LCurl - a command line tool for Loganis API
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LCurl - a command line tool for Loganis API

  • This project provides a sample command line application for Loganis API
  • Curl is used as an http-client


  • Register a Loganis Account
  • Add one or more Channels to your Loganis Account.
    • ch0 Channel name used in LCurl samples
  • Obtain an API token first for your Loganis Account.
  • More info can be found at Loganis Docs site
  • Check out this project and copy lqs script into ~/bin
git clone
cd LCurl
cp lqs ~/bin
chmod +x ~/bin/lqs
  • Put your token to a file ex. ~/.my-token
    • format: token=your_token_characters
  • Query file format:
  • Try a query file from samples sub-directory
lqs ~/.my-token samples/query-csv-gzip

Output format :fmt

  • Default output format of a query is JSON with Unix time
  • To change output format, put a :fmt tag in your query
    • :fmt "csv" CSV with YYYY-MM-DD time
    • :fmt "csz" CSV with YYYY-MM-DD time using Gzipped transport
    • :fmt "jsz" JSON with Unix time using Gzipped transport

Saving responses

  • lqs script writes to STDOUT, you can save it to a file:
lqs ~/.my-token samples/query-csv-gzip > my-result.csv



  • LSheet is Copyright (c) 2014 Loganis - iWebMa Ltd.