstract | PDF
2017-05-24 Cultural Diffusion and Trends in Facebook Photographs Abstract | PDF
2017-05-24 Counterfactual Multi-Agent Policy Gradients Abstract | PDF
2017-05-24 Causal Effect Inference with Deep Latent-Variable Models Abstract | PDF
2017-05-23 Explaining Transition Systems through Program Induction Abstract | PDF
2017-05-22 Use Privacy in Data-Driven Systems: Theory and Experiments with Machine Learnt Programs Abstract | PDF
2017-05-21 Instrument-Armed Bandits Abstract | PDF
2017-05-20 Bayesian Belief Updating of Spatiotemporal Seizure Dynamics Abstract | PDF
2017-05-19 RankPL: A Qualitative Probabilistic Programming Language Abstract | PDF
2017-05-19 Model-Robust Counterfactual Prediction Method Abstract | PDF
2017-05-19 Beyond similarity assessment: Selecting the optimal model for sequence alignment via the Factorized Asymptotic Bayesian algorithm Abstract | PDF
2017-05-16 GP CaKe: Effective brain connectivity with causal kernels Abstract | PDF
2017-05-16 New Reinforcement Learning Using a Chaotic Neural Network for Emergence of "Thinking" - "Exploration" Grows into "Thinking" through Learning - Abstract | PDF
2017-05-15 Constrained Bayesian Networks: Theory, Optimization, and Applications Abstract | PDF
2017-05-11 Reducing Bias in Production Speech Models Abstract | PDF
2017-05-05 Group invariance principles for causal generative models Abstract | PDF
2017-05-02 Towards Full Automated Drive in Urban Environments: A Demonstration in GoMentum Station, California Abstract | PDF
2017-04-28 Learning Quadratic Variance Function (QVF) DAG models via OverDispersion Scoring (ODS) Abstract | PDF
2017-04-26 Identifying Similarities in Epileptic Patients for Drug Resistance Prediction Abstract | PDF
2017-04-24 Being Negative but Constructively: Lessons Learnt from Creating Better Visual Question Answering Datasets Abstract | PDF
2017-04-24 Target Oriented High Resolution SAR Image Formation via Semantic Information Guided Regularizations Abstract | PDF
2017-04-19 Generative Face Completion Abstract | PDF
2017-04-19 Derivation of the Asymptotic Eigenvalue Distribution for Causal 2D-AR Models under Upscaling Abstract | PDF
2017-04-17 The Causality/Repair Connection in Databases: Causality-Programs Abstract | PDF
2017-04-10 Unsupervised prototype learning in an associative-memory network Abstract | PDF
2017-04-10 Bayesian Inference of Individualized Treatment Effects using Multi-task Gaussian Processes Abstract | PDF
2017-04-09 Mixed Graphical Models for Causal Analysis of Multi-modal Variables Abstract | PDF
2017-04-06 Treatment-Response Models for Counterfactual Reasoning with Continuous-time, Continuous-valued Interventions Abstract | PDF
2017-04-06 Robust Causal Estimation in the Large-Sample Limit without Strict Faithfulness Abstract | PDF
2017-04-03 A comparative study of counterfactual estimators Abstract | PDF
2017-03-31 The Risk of Machine Learning Abstract | PDF
2017-03-31 A New Measure of Conditional Dependence Abstract | PDF
2017-03-30 Reliable Decision Support using Counterfactual Models Abstract | PDF
2017-03-30 Interpretable Learning for Self-Driving Cars by Visualizing Causal Attention Abstract | PDF
2017-03-27 A Visual Measure of Changes to Weighted Self-Organizing Map Patterns Abstract | PDF
2017-03-20 Counterfactual Fairness Abstract | PDF
2017-03-20 Foundations for a Probabilistic Event Calculus Abstract | PDF
2017-03-20 Artificial Intelligence and Economic Theories Abstract | PDF
2017-03-17 Effective Evaluation using Logged Bandit Feedback from Multiple Loggers Abstract | PDF
2017-03-16 Causal Inference through the Method of Direct Estimation Abstract | PDF
2017-03-16 Generalised Reichenbachian Common Cause Systems Abstract | PDF
2017-03-15 Deep learning with convolutional neural networks for EEG decoding and visualization Abstract | PDF
2017-03-14 A statistical model for aggregating judgments by incorporating peer predictions Abstract | PDF
2017-03-13 Probabilistic Matching: Causal Inference under Measurement Errors Abstract | PDF
2017-03-11 Learning Large-Scale Bayesian Networks with the sparsebn Package Abstract | PDF
2017-03-10 Right for the Right Reasons: Training Differentiable Models by Constraining their Explanations Abstract | PDF
