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My .irbrc settings for interactive Ruby
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Warning: No longer maintained at this fork - I have found that Pry works very well for me instead.


  • RVM
  • boson
  • awesome_print
  • net-http-spy
  • wirble
  • bond

It is recommended that you add these gems to your ~/.rvm/gemsets/global.gems to ensure that they are always available.

How to install

Clone this repo using git

git clone git://

Set up your symlinks

ln -s irbrc ~/.irbrc
ln -s boson/commands/common ~/.boson/commands/common

Edit your Boson config (~/.boson/config/boson.yml)

    fast_load: fl
    fast_reload: rl
    fast_retry: rt
    print_methods: pm
    - bashlike
    - fast_reload
    - print_methods
    - eval_lines

Run irb and enjoy!

These settings will also affect your script/console sessions in Rails

What you get

  • A colorful prompt including the line number, Ruby version, gemset, and current working directory
  • Colored output / highlighting
  • IRB history that is preserved between sessions
  • Detailed HTTP output when calling remote services

... and a few lightweight tools to make IRB a bit friendlier:

Module Description Example
BashLike Make IRB feel more bash-like clear, cd, ls, pwd, ...
EvalLines Run a few specific lines from a file
FastReload Reload the most recent file from fast_load and then repeat the last command
PrintMethods Print object methods for a given object or class

For more information, type load up IRB and type commands, and explore the source!

Contributions welcome.


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