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Hipchat Addon Generator

A HipChat Connect Add-On is a standalone web application that you write and control, yet it can be installed into a HipChat room or account using the built-in Marketplace client.

This Yeoman generator will create a Sinatra + Grape application with everything you need to integrate with Hipchat Connect, including optional Stripe integration to help you sell your add-ons if you choose.

If you prefer to write addons using Express, check out Rich Manalang's excellent atlassian-connect-express-hipchat project instead.

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Getting Started

$ npm install -g yo
$ npm install -g generator-hipchat-addon
$ yo hipchat-addon

The generator will ask a few questions before creating your app and installing the gem dependencies it needs. Set the necessary environment variables and then launch it with rackup.


  • Node
  • Ruby 1.9+
  • MongoDB
  • SSL

You can set up a free environment on Heroku and MongoHQ.

Running the test suite

git clone
cd generator-hipchat-addon
npm install
grunt test


Fork the repo on Github and open a pull request. Note that the files in app/ and test/ are the output of CoffeeScript files in src/, and will be overwritten if edited by hand.

Release History


  • Resolves an issue wherein haml templates are generated but ERB is called for rendering (thanks @harrigan)


  • Drops support for node v0.8.0 (minimum engine is now v0.10.0)
  • Fix stripe and money dependencies (thanks @harrigan)


  • Initial release.


MIT License

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