2017-03-09 Counterfactuals, indicative conditionals, and negation under uncertainty: Are there cross-cultural differences? Abstract | PDF
2017-03-09 Abductive, Causal, and Counterfactual Conditionals Under Incomplete Probabilistic Knowledge Abstract | PDF
2017-03-08 Efficient Simulation of Financial Stress Testing Scenarios with Suppes-Bayes Causal Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-03-08 Learning the Probabilistic Structure of Cumulative Phenomena with Suppes-Bayes Causal Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-03-08 Combining Bayesian Approaches and Evolutionary Techniques for the Inference of Breast Cancer Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-03-08 Cost-Optimal Learning of Causal Graphs Abstract | PDF
2017-03-03 Bridging Saliency Detection to Weakly Supervised Object Detection Based on Self-paced Curriculum Learning Abstract | PDF
2017-03-03 Learning Identifiable Gaussian Bayesian Networks in Polynomial Time and Sample Complexity Abstract | PDF
2017-02-28 Achieving non-discrimination in prediction Abstract | PDF
2017-02-28 Do Reichenbachian Common Cause Systems of Arbitrary Finite Size Exist? Abstract | PDF
2017-02-27 Optimal Experiment Design for Causal Discovery from Fixed Number of Experiments Abstract | PDF
2017-02-27 Semi-parametric Network Structure Discovery Models Abstract | PDF
2017-02-23 Causal Discovery Using Proxy Variables Abstract | PDF
2017-02-22 Causal Inference by Stochastic Complexity Abstract | PDF
2017-02-22 Counterfactual Control for Free from Generative Models Abstract | PDF
2017-02-22 Social Learning and Diffusion of Pervasive Goods: An Empirical Study of an African App Store Abstract | PDF
2017-02-21 Causal Inference on Multivariate and Mixed-Type Data Abstract | PDF
2017-02-16 Theoretical and Practical Advances on Smoothing for Extensive-Form Games Abstract | PDF
2017-02-15 Simple rules for complex decisions Abstract | PDF
2017-02-13 The Causal Role of Astrocytes in Slow-Wave Rhythmogenesis: A Computational Modelling Study Abstract | PDF
2017-02-13 Approximate Kernel-based Conditional Independence Tests for Fast Non-Parametric Causal Discovery Abstract | PDF
2017-02-10 $L_2$Boosting for Economic Applications Abstract | PDF
2017-02-09 Efficient Policy Learning Abstract | PDF
2017-02-08 Causal Regularization Abstract | PDF
2017-02-07 Trimming the Independent Fat: Sufficient Statistics, Mutual Information, and Predictability from Effective Channel States Abstract | PDF
2017-02-03 Energy Prediction using Spatiotemporal Pattern Networks Abstract | PDF
2017-01-30 Interaction Information for Causal Inference: The Case of Directed Triangle Abstract | PDF
2017-01-30 Double/Debiased/Neyman Machine Learning of Treatment Effects Abstract | PDF
2017-01-28 Entropic Causality and Greedy Minimum Entropy Coupling Abstract | PDF
2017-01-26 The Causal Frame Problem: An Algorithmic Perspective Abstract | PDF
2017-01-26 Riemannian-geometry-based modeling and clustering of network-wide non-stationary time series: The brain-network case Abstract | PDF
2017-01-25 Does Weather Matter? Causal Analysis of TV Logs Abstract | PDF
2017-01-23 Identifying Nonlinear 1-Step Causal Influences in Presence of Latent Variables Abstract | PDF
2017-01-19 Estimating Individual Treatment Effect in Observational Data Using Random Forest Methods Abstract | PDF
2017-01-11 Modeling Retinal Ganglion Cell Population Activity with Restricted Boltzmann Machines Abstract | PDF
2017-01-10 Bidirectional American Sign Language to English Translation Abstract | PDF
2017-01-10 Identifying Best Interventions through Online Importance Sampling Abstract | PDF
2017-01-09 Temporal scale selection in time-causal scale space Abstract | PDF
2017-01-08 Multi-Objective Software Suite of Two-Dimensional Shape Descriptors for Object-Based Image Analysis Abstract | PDF
2017-01-05 Crime Topic Modeling Abstract | PDF
2017-01-04 Learning causal effects from many randomized experiments using regularized instrumental variables Abstract | PDF
2017-01-03 Semidefinite tests for latent causal structures Abstract | PDF
2017-01-03 Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Pairwise Causality Abstract | PDF